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  1. Boo! X

    1. Englishrose


      Hello You! :)


      I`m having a nose about after some time away, boy it narf changed! I sadly don`t know many here any more :(


      Hope you are OK? xx

  2. Boo! x

    1. singer


      Sorry..... Sent in error!! Xx

  3. My daughter came home from work the other day. ( Vet nurse training.) Had me nearly wetting myself..... She had a client who rang up about a poorly cat and my daughter tried to find it on the system. After a few attempts she asked "You did say PWINCESS?" The lady repeated herself and then my daughter twigged, the poor lady had a speech impediment and it was PRINCESS!!!! Needless to say,she's taken some stick from from the veterinary practice 😂 P.s No disrespect meant to anyone with a speech impediment xx
  4. Love love love horror films, usually the psychological type. I tend not to admit to this,as people tend to think it bizarre..... And I have to say,after watching The Human Centipede the other evening, maybe they are right. A very strange subject to say the least and if you are easily disturbed or offended, then maybe this isn't the film for you. I must say I am interested to know if anyone else has interests at complete ends of spectrum. I also love classical ballet at the theatre......what a contrast!!!!
  5. I would like to go to a place where the birds always sing, where I can make a difference, and where I am free. Where would you like to go ladies?
  6. Just a quickie.... Can non members see your about me profile?