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  1. Glad the site is back up. I'll let a few members know.

    My time here has passed but hopefully this reboot is the start of a brighter future.

    Wishing you all the best...

  2. I didn't really like giving in the early days, but I got into it. I didn't like receiving for years. The early women in my life were definitely more bi and had a lot of affection and experience with men so they understood my desires slightly better, I had no problem pleasuring them either. With great delight in fact. My poor experiences came later and stayed stayed through quite a few different attempts, it really threw me to suddenly think how can I not be into it? I still put in the work though. I always say if fingers and tongues is all it's gonna be, I can do 50% of that myself! I never mentioned it. Choosing to study up, just so I knew what I was working with internally and then went by what I was presented with, feel reaction etc. I did feel insecure for awhile but also you're downplaying your own pleasure long term too. Practice all sorts, toys could be a good way to go. But also you communicate the things you know you like and mention that you might need guidance, direction, ask them about their tastes if all they like is the basics, then you've got a lot to learn together, that's a positive, find ways to turn any intimate moments you have into something worthwhile. Generally finding someone who is happy to let you explore everything and be ok with you not ever wanting to receive oral. I can say that in my most successful relationships I WANTED + WILLINGLY did both, but it took years for me to ask for it and guide it to greatness. Trust me, you're figuring out early what it took me a long while to communicate in a same-sex relationship which is not only what I'd like to experience/receive but also what I want to give as a lover. Don't rush, but if you feel the pull, explore it. All the time you avoid licking the bullet in this case, you're just gonna wonder what if?
  3. 'Hope smiles from the threshold of the year to come, whispering, 'It will be happier.'  -  Alfred Lord Tennyson

  4. It's interesting you wrote this post cos when you think about it a bi woman has a lot of options or at least potential pools to try. But I think there is variation and preferred relationship style/choice. I'm bi, but I tend to only engage w/ other bi women or women in open setups, poly or group dynamics. I lean towards men and find it a lot easier with women who are attracted to them also. I did my share of lesbian dating but long-term it was never gonna fit for me. I could see myself pursuing a relationship with the type of women I mentioned because I feel like they always seem to either share or have more understanding of my values and desires.
  5. I think looking to the L Word for any real guidance on actual female relationships is the problem with this question I certainly saw subsets of the community growing up, bars/clubs were a dom/sub dynamic was prevalent but that stems from the type of club and the fact that a lot of the people identified with clear cut identifers in those settings such as femme + andro vs. butch. I think bisexuals and gays who've had a bit of experience at least in the areas I've lived/travelled there isn't a clear dynamic in my relationships or my friends from what I can see. I think geography and age might play a part in why some women may assume that's the kind of relationship they'd have or desire based on stereotypes
  6. Based on my previous experience of which I've done it early, later and not at all. Out in the open is best for sure. I usually mention it whenever the conversation turns to dating, partners etc. No big gesture, just drop it in. You don't have to be "bisexual" I usually say I've had relations with women, but it's still quite obvious I like men. The response is usually small to really positive, but as long as the person knows and if the guy you're seeing is open don't miss an opportunity to express yourself!
  7. None of my business - but you know me enough to know I mean no harm by what I'm about to say. Even if you don't have "sex" with your bf I guarantee that pleasuring him while he watches porn just once or twice will help change how he views porn and sex. If you make some effort with this, he'll most likely see less seperation between the two. It's a tough one and the only think I've known to help individuals/couples where there is an addiction. I think I've probably answered before so I'll just stick to it's not cheating - the only reason in my book someone would think/say this is because they're confusing lust/desire/personal pleasure with emotional connection and take it personally.
  8. Apologies to everyone I said I'd contact, I lost the details. I think I've got most of them in PM, but if you don't hear from me, maybe send them through again :P

    Hope everyone on board is keeping well!

    1. myladylove


      Hello my spiritual friend, hope life is treating you well also.

    2. Hungry


      @myladylove you came back :D I'll be in touch to check in, some of your updates have me worried but I know you're resilient. Always got time for a friend!

    3. Rocker83


      Let me know if you still have mine. Nice to see you again :)

  9. Are you going?? Why? 

    1. Hungry


      Oh you're late to the party - I just can't be bothered anymore and life is changing for me.. if you PM me, I'll happily share contact details. Despite me asking people to use those. I'm still getting PM's lol. 

      Look forward to hearing from you :)

  10. Hungry

    Word of The Day

    I thought I'd drop by with a word post - @JadeBleu15 I really hope this topic stays! This word came up today to descirbe living in the moment.
  11. When you're meant to get 3 deliveries early in the mood and now it's afternoon and you're still waiting on the third... delivery times used to have meaning!

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    2. Hungry


      Oh I think you should it's what all members here have come to suspect, you in a totally submissive and "good" mood just isn't normal! :P

    3. kairi


      Oh yeah I am totally God's gift to shys women!! :P Normal is overrated.  I am never totally submissive with anyone but just for your information I am willing to be only with one and no one else ;) 

    4. Hungry


      Sounds like variety is key and we all are to that someone sometimes :D

  12. Hungry

    You, Me, Her - Netflix

    Not really, I was curious how the writers researched the show. Aside from my first choice career - I wanted to be a scriptwriter, seems years ago now! I'm always interested in construction of TV, more than viewing it actually!
  13. Hungry

    You, Me, Her - Netflix

    I know the writer has written four seasons based on an interview he did in the winter and the Audience twitter is inundated with love and feedback from people loving the show due to it being on Netflix so I would of thought so, shows tend not to bomb if they make into the Netflix realm due to sheer volume of viewers.
  14. Hungry

    You, Me, Her - Netflix

    You gotta remember that when shows are created they usually have scope for a 4 season ark off the bat so there's usually a couple of filler seasons here and there to me that's what season 2 was and it's what season 3 could be too and then we rev up for 4.