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  1. Flirtgirl24


    I concur with Blueberry. I’ll take it a step further: NEVER say you envy anyone. I know you mean well, but this word, this thought is being sent out to the Universe. Replace that word with love, respect, support. What you’ll get back is love, respect, support. Also, replace “I wish for...” with “I will find...” so it comes from a place of knowing and not lack.
  2. Flirtgirl24

    Have You Ever...

    Time is an illusion because in this 3D world we are living in linear time. Time actually exists in different dimensions at the same time: we just can’t comprehend it or see it, but I believe some people can & we all have the capacity to. This is a concept that’s been around for awhile: think “Back to the Future,” “Sliding Doors” movies. There are many more recent movies that address this. I like to think that people who die never leave us; they are always around us. It’s comforting.
  3. Flirtgirl24

    Met a lady.

    Oh no, so sorry to hear this! Your inner voice is right: feel lucky that you didn’t meet up with this woman and trigger her further: very scary reaction from her. I think you’re wise to hold off from dating sites for awhile. Why not try to find a running group for lesbian/bisexual women or some other group that interests you. How about Meetup?
  4. Flirtgirl24

    Met a lady.

    Just tuned in to this thread. Looks like the big meeting has happened, & it’s the wee hours on Sunday Glasgow time. How did it go, Maggie? Hope you had a wonderful dinner and maybe more after. ;)
  5. Flirtgirl24

    Not sure I actually like women

    It sounds like there was safety for you in the way this connection developed: online. Because you were not meeting her in person, you may have let your guard down a bit, released some insecurities which allowed you to open your mind to the same sex attraction. I feel more confident after a glass of wine, so I’d be more likely to approach a woman after that glass. A major innocent sexual encounter with a friend began by her boldly coming up to me in a crowded festival, and planting her lips on mine. This led to quite a bit of French kissing & groping later. But her making the move gave me confidence. So maybe you are blocking attraction for other women because it would involve you approaching them. You will be attracted to more women down the line most likely, but maybe you’ve limited attraction to this woman because she’s safe/cyber love, as you called it.
  6. Rani, I think your fantasy could easily be reality for lots of married women out there who are bisexual, but hesitant to come out. I bet you’d have plenty of takers should you seek it.
  7. Flirtgirl24

    Hey everyone!

    Welcome, Jai!
  8. Flirtgirl24


    Flexibility isn’t an issue for me (I teach yoga) so looks like I’ve got no excuses to give this a try soon. Lol
  9. Flirtgirl24


    Wow! I’ve watched this many times on pornhub, and never thought it could be that great, but you ladies are making me curious! I’d like to try as well!
  10. I live in the Chicago area, and I’ve come across acquaintances that are bisexual or gay that are into domination as a lifestyle. So, they go to special sub/dom events, just like straight people would. Or they go onto alternative and/or BDSM websites. I don’t think Alt/BDSM is that more prevalent for lesbian or bisexual women, but might be for gay men.
  11. Time can be a huge factor. I just went to a several gay bars two separate nights this past week (I’m bi), thinking that would speed up the process, but it didn’t. Most had not a small crowd, and the women that were there were at quiet tables with their female partner, or at tables with men as well. I thought this bar idea would speed up the process, but I got nowhere. Perhaps being with my female straight friend made me look like I was part of a couple? My friend asked a few gay guys where all the women were, and what lesbian bars were popular. We were told older lesbians (40+) don’t go to bars anymore, and that’s why lots of lesbian bars closed down. This is Chicago though, very busy city...I don’t get it!
  12. I agree that you have to take this one day at a time, see where it goes. Who knows what the future will bring: be open to it!
  13. Flirtgirl24

    Have You Ever...

    That’s happened to me, especially with a song 20 years old. It makes you aware how fast time goes. Although, it’s said that time is an illusion.