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  1. Lol! Well, the breeze doesn't exactly blow any hotter on Irish soil & that has a big influence in my liking for sex with clothes on!!
  2. I agree, nothing like a fumble in public!!
  3. Carmen.... just aren't enough words!!! What a beautiful woman! And Shane (Kate)....only a matter of time before she comes knocking on my door begging me to recreate scenes from the Lword with her!!
  4. YES, the urgency!! The rush it builds, the passionate chaos! Love it! And yes working around clothes can be fun & also challening. Take for instance 'skinny jeans'.....they can be a nightmare! I struggle so much with taking them off girls sometimes, to the point where I can't help but break from passion, burst out laughing & say "honey, for the love of God can you please help me out & take your jeans off"!!
  5. *Thud*....Ok, my knees got weak reading this!!! Bloody hell, you described that very well!
  6. Hey! Fyi little green cars play in Dun Laoghaire tonight!

  7. Great profile pic,how true it is! : )

    1. mcpuffin


      Thank you! Wish I could claim to have written it but I definitely believe it! 

  8. Cheers Vampire
  9. Have you ever heard of a vision board? So if you had suggested this to me this time last year I would have probably rolled my eyes a little & said it was way too hippy for me lol! But....I gave it a go, not in a board form, took the lazy approach and made a list on my phone in memos calling it 'vision board'!! Even used cute emojis beside stuff! For e.g here's some stuff I had on it that have worked out for me - 'travel more', 'yoga body', 'gf', 'be more mindful', 'work on being a friend to someone I really hurt' (still in progress) and some e.g's I'm still working on 'get a dog', 'resign from my job', oh and 'win the lottery' what????? You have to dream a little!!! Ok so while I didn't achieve everything on it, I found that it sat there in the background as a gentle reminder, which I found comfort in & when I checked it from time to time, I often thought "hey you're not doing too bad in 2017" ; )
  10. Hey, I saw you visited my profile and though I'd say hi and happy new year :)

    1. kireland


      Hey,thanks for returning my visit. Happy new year to you also!! :)

  11. Waking to the brush of her hair on my neck as she gently stirrs. Turning my sleepy body into her embrace & touching her naked tighs with mine. Ever so slowly our touch becomes stronger, our eyes open & our mouths find each others........ Morning sex???.....Yes, always, followed by pancakes ; )
  12. That's hot!!! Fyi, apart from the obvious difference in what's being slipped inside, it's pretty much the same turn on with a girl.
  13. "Passionate"....yes exactly, that describes it best!
  14. Just popping by to say hello. 

    1. kireland


      Hey, how's it going! Since it's holiday season & you popped by, did you bring any goodies with you? American style pancakes would be epic! 

  15. Absolutely love having sex with clothes on. I find all that rummaging around such a turn on, it works me up like crazy. Especially love when a girl leaves her jeans on & you need to unzip them & part her panties to one side......soooo hot!