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  1. I will be away from here for a while.  I am dealing with a family problem. 

    1. Redbird2017


      I hope everything comes our fine and that things will fall into place.

  2. I don't know if the first one really counts since she is a cartoon, but I have been told I look like Jessica Rabbit. I have also been told I look like Julia Roberts.
  3. I kept my last name after divorcing my first husband. We had a daughter together, and I wanted to do it for her. It is something that haunts me to this day. He is a horrible person, and now when I look at some of the things I have accomplished since divorcing him, I see his last name on them. It sucks that my accomplishments are tainted with that name. If I could go back to the point where I decided to keep his name, I would go back to my maiden name.
  4. I joined because I came across this site when I was looking for ways to find support for being bisexual and married. I am glad I did because I have found amazing advice and support on here. I was raised in an extreme Christian family, so I could never talk with any of them. I have discovered there are other women who have been through situations similar to me. Best wishes to all of you!
  5. I went out for girls night with some of my friends and a man started coming on to me. One of my friends put her arm around me, he walked away. A little later the same guy tried to come on to her, so she turned and kissed me. Again, he left. She was drunk and she is bisexual, but I knew she was only trying to get the guy to leave us alone. That same night one of my other friends asked me to play with her boobs. This friend was not drunk and has never been with a woman. She later told me she had never kissed a woman before and asked me to kiss her. I gave her a quick kiss thinking because she was drinking she was just joking around. A little later she asked me to kiss her again. We ended up making out. She had a more to drink by this time. We all ended up going back to her house, but she passed out as soon as we got there. I wrote it all off as she was drunk. She and I went out just the two of us. We went to a gay bar and she asked me who I would sleep with out of all the women there. I looked around (there were only two women there), so I told her she was the only one. She smiled at this time she had only had one drink. We spent the rest of the night dancing sexually with each other. The thing is she says she is straight. I guess what I am saying with all this is she could as others have said just not wanting that or any other creepy guy hitting on her. There is a chance she might be curious and alcohol allows her to lower her ambitions. Either way, she was drinking, so it is difficult to say which it is. I wish you the best.
  6. It is great that your husband and you can explore together. I think it is wonderful that you can support each other. It sounds like a great relationship.
  7. Good luck with finding the right woman! It is great that you and your husband have great communication. Best wishes!
  8. Welcome back!
  9. I recently had someone respond to my profile on a women only dating site. He had a woman's name and no pictures up. He proceeds to send me a dick pick. I blocked and reported him, but seriously did he think I was going to say "I am looking for women only, but sure your dick makes me want you."? It is so difficult trying to find someone without the idiots making it even more difficult.
  10. My husband and I set this rule because he has told me he has me. He told me he has the woman he wants and needs.
  11. She would be with both of us, but no time could my husband and her be intimate without me. I trust my husband it is just that he and I feel better about it that way. She would never move in with us.
  12. So sorry for your loss. I am sending hugs and positive thoughts your way.
  13. She is allright with the rule. He wants whatever makes me happy. He has said he doesn't need to be involved. He is okay with a triad, but he is indifferent either way. She has never done this before. My marriage is solid. I have no worries about my marriage. He and I have an open honest relationship. We believe that being honest with each other about everything is vital. We have been together for fifteen years. We have been there for each other through some tough times and family issues. (His family and my family are not great people.) I am not worried about him leaving or wanting someone else. I trust him completely and he trust me completely. He has told me she and I can have time alone all we want. He doesn't need to be there all the time. In fact, he wants me to go out with her and get to know her more before he gets involved. She is more into me. She has told me she is bisexual, but likes women more. She sees this type of relationship as the best of both worlds. I think I could be happy with this type of relationship as long as everyone is truthful with each other.
  14. My sister was a stripper for a little while. She said most of the women she worked with were bisexual. My husband has an aunt who worked as a waitress in a strip club. His aunt would always bring the stripper home with her. She had sex with many of the strippers. She said that the strippers where she worked were all bisexual. She also said the strippers loved when women would come in because they would be more into it than the men. The women were also usually better tippers.
  15. I am sorry that happened to you. I agree with some who have mentioned googling the person, although the best way is to do a picture look up. Looking up the picture, can show if there are multiple social media pages for the person you are looking up. I also like to voice verify. The voice verify usually weeds out the men. I wish people wouldn't be fake. It is hard enough to meet people. I wish you the best with next woman!