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  1. Waving hello....while doing some research on something you posted yesterday (?) ... it was about a book on polygamy

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    2. Hungry


      I'll take your word for it then, cos on their own.. I'm not impressed.

    3. Golightly63


      Ditto. Too sweet...

    4. Hungry


      I can always trust @Golightly63 to know my tastes. I do hope you're well? :D 

  2. You're welcome. It's my go-to recommendation for anyone used/in hetero relationships. I think it's far easier to understand, especially for a guy which says a lot given that the author is a woman but she's written a ton of books, many about sex and worked as a porngraphic film director: yes, that's the proper job title
  3. I'd recommend this instead - Opening Up: Creating and Sustaining Open Relationships - Tristan Taormino, it's especially good for people used to traditional monogamy and in some ways offers more advice on navigating in a modern relationship instead of it launching from a poly centric place. Honestly, if that's how the guy responds. I'm turned on too There's no need to over explain. If he can see you two are enjoying each other and you see them doing the same. Keep being honest with your feelings and then there shouldn't be any moment you need to make a grand declaration... it's new and something you desired for a long time so your brain is like...what's the catch? Consistency is key and also just accepting possible failure and then thinking to hell with it and savoring what is. As long as they know how your marriage stands and you're aware of their relationship setup, then.. the rest is overthinking at this stage! To calm your nerves and get things moving, perhaps bring up, dating/sex scenarios and scheduling something for the near future, that way you know you'll be getting to see her/them and then just rinse and repeat..
  4. In order to be successful. You must continue to work on yourself before and alongside anything else you undertake.

  5. That doesn't sound bad at all. I was never attracted to any friends or had any experiences like that. I just knew I wanted to do that with women and men and to me there was really no difference and the emotional connection is something that either comes or it doesn't even need to be there for some people to get what they desire. Lots of women crave that initial connection, but you have to go with what feels right for you. A friend recently recalled one of my college friends who I saw briefly, I've never dated my friends and I liked her, she was into me and pretty attractive but she hadn't turned my head til we got to know each other. We were fun and flirty, but when it came to sex. I just wasn't feeling fireworks, it was just ok. Obviously, it didn't go anywhere and I never tried to pursue a connection without that initial physical spark again This kinda topic is a bit like the chicken and egg scenario of women - it shows how different we all are!
  6. Just cos you have a Frank doesn't mean you can't have a Adeline.. sure sometimes that's not gonna work being open about your desires to your version of Frank and it doesn't mean that you'd end up happy with Adeline or that the experience would go as you hoped. Questioning has nothing to do with contentment and all you can do is find the power within and respect who you are, it takes fear out of the equation. If you can conquer that, things might be less intense and you'll have a better sense of where to go from there - good luck
  7. I'm totally going on a date tomorrow with a stranger who flirted with me. I could use a reintroduction to dating and they were actually pretty good looking. There's something to be said for going with the flow sometimes!

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    2. N00Bi
    3. myladylove


      Sounds good, let us know how it goes please...

    4. Hungry


      She was married. I figured as much, wouldn't have minded but she was really predatory! Not gonna happen but it wasn't terrible over all!

  8. Probably a dumb question: have you tried masturbating before you go for a run? You still might have them but this way, you've less tension. Also, if you let the guilty feelings go. It really is the fact you've just broken out in a sweat. Nobody is gonna know. When I began strength training it happened all the time, so I know how you feel. In this case, I realized that my orgasms were coming from pressure and tension causing me to become arouse and orgasm with certain exercises and once you ignite the fire, that's it. I started to really stretch out, just at home for about ten minutes before I went to the gym. I think it's gotta be at least somewhat movement related for you too. I hope you find something that helps you feel more comfortable!
  9. I did that. The first time for charity and the second then I kept doing it, cos it was a nightmare as it grew. One time I clipped it off at a party - that chicks cool/that chick is crazy! I used this time to explore what I wore, as it wasn't really butch, androgynous maybe but I'm pretty slim so largely I just got mistaken for a young guy. I didn't actually realize it at the time but this was more about gender and how I felt about myself. Once I explored that I went crazy feminine. I've remained more feminine ever since, I can still rock some casual wear but the buzzcut is never coming back! Gotta agree with @BiTriMama a lot of people go through a sort of experimental phase, you find your happy place somewhere along the way. I do understand what your friend says, it's a stereotype but it's also pretty accurate in many cases. Some areas that's gonna work for you and others its not, it's a question of whether you care what people think and how that's gonna affect your life.
  10. I think most people shy away from people with problems because it's foreign and uncomfortable. At least when you're old there's some understanding that it comes to everyone but it still doesn't sit right with a lot of people. I'm not ok with people who have something wrong with them and give up either though. You can't really blame people for not knowing how to handle other peoples issues in a society that favors strength and independence. After having problems with my health this year, I can see how some must really suffer when they're unable to be active. If your body withers so does your mind. I should be able to start doing more exercise shortly, which I'm sure will give me motivation to get back to full health. Having something come along and totally throw out my plans has actually been the making of me, pretty ironic really!
  11. Is there any reason for them to do that though. If they don't have any real bad blood with you? It's not my life or my business. But something about the proportion of their efforts - ie. hate doesn't sit right with me. Just my $0.2, I'm sorry you have live through it regardless of the catalyst.
  12. Having said that above, I don't often notice when women are flirting with me. Most of the women are pretty fun loving and therefore you could accuse them of being flirtatous with a high number of people in their lives and so I need people to be verbally direct or physical. I need to know I'm getting better at trying to not to dimiss people and keep them at a distance, so I think approaching me in any capacity is not as bad as it used to be! Perhaps that's why women rarely approach me with intent.
  13. That's awesome, you should be proud. I had a VW bus and a Beetle My father was a German car enigneer and a restorer and while I didn't do the outer restoration, I did pop the hood and do the inside restoration, the bus was cornflower blue, classic this was before I could even drive myself but my friends and I took it on a festival tour in Europe. The Beetle was the darkest glossy black possible - beautiful, that did one tour to a VW event in Holland where it was sold, looked great.. but it needed a lot more work than I could afford/time and lack of technical ability, the fact it made it there was a feat in itself.
  14. I went through a big crop top phase. It wasn't awful at the start but I remember seeing a picture of myself and thinking it's time too stop. A flat cap phase, people were complimentary but what made me do that? Tracksuit pants and Timberlands - the urban 90-2000's I thought I was the real deal.. My hair wasn't curly when I was young, so also a perm.. The rips in my jeans weren't ripped enough, when the back and crotch ripped I still wore them I could go on but lets not..