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  1. erotica

    Very hot story... you have a gift for writing
  2. I would have LOVED it. I don't want to dismiss your feelings but regardless of of what she was doing, in that situation, I still feel like you are the one in control. A lap dance in a strip club is a service you pay for. In my experience, it is very rare to get that kind of attention so she either wanted a big tip and a potential returning customer or she was into you. Either way, you could have asked her to stop if you were too uncomfortable. I am totally jealous, lol.
  3. erotica

    No slow burn here... I'm on fire now
  4. @Ona sounds amazing! Honestly that always seems to be the case - making connections with people who are no where near me! I love the positive spin you've presented, though, because keeping my DH happy while I pursue my desires is very important to me. You've got my wheels spinning now girl!
  5. I keep saying that and then that overwhelming desire hits and the urge is so hard to resist... especially since I'm not getting any younger. Uggghhh
  6. No question about it! We want to know what's up
  7. I'm beginning to think that @mollyb would be an awesome wingWOman
  8. I appreciate all the info you ladies shared here. I'm pretty sick of all the fake or, even worse, shallow people that you find on dating sites. I've decided that it has to happen in real life or it ain't happening! Thankfully I am married to the love of my life and we have an awesome sex life so, while I'd love to explore with a woman, at least I can stay true to my values and desires and wait for the right one if I ever stumble into her.
  9. Ohh girl! Color yourself LUCKY!! You just did what most of us only dream of. As a serial overthinker, take my advice - revel in the moment. Take some deep breaths and follow your heart. So excited for you!
  10. YES! Thank you for putting into words exactly how I feel. We have an excellent marriage, very supportive but he doesn't understand why I don't mention every single thing and... this... this is why. Love that validation of my feelings TBD
  11. I agree with Leigh. I'm very feminine and am attracted to the same. The girlier the better! I wouldn't mind a sexy girl getting a little lipstick on me
  12. Yes! Inquiring minds want to know
  13. Yessss.... this! Living in the south makes it seem almost impossible :(