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  1. Oh I know I think it's modship. We bring the hood. Oh and the humor!
  2. Also there would be no need for profiles to be crawled and indexed. Just basing this on my own updates it's not offering any value or context to the point of the site. I wish they made @Golightly63 an honorary mod just so she could say if you're not happy, then leave! I think it's perfectly easy enough for everyone to not post personal info and still ask and give advice in threads without there being an issue. Obviously for the time being nobody should post photos that belong them whether they're of you or not if you don't want your personal property to be seen by anyone who googles bisexuality and forums in the same search.
  3. Today, people are seeing and liking my posts before I hit submit. Do I get my own litmus test or something? Must keep making likable posts, must keep the rep up *has a crisis*

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    2. Nidalaeh


      LoL, okay, that makes sense. Yea, I"m sure there will be bugs still going around until everything updates and she has time to fix the bugs.

    3. Golightly63


      Mosquitoes mostly...

    4. Hungry


      @Golightly63 There's my little ray of sunshine! :P 

      Honestly though, it's a bit weird getting liked before you even post, it's the kind of validation that made me want to be anything but cool in school and mostly avoid social media as an adult. If my life fails in the real world, at least I'm on the leaderboard...

  4. It's not such an issue with posts if you ask me. You can just leave out personal info and not give your usename to non-members and be wary of giving personal info to those you do converse with here. Some parts of the forum were always accessible to guests and since the new board was implemented there's less restriction. In some respects, this is due to the fact that how and what search engines index and what admin pays for to get the site to show up in the top searches so that folks can read and join. Times have changed online and more pages than before need to be visible to promote function and help her get her money's worth. That said, when I realized that profiles were visible that was my picture gone. I'm not too worried and never was, it's one thing to see someone's picture in a tiny circle next to threads it's another to put it next to personal statuses that are visible to the world - it's easier to connect dots whether people sign up or not. I'd like to see profiles be made private again but other than that, we all have to be mindful that being online in general means you have limited anonymity these days and this place is no different. With further updates hopefully they'll be more customization to ensure that members can have a little privacy for example 50 posts is a bit high, but 5 posts etc before opening the shout or PM cos some people come to hook up and chat in a manner that doesn't reflect a support site and it saves the mods repeating the rules etc if it's locked.
  5. It is possible and it's worth noting that it'll vary based on your body. I personally have no problem finding it and did originally by accident. There's no need to get uptight about it. The part about squirting is probably reasonably accurate though. Or it's a mix of both, sometimes you truly squirt and sometimes you pee a bit.. G-spot orgasms could be higher than that if women knew how to find it and stimulated themselves better in general. I refuse to believe that it's a 50% split between can and can't. Also it doesn't necessarily mean that women would automatically need clit stimulation to achieve orgasm because let's face it there's more than one kind of stimulation.
  6. Absolutely Fabulous.

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    2. Rocker83


      Yes! XD Also having eds I guess this is me 

      Edina: Couple of weeks and I'll be bending like Madonna, won't I darling? I'll be able to kiss my own arse from both directions!


    3. Hungry


      That's so true, see AB FAB was always inclusive :P 

    4. Rocker83


      Must rewatch it. I saw the movie not so long ago, funny but not as good as the shows.

  7. I hadn't realized how long my hair has gotten until I just looked in the mirror and saw my 15 year old self, insane.

    1. BenedettaC


      I have the same hair as my 15-year-old self too... Hmm...what can it mean?  

    2. Hungry


      That somehow we go full circle at some point. I'd forgotten about it until I looked and got a real throwback!

  8. Sun, city and curry :P What's not to love? 

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    2. bluebell


      sounds like a nice combination even though I rarely eat Indian

    3. Hungry


      Oh in London, there's never not a good time for Indian food. If there's one thing we get right here it's that. I better get going actually :air_kiss: I hope the sun is shining for you, over the water and that you have a good evening Bluebell - Everyone else too for that matter!

    4. bluebell


      Indian food is not as popular here, it's like Arab cuisine here - everywhere. Although in my little town there're 3 Indian restaurants.

