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  1. Hello and welcome
  2. @bailiwick I also live in a small town. I get super excited whenever I witness any diversity. Makes me smile!
  3. Whether single or married, when you bring someone else into your life as a friend or lover that person's needs, feelings, desires must be considered. I'm sorry she was so careless with you. I hope that after your time of soul-searching a person deserving of you crosses your path.
  4. Beautiful picture, lady!

    1. bailiwick


      Thanks hun! I went blonde. :) lovin it

    2. trueme


      Suits you well

  5. Wonderful that your decision to share had such positive results!
  6. Welcome back!
  7. *hugs* good to see your name 

    1. Englishrose


      Hello my lovely, thanks for the hugs...... Hope you are well?  Its been a while, thought I would come see how things are.... Wasn't expecting a whole make over! lol

  8. Hello, glad to see you around. I've missed you - as much as you can miss someone's posts online. Hope everything is good in your world?!

    1. trueme


      Hey, Hungry! Logging in more these days. All is very good in my little portion of the world.

  9. Hello and welcome. So good that your husband reacted favorably.
  10. Hello and welcome
  11. Hello and welcome
  12. I second, Flannel!
  13. It usually does lol

  14. I'd say goodbye to this one. Way too many red flags!