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  1. Blimey..... its all changed here!   

  2. Hi...... Just a space here for me to tell you about the books that I've read. I read absolutely anything! Love to hear about the books you've enjoyed.... or hated. I've just read SMALL ISLAND by Andrea Levy.... Quite a moving story, set in 1948, showing us how appallingly black people were treated at this time. This book switches back through time, just to warn you, if this is not of the style that you like. There were many parts that made me smile, so it is definitely not all doom and gloom..... But it is disturbing at times. Descriptive writing, that really sets the scene. It took me a while to get into but was well worth persevering with.
  3. I would like to go to a place where the birds always sing, where I can make a difference, and where I am free. Where would you like to go ladies?