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  1. I’ve been a mod for nearly 15 years. It’s been amazing, but it’s time for me to move on. I just can’t give Shys the dedication that it deserves. I’ve put a request in to step down as mod, it may take a while to happen though. So just to let you all know as from now on, I am unavailable for moderating duties. Please contact one of the other amazing moderators for help. I’ll still post occasionally, but i’m hanging up my mod hat.
  2. I found that I could do my bra up holding it both hands then sliding it over my head. The tricks we learn, eh? It helps that this isn’t my first broken wrist. The last time was my right arm (i’m right handed), so that was a lot trickier, although I was childless back then. Thanks everyone. I’ve had my surgery. I’m not going to lie, that was awful. DH wasn’t allowed to come with me so I spent hours alone. My surgery was booked for 2:30 but got bumped to 5pm. I finally went under at around 5:30 after being poked about six times because they couldn’t find a vein. (I was dehydrated from having to wait so long as nil by mouth). My hand is now badly bruised. When I came around it was about 7pm and I was in agony. Eventually I was given some morphine, then more, then more then the pain went away and the dizziness and nausea began. The day unit couldn’t take me back as it was closing. So I sat in theatre for ages waiting on a bed. The bed that had been assigned to me hadn’t cleared as the patient’s family were making a fuss about the discharge. After calling around, one ward agreed to take me in, but I spent the night on a disused ward that had been used for storage. It was next to the staff room so it was loud. One of the patients in the ward next to me spent most of the night pressing the nurse’s button. The nurses got so annoyed with him they eventually stopped responding, but he didn’t stop. I didn’t get to eat until around 10pm (24 hours fasting) and even then it was just toast. The lady doing the breakfasts the next day didn’t realise I was alone in the disused ward and even after being told, then forgot. After about an hour’s wait for breakfast she remembered me and gave me some cold toast. I was finally discharged the next morning and spent an hour waiting for my meds in the discharge unit. On an uncomfortable chair, tired and hungry and surrounded by grumpy old men complaining. I’m really quite sore, but coping on paracetamol and combining with ibuprofen when it gets really bad. I have an appointment in two weeks, I think to remove the cast and stitches and fit a splint. DH has moaned a little bit has been voluntarily doing some house work and taking care of our son. He’s just come back from giving him a bath (it’s been months since he last did that!) i’m feeling a lot more optimistic and looking forwards to Christmas.
  3. 3889.jpg

    ((((((((((( satehen ))))))))))) Best wishes for a speedy recovery. 

