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  1. I love FF! I’m gonna look into FFBE.. been tempted to play for a while yet to!
  2. Kent!
  3. I either sleep with little to no clothes/underwear on, sometimes revealing lingerie (if with the boyfriend), or in soppy little Disney or similar pyjamas! So random haha!
  4. Friday, when I get to see my man again and get loads of kisses & so on thing is I'll be up in London seeing him, crashing round his parents so... hush hush! Haha... its all good though his parents and brother (my age, gay and lovely) are all darlings just awkward... I'm now 25 and my boyfriend is 3 years younger so needless to say a lot of naughtiness is indulged in! Luckily compared to my family his family aren't as phased by a bit of PDA and people having sexy time under their roof!!! Hahahaa
  5. Out the "current" fashion pack (big with brands like Chanel, and so on and the Victoria's Secret fashion show), I have a random media/pop culture crush on Bella Hadid... random for me, I just find something very hot about her... and I don't normally like fashion pack style celebrities... but there's just something about her