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  1. Are you going?? Why? 

    1. Hungry


      Oh you're late to the party - I just can't be bothered anymore and life is changing for me.. if you PM me, I'll happily share contact details. Despite me asking people to use those. I'm still getting PM's lol. 

      Look forward to hearing from you :)

  2. I thought I'd drop by with a word post - @JadeBleu15 I really hope this topic stays! This word came up today to descirbe living in the moment.
  3. Totally and I've had an email exchange with @la-femme and while I won't be on the site I'm happy to help out and one thing she said she definitely needs going forward is help in running the site so I trust they're many who'd be willing to step up. Take care of yourselves
  4. No refund was issued and the case was closed. A member panicked messaged me, said the site was down. I had said to them previously that if the site went down I would split my refund for them and another member who gave when they couldn't really afford to. Given that it was inaccurate I cancelled the claim I just wanted you to know that money wise is the same as it was before this post was made. I've offered to support admin in the future privately and I'm glad everyone seems on board.
  5. shybi

    While I understand your point and agree. I also think you would need to look carefully at choices. Willingness and likablity can't be the only factors in the mix. @BiTriMama has already stated that she doesn't feel comfortable with backroom tech, so it's looking is there anyone here who is, cos you need to look at the future, there needs to be balance in the dynamic - it's why for actual maintenance and tech, it should be a paid thing, less pressure. Is there, any point with doing admins/mods now with the site in it's current state? If it was me, I'd hold fire. It's enough to know that admin is considering it. It's too early to draw up a poll too really. It would be worth @la-femme talking to the current mods and establishing communication there, obviously some must be long gone and have no interest but some might be happy to be active if things are on the up and new people just makes it more complicated. Best later option: open it to a poll based on ability/other positives and any current mods who don't make the cut would hand over to the new mods on a specific date, final decision would obviously be made by admin and I think people who are newer to the site should be considered too. It sounds clique and scattered in the past for certain periods so it's gotta be about best for the site, always first and forever. See the above answer as an example of when someone offers an idea or mentions something how my mind works. I'm glad you feel this is a new era for you and your involvement in the site. However, lots of these things to make the site better aren't optional, they're necessary and not every point is up for debate if you want the best outcome. There does need to be real knowledge to run anything well, somewhere in the mix. I can't feel like I'm pushing all the time. It comes across as disrespectful, I've had people say to me they think I have been to you and while I think you know that's not my agenda, just in case - I'm sorry if it feels that way. It's just for every point, there's a point which is why this thread has so many posts in such a short space of time, with very few hard facts and I'm not sure I want to witness this because it's not a pretty process. I'm not gonna agree with a lot of things both you and the members say or do and I'm not saying I'm always right, I'm not, but I don't want to go around trying to explain why and be irritated/irritate anyone. I love this site, I want it to prosper. I just don't believe I'll hold that affection if I stay.
  6. shybi

    I am not up for this challenge, plus don't think @la-femme would pick me anyway. I can't see whatever happens, happen moment-to-moment here so I'm just posting a blog up on what this space and all of you have allowed for me, but now feels like time for me to jump off the island. My pick if there is a vote @BiTriMama has always been a good contributor and I beIieve the newest mod addition, so that should go in her favor. Personally I've always found her to be kind, fair and honest. If the only reason the current admin hasn't appointed others is because they're bitchy, bratty, and risky, then I'm pretty sure she's a safe bet.
  7. shybi

    I was referencing site payments not your personal life, that would be invasive! Just so it's clear, if funding is needed. In terms of Admin there is the option long-term of paying someone not involved in the site for maintenance this would stop some of the drama and issues. It's something that I would be willing to back anyway. I am agreement with looking into all the other points at a later time.
  8. shybi

    We don't really need more ideas, but if we don't have a unified space for them, we'd miss the best ones, in the true nature of Shybi it's an open discussion We'll see how it goes. Unless something changes, I've said and done all I can, like you said there are other things to think about and also other areas of the forum as well!
  9. shybi

