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  1. I was in the same situation but my husband understood sometimes we have to have a way to release certain urges. He has no problem with me seeing other women for sex as long as it doesn't become an affair with her. I'm somewhat lucky that I'm friends with other women that feel the same way and aren't interested in a long term affair just occasionally getting together to explore female to female love. My involvement with other women has actually improved my love life with my husband since when I desire being penetrate there's no better source than his penis. It's not unusual for me to have wild sex with him and ride him like crazy after I've been with a woman. There's something about making love to a man and having a penis in you that no dildo can duplicate. I realize that other women may feel different but that's what makes us unique.
  2. I'm a big believer in pussy massage when I'm starting masturbation. Using both hands I'll start massaging the area between my outer lips and inner thigh occasionally rubbing my pussy mound . As the excitement builds I'll use the three middle fingers on one hand to massage the outer lips with the middle finger slipping between them. It reaches a point that I'll insert fingers in my vagina while still rubbing my clitoris shortly after a flood of juices usually follows. I think most of us masturbate this way and I've found that of all the other things I've tried I like this method the best.
  3. It sounds as though the ice has been broken for more satisfying activities. Here's hoping that your relationship will grow into something more sexually enticing. I think part of the problem bi-girls have is finding a partner that is willing to share all the pleasures that two women can share. I think that you're very lucky to have found a potential relationship that could lead to bigger and better things!!! Good Luck !!!!
  4. I'm sure I've mentioned this before on this site but British accents is a real panty dropper for me I just love watching British based shows partially for the accents.
  5. It sounds as though you used one that was too short if you were having problems keeping it in. I would suggest trying one that is longer while the two of you are facing each other or on top in missionary position. I've used an 18 inch one and both of us had no problem with it slipping out . I've found if you grab it mid point while both of you are riding it it helps with the sensation of being penetrated. I'm not aware of any harness that they make for them but a harness would definitely help with keeping it in place.
  6. My suggestion is to show each other the way you like to be stimulated with fingers. I'm sure you and the other person want your experience to be the best and I've found that show and tell is the best way to please each other. Just my 2 cents on the subject !!!!
  7. When I was young I had a circle of girlfriends which I hung out and did things with like I guess most of us did. We used to get together for sleepovers at each others house doing and talking about things that we were curious about. As we matured we started talking about sex and physical feelings we were having. I recall one girl talked about how good it felt when she rubbed herself. Most of us could relate to what she was saying but were embarrassed to bring it up among our little group thinking it was something we shouldn't do. The more she talked about how good it felt I think most of wanted to try it and so later that night when everyone was suppose to be sleeping I could hear sounds from other girls which I'm sure was girls experimenting with masturbation. We had other sleepovers which we started expanding our experiences which included rubbing each other while kissing. Eventually we reached a point that we engaged in oral sex which I think caused me to realize that sex between females could be so fulfilling. I started dating boys and enjoyed my time with them but in the back of my mind I couldn't forget how good it felt being with other girls. You didn't have to worry about getting pregnant and girls knew how to please other girls. I do love intercourse but sex with women is on another level all by itself.
  8. How many of us are planning on dressing up for halloween and going to a costume party? Hubby and I usually try and come up with something different each year since most of the parties we attend give prizes for best individual and couple costumes. Dressing a little sexy and slutty since it's adult only is what I'm thinking for this year. I'm not sure what to recommend for hubby any suggestions?
  9. I find it difficult to have multiple orgasms when I masturbate because of how sensitive my clitoris gets. It reaches a point that I can't continue due to the sensitivity..... If someone is pleasing me it seems I can get multiple orgasm easier since there's no urge to stop.
  10. Well I hate to admit this and I'm sure you've heard the term undressing someone with your thoughts but whenever I meet a new female my mind wonders thinking what she must look like without clothes. Is she trimmed or shaved, does she have perky breast and nipples, is she thinking the same thing as I am, is she a moaner or screamer the list could go on but I think you get the point. I'm lucky in that I have friendships with other women that enjoy getting together to explore various aspects of females sexual fantasies which of course includes licking. I'm sure most if not all of us try to visualize what other females might be like in their birthday suits !!!!
  11. A girl at work turned me on to this website which is at youtube using sexplanations in the search box which I find very interesting and useful. A visit is highly recommended and I'm sure you'll agree that the Doctor really explains various sexual related topics with a flare!!!! Sorry for having to correct my post so often ......
  12. I wouldn't say I have a particular type but I'm am initially attracted to a woman that takes care of herself both in body build and how they dress. I don't think many of us would be very attracted to someone that doesn't take a little pride in their physical appearance. My second attraction would be their personality is she adventurous, fun to be around and considerate towards others. If not then I would limit my association with her regardless of how attractive she might be.
  13. Well I have a great relationship with my husband and am only interested in women for the experience two women can share while making love. I and other women I know feel the same way and when the mood strikes we'll get together to share what two women can share in the sex department. I think the danger that married women with a strong marriage can encounter is they may encounter a too possessive female that wants them all to themselves. This happened to one of my female friends and it really created an unpleasant environment for her and her husband. If you're in a strong marriage and still desire sex with another woman make sure you and she establish before hand what the limits of your relationship will be.
  14. I really haven't seen this discussed on the forum but what is your favorite sexual position when you with a man or woman? When I'm with my husband I prefer to be on the bottom letting him do all the work and me getting all the pleasure !!!! My second favorite is straddling his face with him licking me !!! When I'm with a woman I prefer being on the top between her legs licking away giving her pleasure. My second favorite with a woman is just the reverse with her between my legs.
  15. I agree with cute&curios don't go cheap on any toys. Most of the toys I have have been ordered from adameve.com (US based) which has a good selection and quick delivery. I'm not sure what kind of rabbit you're considering but adameve has a good selection with comments from users. Don't forget to order a good lubricant and cleaner since both are important companions with what ever vibrator you select.