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  1. Brrrrrr! Anyone fancy a house swap, it's too cold here in Ireland! 

    1. shazza21


      Maybe you just need someone to keep you warm :wink:

  2. The ability to live in the moment is definitely a powerful tool in life. And applying mindfulness during sex has had its benefits for me when I allow myself to go with the flow. I have to admit, I don't always find this easy. In the bedroom I'm more of a giver than taker so I struggle sometimes with staying in the moment as my mind tends to want to think of the next move. Prehaps I need more.practice!
  3. Just peeking back :)

  4. "I only want to see you laughing in the purple rain" ;)

  5. Love this for it's rawness! It hits the core expelling passion, lust & teeth grinding frustration, which is unable to be set free having lost the drive to get one's self off.
  6. Damn girls what's with all the difficult questions lately; give or receive?, ass or boobs? lol!!! I'm gonna answer this by looking at my two hands which I'm blessed with & grab a boob with one & an ass cheek with the other....I'm sorry but I can't choose on this one ;)
  7. This is a tricky one to to give but *weak at knees thinking about it", equally love to receive. If I had to would be receive
  8. When someone uses their eyes to flirt and give you 'that look'...yes, the I want you look! To be kissed by someone's eyes is such a turn on!
  9. I take a wee break and return format....I've no clue what I'm doing lol!!!

  10. How is the green Isle? I was in Belfast for St Patrick's day, had a great time even if it was very wet

    1. kireland


      How's it going from the Green Isle! Weather wise it's beginning to get mild...we live in hope!!

    2. shazza21


      Sun is up. The weather and life is beautiful at the moment :-)

  11. Freckles....the more the merrier I them!!!
  12. Okay so first, I don't think you need me to tell you that this girl is not straight & certainly not 110% straight! She clearly has desires with the same sex & seems to be pushing the boundaries of her feelings to a certain point. What she is mostly getting out of this is the thrill, excitement, attention but ask yourself what are you getting in return? Probably a little of the same but you would actually like to see it go further. See your self worth here & decide if it's time to move on. Flirting with people is fun, I'm a serial flirt, but when feelings get involved it's time to either call it or progress it. Good luck XO
  13. A kiss fueled purely by chemistry is always such a high. To explain, based on a recent experience ;)- you catch someone's eye, say in a club.You second guess are they looking at you & then realise they are!! The eye fucking game commences increasing your heartbeat building the intensity, as it's said..."the kiss is exchanged a 1000 times before it reaches the lips". Without feeling the steps you both have moved closer & are now starring directly at each others lips. The rush prompts a confidence in your to take the initiative & grab her waist, pulling her to your body. She closes her eyes, parts her lips & you mirror her moves until ....your lips meet hers. The kiss is fierce, passionate & in some ways uncontrollable because it's driven by lust.
  14. "I would stand beside her and feel the hairs lift on my arms -& see her own flesh pimple & her cheeks grow warm & know she ached for me, to match my aching" Sarah Waters, what a writer!

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    2. kireland


      I've heard 'Affinity' is good, it's on my to read list ;) Just started 'the night watch'.

    3. 1008


      Goes to do some reading... that bit was amazing on it's own ha! :)

    4. kireland