    While I encourage anyone who has ideas to continuing commenting on this thread, it is just becoming a sea of ideas and we need to focus on the here and now of the site so I took the liberity of reaching out to @la-femme in PM. See below: Hi, The topic has brought up many interesting points, but it's just becoming a sea of ideas, which is not going to help the site unless we focus on the here and now. Please let me know if the money gets taken and you hear from the 1&1/service providers. I think the best thing we can do for now in order to keep the site is continue to fund it. It'll be easier to work towards if you're willing to share the true running costs of the site with us publicly - ideally with verification or screenshots for transparency. It'd also be in your interest however exposing it is to admit how far out of pocket you are, i know this isn't a very nice position but we all care about the site, It's very likely that most if not all of the monthly costs could be covered. I am personally happy to support if things are made clear but there needs to be an open line of communication. In the short-term the members should know what they will get in return from you as Admin. I understand we're all busy and something that has come up on the thread and in the past is the need for others to have admin permissions, not necessarily exactly what you have, but it would take the pressure off you and ensure the running of the site. There are a few mods on the thread that have expressed willingness. Once things are out in the open it'll be easier to build the future of Shybi but without this, you're struggling and there's less certainty and incentive for members to support. You don't have to be alone in this. Thanks. It's the only way I can see the site going for now and I really hope she'll get on board with this. If Admin does respond to this and open up some of you might not agree or see the point but we need to be in majority agreement regarding what changes and maintenance we want to see short-term in return for funding. I suggest a contract signed by @la-femme stating that she will see these things through as Admin. I do feel uncomfortable suggesting it as she has supported us for so long, but truth is she's suffering for us. If we give, we deserve to know what you're getting in return. Otherwise, we might as well let her close the site for her own sake, even though I know she doesn't want that to happen, if we didn't support a few days ago it would of been reality in the short-term and it could well happen again. End note: I'm not doing this because I want to be Admin/anything like that. It's just once you create an audience, you're responsible and you can tell this is something I spend my life doing elsewhere and I'm passionate about it, so that's translated here .Some of you messaged me, like you're upset, angry etc. No I get off on solutions, potential, growth, vision Creating and changing online is a powerful thing and all of us have benefited from this site. That said, this is about as far as I'm willing to go as an individual for now, I don't want to log on to go round in circles. Please let me know what you think off this.
  10. When you're meant to get 3 deliveries early in the mood and now it's afternoon and you're still waiting on the third... delivery times used to have meaning!

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    2. Hungry


      Oh I think you should it's what all members here have come to suspect, you in a totally submissive and "good" mood just isn't normal! :P

    3. kairi


      Oh yeah I am totally God's gift to shys women!! :P Normal is overrated.  I am never totally submissive with anyone but just for your information I am willing to be only with one and no one else ;) 

    4. Hungry


      Sounds like variety is key and we all are to that someone sometimes :D

  11. shybi

    Totally agree with you. Also there's no point having admins unless they know how to use their permissions and those don't have to be exactly the same as what @la-femme has. Every site I know of has multiple admins, it really makes things easier on everybody. I know some mods have offered in the past, I hope it happens going forward. It'll be great if she can be around more but she shouldn't have to go it alone. If there's only one admin and the site becomes reliant on funding, this is a dealbreaker for me. Might as well be honest.
  12. shybi

    Long-term it's definitely a good idea. Apps like Tapatalk let you register a forum and list it in their index, but you'd still need a board to begin with so that means web hosting costs would still apply. Boards like this have app capabilities for Android and iPhone in their higher packages, inc. are current provider. There are plenty of easy to use and relatively inexpensive platforms for app development these days, but Java/plug-ins would be extra, along with a desktop equivalent. Generating income through ads would ease the burden, but it's a case of startup $ - bottom line are the core members here willing to fund it?
  13. shybi

    It's great that @la-femme is around. I'm thinking based off the entire topic and past few days we should all try to remain where we are for the time being I think that's the general concensus and it's just a case of looking to the future of what we can do here. @ThroughTheLookingGlass86 Pro boards are not a bad option, but they're highly similar to what the current board offers and with Invision software/ There's the chance of offering/adding moe customization. Pro boards do have a higher premium version, Forums.Net which is a likeness It's just a case of checking the full details to see who offers the best value and features. I am more than happy to continue to support the site and admin in any way I can and while at the start of this thread I thought I might have been wasting my time, as usual we've all come together! The only reservations I have going forward is that we continue in this manner and really care for the site as a community and changes are made going forward with more collabaration and transparency. If not then I don't see the point in contributing too much and I think @la-femme can see things need to change in order for Shybi to survive. The future looks bright and we'll still be able to call this place/similar home, hopefully for a long time to come. A big thanks to everyone who has contributed here
  14. Not really, I was curious how the writers researched the show. Aside from my first choice career - I wanted to be a scriptwriter, seems years ago now! I'm always interested in construction of TV, more than viewing it actually!