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  1. @TxCamilla i hope things become less rocky soon and you can be happy. It gives me hope seeing all these women finding themselves and finding what truly makes them happy x
  2. Hey ladies, I don't know whether I need advice or whether I just want to get some things off of my chest. Long story short I met someone around 3 yrs ago now who I became very close to. We were both married at the time, husbands both completely aware of the situation. It didn't work out in the end but I thought I had moved past it. I've been married for nearly 17 years and have struggled on and off with coming to terms with my sexuality. Only recently, the feelings have become too strong to ignore anymore. I have found myself missing her a lot. The crazy thing is I'm not sure its her I miss but rather the intimacy we had, the kind I have never had with a man. I feel like I am kicking myself for letting go of something even though at the time it wasn't enough for me to leave my husband (which is what she ended up wanting) Maybe I am just envious that she found the courage to move on as I know she has left her husband and had a relationship with a woman since. So, on a scale of 1 to 10, how utterly daft am I being right now?
  3. I think that would be the perfect relationship for many women. I have been in that very situation and it can quickly become very difficult. I had a friend that I was extremely close to, we shared everything about our lives in explicit detail. She was an amazing person. I say was because, despite us both being married, we developed a fierce attraction to one another and it didn't end well. My husband knows I am bisexual and even joked about my friend being my perfect woman and how she and I were more like a married couple than him and I (whilst he has always been very supportive I feel the 'joke' was more out of fear of losing me on his part) We became intimate in a more physical sense and, despite setting boundaries and knowing where we both stood, emotions got involved. I loved her as my best friend who I then became attracted to. Whereas she was IN love with me. She naturally wanted us to have an exclusive relationship and the breakdown of our friendship began there. So, I think its tricky to have a close friend that you can become that intimate with, even without sex, if there is a possibility of an attraction on either of your parts. But that is just my one personal experience, perhaps other people could make it work.
  4. @MidnightBabe thank you and likewise, if you ever need a chat you are always welcome to message me
  5. @Dutchess607 Thankyou! Its a great place to be x
  6. Hampshire over here
  7. That's my fear, hurting anyone whilst making myself happy. It's as though one side of me is saying if I left I would cause so much pain for my husband and the other says it would be beneficial to him because he can then be with someone who will love him how he deserves to be loved. I feel like I am kind of losing myself too. Maybe we all have to lose ourselves a little before we discover who we really are.
  8. Thank you so much for sharing this. Its such a difficult situation to be in, especially when children are involved. I've been married nearly 17 years and I have questioned on a lot whether staying together was the right thing to do. My husband has always been amazing which has the knock on effect of making me feel incredibly bad that I'm struggling to love him as a wife should. I have embraced my bisexuality over the past couple of years and I feel every day that I'm coming closer to the decision to move on. I've always been very principled when it comes to honesty, yet it seems the biggest lie I've ever told was to myself. I hope your courage is rewarded with all that you could have ever hoped for and you find happiness x
  9. Thank you ladies x
  10. Hi Ladies I'm not quite a newbie but I was last here around 3 years ago so it's been a long time. After a rough few years I remembered fondly how much I loved this site and how supportive all you lovelies were when I needed people to talk to. I'm much more secure in my sexuality now, largely thanks to all the advice I received here. I hope you are all well x