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  1. I'm in love with a dead man and a married woman. Not real sure what to do with that. 

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. TBD78


      Sending hugs.  Let your friend give you the comfort you need.  

    3. blueberry


      Hang in there. You're gonna get through this. 

    4. BenedettaC


      You need to look after yourself right now, so try to relax and not tax yourself unnecessarily. 

  2. Why didn't I push you harder to seek help? Why did you refuse treatment? How am I going to go on without you, I love you more than anything or anyone.  I wish I'd known how much you were hurting.  I've lost my heart, and all I want is to tell you I love you one last time. To see your eyes gazing lovingly into mine once more. To hear your voice, to feel you pressed against me. To kiss your lips.  I'm broken knowing you died alone, and that I'll never get the chance to grow old with you.  

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    2. Hungry


      Such terrible news. There are no words for what you're feeling or how awful this is. Take your time and know that everyone here supports and cares for you even at a distance..  It was his battle and did the best you could.  Don't be afraid to reach out here :)

    3. BenedettaC


      I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. Sending you much compassion. 

    4. KAHcurious


      Sending you thoughts and prayers.  So sorry for your loss.

  3. Yeah, facial hair changes the game completely. With a woman (or shaved male), they tend to wipe their chins before kissing (even if they don't, it's easier cleanup), and all you get is your taste from their mouth (which again, turns me on thinking about why that taste is in their mouth), no mess. With bearded individuals, wiping the face doesn't help, it saturates the beard/moustache, and ends up depositing soggy, gross wetness onto your chin/lips/surrounding area while simultaneously scratching your skin. Not fun.
  4. After further experience, I'm gonna double down on this. Hell yes on kissing a facially hairless person after they've gone down on me. I also tend to lick my fingers after i masturbate...
  5. Oh dear God. I couldn't choose. I love my husband's penis and couldn't give it up. But i love oral from my lady. Husband is okay at oral, and I've never tried objects (other than fingers) with her, so basically I'd potentially be giving up the most satisfying part of each of them by choosing. If i had to choose one to keep, I'd probably choose penis (or object). At least he can get off with me that way, which is about 70% of my sexual satisfaction (getting my other off).. and she and i could figure out how to use a strap on (or strapless.. sounds more fun for everyone).
  6. Husband has always told me how sexy it is to see your girl walking around the house in nothing but your flannel shirt... yesterday I learned how true that is :wub:

  7. Best Halloween party ever. Hottest night ever. And morning. Wow.

  8. I think it's a good thing. When referring to my crush, I'd describe her as cute. She's also beautiful, gorgeous hot, sexy, and fiiiine as hell. But if i was making a comment to her about herself, I'd probably tell her she was cute or pretty. During a regular conversation, that is. Sex is a different story
  9. I agree with this completely. Sometimes that "unicorn" girl fantasy doesn't pan out in reality as well as something you might not have been originally into. In the past, I've been ghosted by/realized a unicorn girl i was speaking to was a loose cannon. But where i (we) have found the most friendship, enjoyment, and camaraderie (and in one current instance, sexual/emotional connection) was with couples. It sounds like you're headed down a good path. Keep it slow, get to know them, feel them out, and see where things take you. You might find a great thing, whether it's platonic or more ❤ good luck!! Keep us updated!
  10. Of course.  This weekend will be the first time in a while we've had the chance, and we both started our periods yesterday. Crossing fingers they both end by Saturday.. <_< still amused that we're synced up down to starting within a few hours of each other :lol:

  11. I apologize for misunderstanding your context. I tend to do that a lot.
  12. But she didn't explain WHY her husband feels that way, so it's making assumptions that he's just objectifying women. Insecurity and feeling inadequate are also reasons why a man might feel this way, and that's a far cry from objectifying. He very well may view it as a threat to his masculinity, but that has more to do with the thought that another man might be more desirable or better at it than he is. Or he may be objectifying women. The thing is, we don't have any insight on his reasons, so we shouldn't assume. Of course not, it comes down to difference in intimacy, difference in sensuality, difference in communication, difference in appearance, difference in connection, difference in energy, difference in interaction, difference in feeling, both emotional and physical. (Note my statement that I'm emotionally attached to my girl, which means who she is and the feelings she gives me, not just the presence of her vagina). Penis and vagina are the simplistic bare bones level of difference. But to dive into all of the above just to demonstrate that there is a difference in gender and that some of us desire both would have been painfully wordy and really not relevant to my point.
  13. Would it be different if he were okay with her sleeping with other men as long as there was no emotional involvement? Are friends with benefits only okay as long as it's a male? Or should we all only sleep with people we're committed to regardless of gender? It sounds like the women she's involved with are on the same page as she is, and as long as feelings are taken into consideration and communication is abundant, i don't see this as objectifying women. I care deeply for the woman I'm sleeping with, and really don't desire any other woman now that I'm involved with her. But that doesn't mean i want to divorce my husband and marry her. And i don't want to sleep with another man. My husband has stated that if i wanted to, i could because I'm in charge of the decisions i make, but that he'd feel more insecure about himself and whether he's satisfying me than he does with me sleeping with a woman. Because he has a penis and he'd like to believe his is enough for me. He does not, however, have a vagina, so he can't help me in that arena, and therefore doesn't feel his penis is inadequate because a vagina and a penis are very different things. So while objectification of women does happen way too much, i would hesitate to describe every instance of this as objectifying women. Details are key before we jump to conclusions.
  14. Personally, it took me several years and quite a bit of (failed) Internet searching before i randomly hooked up with a friend. Then another 3 years before i started exploring with my crush. I also hooked up with a girl i met at a bar the other day (which wasn't really that enjoyable, but i think it was because she wasn't my crush). So from my experience, it's easier to connect with people you've met face-to-face (though this isn't true for everyone, depending on life circumstances). It helps to be out though, because if you're closeted, potential partners have no way of knowing you're looking or interested. With my first friend, she was basically the person who helped me navigate my bisexuality and gave me advice, even years before we'd slept together. With my crush, things started heading that direction once i started being very open about and deliberate my same-sex desires and my experiences. And with the rando at the bar, she joined in on some shots a couple of girl friends and i were doing out of each other's cleavage (so we were displaying actions that indicated we were comfortable with same-sex action to some degree.. also the alcohol helped). Again, things are different for everyone depending on life circumstances and geographical location.
  15. That's awesome!! It's amazing having friends with similar interests, even if you're not sleeping with them. And if you get to know them, dynamics and desires might change. You ladies may hit it off and they may be okay with just the two of you being sexually involved without the men. Or you might find you're actually intrigued by a couple. Husband and i were absolutely not looking for couple-couple action, just a woman (for either just me or both) neither of us liked the idea of another man involved, but we suddenly found ourselves messing around with my long-term crush and her husband.. completely took us off guard (especially because I'd wanted her for so long), and it's been a ton of fun. There's no swapping partners or touching between the guys (well.... except for once), just us girls together and with our respective partners. I think the enjoyment factor has to do with who it is though, rather than the fact that it's a couple. We're really close friends, and even closer now that that line has been crossed. Anyway! I hope things go well for you guys with them, and that you're able to connect and make friends with people who are interested in the things you're interested in.