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  1. I agree with cute&curios don't go cheap on any toys. Most of the toys I have have been ordered from adameve.com (US based) which has a good selection and quick delivery. I'm not sure what kind of rabbit you're considering but adameve has a good selection with comments from users. Don't forget to order a good lubricant and cleaner since both are important companions with what ever vibrator you select.
  2. My first was around the age of 13 and I was staying over night with some girlfriends. One of the girls brought up the subject of whether any of us had rubbed ourselves which as I recall very few of us had. She went on to described what she did and how wonderful it felt. I know that her comments made most of curious about what she described and from the sounds later that night I suspect most of us slipped a hand into our panties and started rubbing ourselves in our sleeping bags. Over time some of us based on that first experience would get together to experiment in other things that we were curious about which led to my first girl to girl experience.
  3. I prefer evening since I think that there's no better way to cap the day then by making love!!!!! Typically there are things I have to do at certain times during the day which doesn't allow for much time in the morning and I like my love sessions to be long which you can't do if you have things to do in the morning. That's not to say I wouldn't make love in the morning if the opportunity RISES it's just I prefer evenings!!!!!
  4. I found out from my friend this morning that her British guests was asking about me and we're scheduled to get together for lunch again. Her British friend I found out is here until the end of August so I'm hoping this will lead to more than getting together for food. I know something I would rather eat then just food!!!!! !!!! I wonder what they might be any guesses!!!!!
  5. eat me, kiss me, see me, touch me, respect me, envy me, trust me, believe me, help me, fondle me you get the point!!!!!
  6. Well add to the panty dropper list accents. Had lunch with a girlfriend yesterday that included her British friend and whenever she talked I could sense a warmness beginning in my panties. This girl was also very sexy in appearance but unfortunately she's very straight and not interested in women according to my friend. I rarely encounter people from other countries so the fact she's from Britain just added to the desire !!!!
  7. I prefer giving since I like how a woman taste and I really enjoy kissing/licking her slit before running my tongue between her inner and outer lips ending with twirling around her clit bringing her climax. I'm usually stroking and fingering my own pussy while I'm licking her and if we're lucky we both climax together not often but occasionally. If with my husband I prefer him giving me oral.
  8. Although I've done a lot with both women and men I really haven't experienced a lot of pussy to pussy sex. Seems most of the girls I've been with are more into oral, strap-on or fingering sexual experiences. The ones I've tried it with don't seem to enjoy it as much because of the additional effort it normally takes in getting into the proper position and the time it takes to reach orgasm. I know most of you think it would be great but if you haven't tried it you may not understand all that's necessary to obtain the greatest pleasure. I would also like a little more female domination experiences. It always seems I take the dominate role when I'm with another female. Most of the girls seem to be unsure what to do or who should take the first move until I take the lead. I know it seems minor but I would like to be the passive partner once and a while by letting the other girl take the lead.
  9. I'm really not into anything that involves bondage or pain. No anal, fisting, peeing on each other, swapping partners or humiliation. I do like intercourse, oral, role play, dirty talk, fingering , sensual massage, toy play and female domination with the right partner. There's probably other favorites which I can't think of at the moment !!!!!
  10. I'm sure he has some physical flaws that he's sensitive about which you should point out to him. Past a certain age your body doesn't require as much nutrients so any excess ends up being stored as fat. Increased exercise or a reduced diets usually corrects the problem.
  11. I haven't actually paid for female sex but have on occasions pickup the tab for dinner or lunch that later resulted in us having sex. It doesn't happen often but it does happen !!!
  12. Well I personally don't use non-sex toys objects but I've seen articles that claim women can use cucumbers, bananas or other such objects as last minute toy substitutes. They all recommend cleaning and removing any rough surfaces and placing a condom over it prior to use. Sort of makes you look at the vegetable and fruit section of your local market in a new light. !!!!
  13. 36 in two months but feel years younger and I hope that feeling last for a long time !!!
  14. If you're saying to masturbate daily for a month and abstain from sex during that time ...I'm not sure I could do that and I know my husband (or for that matter my friends with benefit girls) would like it very much. I'm sure I would not last a week call it weak will power or what ever it isn't something that I wouldn't succeed at.....
  15. You aren't the only one that finds dancing/gym instructors appealing. I'm guilty of falling for a couple of gym instructors at my gym unfortunately I suspect that they are straight after having spent some after class time with them. My desire for them comes from seeing them both in their birthday suits while showering with them. Both are in great shape of course and shaved so you can imagine what it's like for a bi-girl to be so close yet so far away. I'm not sure if they aren't interested because of some restriction on being involved with students or if they truly are straight because I've seen them both give me the once over while in the shower. I think it's probably my imagination but one can always hope that there's a mutual attraction.