      I'll probably go out, too. Enjoy your evening, whatever you are going to do

  9. Everyone needs to remove formatting for their post on this thread so it's easier to see. It pops up when you paste at the bottom of the reply box! 1. Is there anyone of your friends that you would ever consider having sex with? Yes, they'd be repeats. 2. Sex in the morning, afternoon or night? Anytime, but having a long evening session is my jam. 3. What side of the bed do you sleep on? Furthest from the window, closest to the door. 4. Have you ever taken your clothes off for money? Yes, I was young. 5. Have you ever had sex in the shower or the bath? >> Had sex in a bathroom? Both. Most people do keep those in that room, feel free to ask where my new bath is gonna be though, cos it ain't in there... 6. Do you watch/read pornography? I look. 7. Do you want someone aggressive or passive in bed? Variety is the spice of life. 8. Do you love someone on your blogroll? I think was posted from Tumblr 9. Would you choose love or money? Love. Make your own money! 10. Your top three favorite kinks in bed? I'm not sure what's classed as a kink to the rest of you. What do you wanna hear? 11. Has anyone ever gone beyond your personal line of respect sexually? Yes, how do you learn where to draw the personal line otherwise? Early on sex was all about discovering myself. 12. Where is the most romantic place you have had sex? Sex in a chalet on a mountain. Or on a fur rug fireside for Christmas, doesn't get more merry than that. 13. Where is the weirdest place you have had sex? A few of them, in a topiary garden and on the riverside in the plants - weird. 14. Have you ever been caught having sex Yes. 15. Ever been to a bar just to get sex? 16. Ever been picked up in a bar? Yes, so mission accomplished. I wouldn't of gone with someone I wasn't into though. 17. Have you ever kissed or had sex with someone of the same sex? Nope, never. Just kidding. 18. Had sex in a movie theater? I think there was some play, but no. I did pay to watch a movie after all. 21. Have you ever had sex at work? Not my work. 22. Bought something from an adult store? 23. Do you own any sex toys? In the process of rebuilding the toy chest. 24. Does anyone have naughty pics of you or are you on film? My ego would like to think my exes still have me on file. Otherwise no. 26. Do you think oral sex constitutes as a form of intercourse? It's part of it. 27. What’s your favorite sexual position? I could write a whole list. Captain, Cello, Gemini. I like to do Shining, Trimasu or Snail, Tipping the scales with women. Google them. So I'm not speaking a foreign language it's pretty easy to 69 with a lady if you need a starting point. 28. What’s your favorite sex act? All of it. 29. Have you ever had sex with more than one person at a time? Yeah.
  10. @Hungry I've been adding images by pasting, which works much better than adding img or url links - there doesn't seem to be any limit to the number of posted images unlike the limit set on img links 

    1. Hungry


      Ugh that's annoying if you're already pasting. Are you posting from a mobile? If you can do it on a tablet or computer then you can stash the images briefly so it's less hassle to reinput but that in itself is more work than it should be. Maybe post in how the forum works for the mods to advise but I don't think I missed any tricks. 

      Hope you're well? Don't be a stranger :)

    2. celeste teal

      celeste teal

      Thanks Hungry. I'll ask the mods what they think. I've started using WordPress to compose blog posts and it's so much easier - it saves your draft a few seconds after every input so I never have to worry about losing work. When I'm finished I copy and paste the entire thing into a Shybi post. I may have to do the same thing for forum posts as well (?). I'm well and I hope you are too ☺️

    3. Hungry


      It's a good idea. WordPress is awesome. Shouldn't have to do that, just to post though.. 

  11. Another day kids, make it a good one :)

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    2. BenedettaC


      myladylove - My colleague has gone back to CA and hasn't mentioned the accident at all...which might be due to embarrassment... She doesn't know that I spent Monday afternoon in the hospital, and have a fractured arm...

    3. BenedettaC


      Epping Forest contains a world of culinary mushrooms... Some of the top London chefs go there to pick them... Oops...the secret is out!

    4. Hungry


      I knew that. But I've still never been :P I'll try and remember to go the next time it's nice!

  12. When you have a headache but still listen to trap music. What's a bit of pain eh :P 

    1. bluebell
    2. Hungry


      A genre of music. Put in Youtube you can hear some tracks. It's basically the electronic influences of Hip-Hop and Dubstep but it's not easy to explain :P 

    3. bluebell


      ok, sounds like it is a :P

      someone told me they don't make much sense today so maybe that's the case :P I've been listening to reggaeton and I can't stand their videos, I don't make much sense either :D 

  13. At least my job can happen any time of day, cos it ain't happening this morning that's for certain!

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    2. tbare13


      Aww you can have all the hugs you want

    3. Hungry


      Aw *awards you with Shys biggest sweetheart* Your wife gets to keep the ribbon though, so you can take turns sharing :P 

    4. tbare13
  14. Change takes time. I don't come from a positive family and in general I think others assume I'm not really happy til they get to know me, I think it's the dark sense of humor! When in truth, no matter what's going on I'm always like I'm ok and I feel content, happiness isn't the thing people should be aiming for if you ask me. Just try, we're more resilient than we think. Keep going and I'm always around if you need encouragement or an ear. I just wish it was something you could gift card because even if you say something to make someone think or brighten their day it's always a bit sad when you see they've lost their way again. In some ways, it's why this forum is actually really useful to me, I get to keep a little track of how I'm feeling based on what I write and all the responses make me think about others and their opinions and journeys too!
  15. Words are hot, I'll give you that and I'm making a note of this in case I ever want something from you