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  1. I did the same thing: romanced a lister as an elf and I got pissed after he breaks up with my character. Lol
  2. Lose a little weight and start doing my makeup and now boys want to take notice?? 

    1. ChemFem


      Yup that's the MO for shallow people

  3. I hear that Oxygen ( O ) was going out with Magnesium ( Mg ) and I was all "OMg" .....
  4. New work, new haircut, and soon, new place :)

    1. myladylove


      Sounds great, good luck.

  5. Thank you! I'm going to some samples of other writings I have as well, as soon as I have time
  6. I use AO3 for my Dragon Age: Inquisition fanfiction: 2BlueEyez I really need to get my Mass Effect and Witcher 3 fanfictions typed up and put on there... just got to find the time lol (ll- _ -)
  7. A sample of my story is up. :)

  8. Here's a little sample of what I'm working on: (let me know what yah think) (also please ignore grammatical errors, as this is just a rough draft, thanks!) There are many different types of people: The nurtures, they want to constantly play mother hen to anybody and everybody they meet; The Fighters, they either won’t give up or are the ones that start it all; The Peacekeepers, those people that hate confrontation and always think there is a solution to it all; The Neutrals, it’s neither this nor that with them, everything just is and they go about their business. Then there is my type: The Mastermind. We are the type of people that other people believe to be the little pieces in the game until proven otherwise by, well, us. We have other names: The shifty people, spies, agents of the dark. Really, we are just people that see the end and find the means to get there. So while I am sitting here in a jail cell, I know in precisely two minutes the Detention Officer, so prideful in his position (obviously somebody new to the justice system with disgustingly high optimism), will walk by my cell and has made the mistake of forgetting to switch the cell keys to his left side, away from the cell doors and handsy prisoners, such as myself. Three…two…one. Buzzing echoes across the building, notifying us of the Officer is gracing us with his presence. Show time. “Talbot! Rise and shine!” Officer Edwin taps his baton against the cold metal of the cell door. “Rather too early for that much cheer, Eddie boy.” I make a show of pulling the pathetic excuse of a blanket closer to my chest, hiding my grabbing the substitute “keys” (a few pennies and metal bits from the yard on a metal ring). Edwin laughed at my expected response and proceeded to hit the door a few more times until I rose from my bed. Carefully tucked in my sleeve, I leaned against the cell door and grabbed the baton stopping the noise and causing him to step closer to my cell. His elbow made contact with my face, just as I finished the exchange. I fell back onto the concrete floor, holding my nose. This was partly to hide the keys by throwing them into my shirt. Mostly because my nose had started to throb in pain. “Hasn’t anybody taught you, Talbot?” His laugh carrying a somewhat malicious tone. “You don’t grab at a man’s stick.” “Yes, heard of that.” I sniffed at the pain, and grinned cockily at him. “But were you not the one knocking at me to rise and shine?” His best response, to spit and mumble a few choice words of being a sick bastard and quickly moved on. Forty-five minutes later, the second buzz announced his departure from the first ground block. Also, cuing the beginning of my escape. Allowing myself time to find the right key and using my pillowcase to muffle the sound of metal against metal. Last night’s mashed potatoes did the trick on the door itself and I silently opened then closed metal without a sound. No need to worry about camera’s or alarms, I had disabled them while Edwin made his rounds earlier. It was a stroke of luck that my confinement was located next to the electrical, just needed a few weeks to get behind the wall and cutting a few choice wires. Sadly, that left me with only two hours to get gone before the young man got back to the security desk and saw the problem. I kept my back flush with the wall as I felt for the loose panel that lead to the area between the walls where the plumbing and electrical ran. My hand hit creating a slight noise, but not enough to disturb my fellow jail mates, taking it off in no time and replacing it once on the other side. Sprinting along the piping to the broiler room took less than eight minutes. Bravo Talbot, a quick congratulatory before pressing on. Only one hour left. This was simply child’s play, dressing up into the janitor’s uniform and walking out with the leftover trash which included my previous attire. Nobody spared so much as a glance. I dumped the bag into the dumpster and walked to the parking lot. Amelia waited for me in the seventy-four Ford, clearly it had seen better days. I slipped into the backseat of the truck and hid myself in the piles of work tools and laundry. In no time we cleared the gate check and drove off. “You sure took your time, Kingsly. Almost just left your sorry ass.” “Such affection from you this early in the morning.” I wiggled myself out of the hiding spot and sat up. “Careful, I’ll start to think you care.” An exasperated sigh from her and an eye roll was my reward. The gray hair peppering her red locks was, in my books, an assault to her youthful spirit. “You took my Xavier’s place in that cell so he could fight for this country.” I could see the bittersweet resolve in her chestnut colored eyes, despite the stonewall expression on her face. “This is the least I can do for that.” An easy silence settled for the remainder of the ride to the private airstrip. Courtesy of Amelia, a helicopter was to meet us with the hour of our arrival. Lucky for us, it was on time. It was waiting for us, with a rather dashing pilot waiting to take me far, far away- or shall I say, it was going to take me back to my country, my home… back to him. The truck comes to a stop on the dirt road. Amelia and I both get out and meet at the back of the truck before the dust settles. She drops the tailgate and grabs two duffle bags handing one- from her reaction the heavier of the two- to me, then closes it. “So, I see you have decided to join me on my flight.” We reach the helicopter and toss our bags in. She turns and tosses her keys to the pilot. “Good thing I am, I’ll be the pilot today.” She smirks at me, taking hold of the door to pull herself into the cockpit.
  9. I think I know what to do now.

    1. Storm9


      Share the wisdom!

    2. 2Confused


      I'm writing a book.

      I'm not writing it for a deadline or any contest, I am simply writing one based off a rather crazy idea (more or less a last resort) I have been contemplating acting on.

      The 17th I am going to post a sample of it to see what y'all think.

  10. I did see it, and am thoroughly pleased with the direction they took. I would have hated to sit there and compare Hollywood's version and the game version on the same story. I liked how they kept the same concept but did a different person's story. It helps that the guy playing the protagonist is hot and his shirt comes off for a while ;) I agree, he's definitely hot!
  11. Feeling like getting a bunch of breakable at dollar store and putting on a safety suit and smashing everything to bits: stress relief.

    1. ChemFem


      Play Doh or silly putty is also good for this. No matter how much you squeeze it or smash it you can keep at it afterwards.

  12. The Mistress of Spices May have gotten 5.5/10 but I love it.
  13. I may randomly breakout into song.... And that some might be "Belle (Reprise)" from Beauty and the Beast.

    1. Neilluuli


      Hey there is nothing wrong with that! Heck I may join in :)

    2. 2Confused


      I've recently been stuck either at a desk writing or at work and this repetitiveness was getting to me lol

    3. 2Confused


      More the merrier! Lol

  14. Just started Dishonored 1... It's addicting!