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  1. Sex is perfect with my man so I’ll just say for a woman. I’ve never slept with a woman but if I did I’d love it to be sensual and last a while xx
  2. I do it and my fella gets really turned on by it. At first it felt a bit weird just letting go but once I did, it felt amazing! Xx
  3. Ahh that sounds like me then! My other half isn’t bi though. I obviously couldn’t stop him getting with women but he really doesn’t want to. Your situation sounds like fun! xx
  4. I live in a small town too, Christian parents, and I wouldn’t want anyone finding out. Not that there’s any shame in being bi, I just think they wouldn’t accept it, especially if I’m with a man and exploring on the side. I think if it could be discreet enough, I’d meet up with someone. I’d have to like their personality though if anything was to happen xx
  5. Hi Ellie Cruz! I’m 29, mother of two and me and my oh have been together since we were very young. I told him I was bi-curious when we were first together and he’s always said I can explore that side of myself if I wanted to as long as it’s only sexual and I’m not in a relationship with other women. I’ve never even kissed a girl yet though! I’ve told him though, if I did that he would obviously be allowed to sleep with other girls but he’s not interested. He’d love a threesome though xx
  6. Hiya! What does gender monogamous mean? x
  7. I’ve said he’s welcome to see other girls (he’s straight) but he said he’s really not interested. He lost his virginity to me and he wants me to be the only one he’s slept with. He’s happy for me to see other girls but not guys. He’d love a threesome at some point but I don’t know if that would ever happen as I’d be shy setting it up! Xx
  8. Yay!! I was born in Wales and I don’t think I’ll ever move as it is beautiful indeed! Where are you living now? x
  9. Aww! Rock just makes me feel alive!! I love cats too! I think I should get one, seeing as it’s my name! x
  10. Hi ladies! I’m Cat, have two children and live in Wales. I love rock music, gardening, cooking, making stuff. Anything creative really! My other half knows I’m bi-curious, I told him when we first got together and he was and still is completely fine about it. I’ve never even kissed a girl but he says I am free to do what I want as long as it doesn’t get too serious as he’d worry I’d leave him. I’ve told him I wouldn’t! I’m 29 x
  11. Hi Hun! Welcome to the site! This is how I feel! Although I've never even kissed a girl I would love to have a mess about! I'm engaged to a man and he doesn't mind me getting with a woman if I wanted to! Xx
  12. Soya caramel hot chocolate! Xx
  13. I'm drinking a Koppaberg (cider) yummy! Xx
  14. Returning the peek! Totally agree with you about liking confident women not arrogant women! I feel

    1. ShyKitty


      ...this way about men too! Xx

    2. Stephie


      im not really interested in me .. the men in my life are more than enough heheheh :D

  15. Saw your gif and just had to stop by.