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  1. Boo! X

    1. Englishrose


      Hello You! :)


      I`m having a nose about after some time away, boy it narf changed! I sadly don`t know many here any more :(


      Hope you are OK? xx

  2. Boo! x

    1. singer


      Sorry..... Sent in error!! Xx

  3. My daughter came home from work the other day. ( Vet nurse training.) Had me nearly wetting myself..... She had a client who rang up about a poorly cat and my daughter tried to find it on the system. After a few attempts she asked "You did say PWINCESS?" The lady repeated herself and then my daughter twigged, the poor lady had a speech impediment and it was PRINCESS!!!! Needless to say,she's taken some stick from from the veterinary practice 😂 P.s No disrespect meant to anyone with a speech impediment xx
  4. Hi lovely ladies. Just saying that I'm still around. Let's just say.... life is challenging at the moment.

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    2. Hungry


      Hey there. Good to know you're still alive even with some kickings. Take care of yourself!

    3. Fun


      Good to see your name pop up!

    4. singer


      Aw, thank you ladies. This means a lot. xxx

  5. Love love love horror films, usually the psychological type. I tend not to admit to this,as people tend to think it bizarre..... And I have to say,after watching The Human Centipede the other evening, maybe they are right. A very strange subject to say the least and if you are easily disturbed or offended, then maybe this isn't the film for you. I must say I am interested to know if anyone else has interests at complete ends of spectrum. I also love classical ballet at the theatre......what a contrast!!!!
  6. I would like to go to a place where the birds always sing, where I can make a difference, and where I am free. Where would you like to go ladies?
  7. Just a quickie.... Can non members see your about me profile?