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  1. Extremely attractive...wait, don't boo me just yet lol....extremely attractive with my feet very firmly on the ground, I would give my time & beauty freely to highlight good causes, never take my beauty for granted & go on dates with those who needed a self esteem boost thus doing lots for humanity ; ) Do I get away with that?!
  2. I've just read this heart is in my mouth....need an update BrendaOO?!!!
  3. Welcome to Shybi!

    Having a browse at your profile...'unicorn farts-cupcake edition' lol!!! Not familiar with this fragrance??!!

    1. Punk Maneuverability

      Punk Maneuverability

      It is rare. One must venture into the enchanted forest at night and follow the centaur herd to the unicorn clearing. Once there, one must feed cupcakes to the unicorn to earn its trust., If one is successful in gaining trust, the painstaking process of bagging unicorn farts can begin. 

    2. kireland



      Appreciate the deets on this process...I'm off to the nearest enchanted forest with some cupcakes hoping to bag lots of unicorn farts! 

      Ps I think you might be a little crazy lol

    3. Punk Maneuverability

      Punk Maneuverability

      Good luck! And I am a little crazy. Welcome to the party :hyper:

  4. Ok so do I print the words "Wetness equals desire" or go with symbols "big rain drop = flames" lol
  5. 'Wetness equals desire' this & thanks for the reassuring comment. I'm gonna have this printed on a t-shirt!
  6. Phew, it's looking promising that wet is all gooooooodddddd : )
  7. Hey fellow Irish lady! Saw you stopped by so wanted to wave back. It's not often I see green, white & gold on my page. 

    1. curiouscate


      hey there

      yes, i havent been on in sooo long

      was at a loose end so thought id drop by

  8. Lol!!!! Thankfully it doesn't!
  9. When I'm aroused I get extremely wet. Yeah we're talking Bon Jovi album title 'slippery when wet' kind of wet!!! It never caused much of a problem on the straight side of the fence, apart from the occasional lul in sensation for me due to the lack of friction. But now I'm on the gay side of the fence I'm wondering how it's perceived. I've dated a few woman over the last while & none have complained : ) but I'm just curious to know if it could be considered a turn off?
  10. *scratching my head* I've no idea what type people would say I am....butch, femme.....?! Think I've an equal balance of both really. I've dated mostly femme girls in the past until I met my gf who's a tomboy to the core. For me I am initially more attracted to femme girls but it's personality, a hearty laugh & a good kisser which wins me over.
  11. Very simply....confidence, someone who's confident with their own body....oh & an amazing kisser. They must be good with their lips!
  12. Lol! Well, the breeze doesn't exactly blow any hotter on Irish soil & that has a big influence in my liking for sex with clothes on!!
  13. I agree, nothing like a fumble in public!!
  14. Carmen.... just aren't enough words!!! What a beautiful woman! And Shane (Kate)....only a matter of time before she comes knocking on my door begging me to recreate scenes from the Lword with her!!