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  1. That’s such a lovely idea to save your first kiss for a sunset! I hope the moment is as beautiful as you imagine it to be! I will defo start looking for LGBT+ meets! Will probably go to ones an hour away though as I wouldn’t want to bump into anyone I know as I’m not out yet. Snowdonia is so beautiful! I used to visit there a lot as a child as it’s not far away at all! xx
  2. So happy to hear that your in such a good place now! xx
  3. I have heard that London has a great LGBT+ scene and also Bristol and Manchester. My lovely fiance has said on our next weekend away we can chose one of these places and maybe I can try chatting up a girl or swapping numbers with some! So excited for my first kiss with a girl! I haven't even kissed a girl yet =( Also, I'm so looking forward to the little things, like you said, holding hands in the cinema etc! That's so sweet that your girlfriend would move to the other side of the world for you! That's love! <3 I love English accents! also Scottish and Irish are so sexy too! I'm from Wales =) xxx
  4. Yeah I think I wouldn't mind my fiance watching. I have said though, if I do get a lady I'd like the first time to be private as I'll be nervous and want to feel connected to them. =) xx
  5. Welcome back Kathy! I'm Cat! Sorry to hear about your break up xxx
  6. ShyKitty

    Hello from a new member

    Hiya! lovely to meet you! For me this site has proved invaluable for support! Just start commenting on the different posts and I'm sure you'll make friends here in no time and we'll all get to know you! Strangely we sound quite similar! Especially the part about being a kind and gentle person with a dirty side! xx
  7. That sounds amazing! I'm so glad you both had time to yourselves! When I get a lady friend I think my fiance will want to watch all the time too xx
  8. I'm bi-sexual but in a long term relationship with a man. I've never explored my bi-sexuality, I wouldn't call myself bi-curious as I've fancied women since I was a teenager. I told my other half when we first got together that I fancy women too and he's always said that I'm free to explore that side of myself. He's fully supportive bless him. The only rule he's given me is that if I get with a woman it isn't too serious, ideally we'd like someone in the same situation as me. I'd love to be able to meet up with my lady and go to a cafe, restaurant, for a couple of drinks etc. things you'd do with your best friends or significant other. I'd love to be sexual with them too. I'd love her to have a confident personality or to be sure of herself as I can be shy. I'm a curvy girl so I would prefer her to be curvy like myself due to my insecurities.. I would prefer her to sway more towards the femme side, although I do love a girl with tattoos! Sorry I've waffled a bit but wanted to explain everything =) xxx
  9. Yeah it sounds as if you’re better off getting with someone less experienced. Or maybe something will happen with her in the future when the time is right! Either way just relax =) xxx
  10. ShyKitty


    That’s where I live! I’m not ‘out’ though so I don’t think I’d have the confidence to go xx
  11. ShyKitty

    Best Chapstick

    I buy a big tub of Vaseline from the baby isle and use it as a lip balm xx
  12. I watch porn and I know my fiancé does. As long as it’s not all the time I don’t see a problem with it. We’ve been together a long time though and at the beginning a porn binge for him would usually end up in him flirting with women online. (A few times he left his webpages up on the computer) I told him point blank that I would not put up with the flirting but porn was ok and that seemed to work xx
  13. ShyKitty

    Bi & Struggling

    Hiya! I definitely get what you mean. I do fancy women more than men but only slightly. Like 60/40 like someone else said. When I’m dreaming it can be about a man or a woman xx
  14. ShyKitty

    4 years

    Aww bless you :( sending lots of virtual hugs xxx
  15. I hope things turn out okay for you & this lady, wether you stay friends or get together! Let me know how it goes tomorrow =) I’m unsure how my oh will react when I actually get with another woman. It’s one thing saying I can, another to see it xx