  4. Thanks Celeste. I’ve had a call, my operation is tomorrow. The last time I broke my wrist (and had wires put in) I stayed in hospital. It was done pretty quickly so I didn’t have time to think about it. I’m feeling a little anxious now. It should be day surgery, I go in at midday and hopefully be home in time for tea. Unfortunately though I may well be going home alone. DH is working a split shift. I can, hopefully get the in laws to babysit for as long as needed, but eventually i’ll be home, in pain, alone with a toddler. And that’s a scary thought. My BFF was going to visit tomorrow, since the ice is now melting. But she just text to say she’d been to the doctors and has a bad ear infection, so she can no longer come. I’m worried about how i’m going to cope.
  5. Sorry i’ve not been online much lately, I started a new job at a land based college supporting a student with FAS through his animal care course. Life was so good, I loved my job, I was so happy. Then the snow came. I love snow, but it betrayed me, the day before hubby’s birthday too! Last Sunday we were walking in the snow, it was so deep and I couldn’t see when there pavement ended and the road began. I went down, hard. I put my left hand out to break my fall. Big mistake. It was agony! I felt so sick and dizzy. I was out with DH and DS (nearly 3 years old). The last thing I knew I was lying in the snow, with a cold arse and DH’s face hovering over me calling my name. There were blankets on me and a man was on the phone calling an ambulance. It took nearly an hour to arrive because of the snow. It turned out i’d broken my wrist. I felt like i’d ruined DH’s birthday. I went back yesterday to get a new cast and an X-ray. The doctor told me my fracture had moved and i’ll need to have an operation to have a metal plate screwed in! I took it all so well at the time. I asked questions and was really brave. But it seems when i’m hone alone (well, with my toddler) it keeps hitting me. It’s Christmas, i’m missing out on the fun activities at work. I’m in a great deal of pain. I’m home alone until DH finishes work for a week. I’m struggling to take care of DS, all my pets, myself and clean the house. The roads are treacherous still so my best friend can’t visit until it clears up. And despite trying to be helpful, I feel like DH is annoyed at me. I asked him to feed and poo pick the chickens earlier and he gave me a look like I was inconveniencing him. I’ve been out since breaking my arm, but today the garden was really icy. He washed up earlier and asked me to put some plates away. I ended up dropping a full unwanted (thankfully plastic) bowl of cereal on the floor. I felt so useless. Tomorrow is the work’s Christmas meal and the college manager called to see if I was still going. I couldn’t give him a definitive answer. I badly want to go, but I don’t know if i’ll be in hospital by then or not. I felt like I was inconveniencing him. I’m such an independent person, I hate relying on others and asking for help. I feel like i’m being a nuisance and it’s really getting me down. It’s bad enough that i’m In so much pain. I just want it to be all over now, so I can heal and move on.
  6. No idea. It encountered a problem and sent me back to the beginning.
  7. Utterly bored, fed up and totally poor. I gave to wait on a new DBS before I can start my job, even them there's a two month wait until I get paid and my savings have dwindled.
  8. I used to love having my nipples played with. But two years of breastfeeding a nipple twiddler and I just want my nipples to be left alone!
  9. Definitely the shell suit and bell bottomed trousers I thought I looked so cool. SMH.
  10. I found Frankie sitting on our kitchen chair this morning, surrounded by dead fleas. Oh God I hope this is the beginning of the end!
  11. Frontline isn't as effective anymore. I've used a fumigator bomb, but the fleas came back. And I'll be heading to the vets next week. It's not been four weeks yet since the last treatment. I've read that they hate citrus, so I'm making up a home made lemon spray to spray around the house. I'm worried about all the chemicals I've been using.
  12. Well, last night I sprayed my carpets upstairs with flea spray. Changed my bedding and washed at 90 degrees with an anti bac cleanser. I flea powdered all the downstairs carpets and laid down the home made flea traps. This morning I vacuumed again. One flea trap had six fleas in it. The other had none. I was hoping all that treatment had an effect. But no. I swatted three flies trying to drink my blood this morning. Next week I'll go to the vets for some extra strong cat flea killer, but it's not been a month yet since her last treatment. That's it! I'm getting the fly zapper out! Please some one tell me I'm not the only one to suffer here?!
  13. I've never known anything like it in all the years I've kept cats. My Frankie has fleas. We treated her with a spot on about 2-3 weeks ago but it doesn't seem to have worked. We're combing her with a flea comb and there's still loads of fleas and eggs coming off her. It gets worse though, the living room is infested. Thankfully it's the only room I've seen them in, but they're biting me and Michael (2 years old). I've had to swat them off his back. He's covered in flea bites! Poor soul. As far as the living room is concerned when we first saw a flea we sprayed the whole room with a flea spray and left over night, then vacuumed twice a day, emptying the contents into the bin outside. A few days later and there's more fleas and more bites. So I bought a fumigator bomb. Set it off, left it overnight then vacuumed. We had a few days respite and now back to being bitten! And Frankie still has fleas and eggs in her fur. I've had all the furniture out whilst decorating and vacuumed underneath. Then this morning I sprayed flea spray again. This time also under furniture. Tonight I'm going to try making my own flea traps using shallow dishes of water and washing up liquid. If I get really desperate I might even get out the fly zapper. I'm frustrated! My poor son is being eaten alive, my legs are itchy all over, my poor cat is suffering and the only person not affected is DH! I need this sorted ASAP not just because of us, but because I'll be going back to work soon (got a new job-hurray) and my best friend will be babysitting in our home. I'd be mortified if she got bit. HELP!
  14. That's a good idea.
  15. Hello! I haven't visited this place in a long time. I kind of forgot about it to be honest. I mostly came on to see if anyone from shys was going to Manchester Pride at the weekend but a quick search tells me there isn't anyone talking about it. Oh well.


    Hope you and the family are good x

    1. satehen


      That's a shame. You could always start a thread. We're going to Wolverhampton Pride in September. We're good this end, thanks. How's you? X

    2. Ever-Dream


      I thought about starting a thread but it's probably too short notice now. Plus I haven't been on the site for ages so people might well be wary.


      Good good. Yeah things are great here. Nathan is moving in with me in a couple of weeks and he'll be starting uni the week after that. x