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  1. My husband and I agree that if something feels comfortable you should be free to wear it regardless of whether it's made for women or men. He prefers panties to normal men's underwear since he likes the feel of the material, the fit panties offer him by keeping his equipment from flopping around and of course the various colors/styles offered. He does have briefs and boxers which I wear more than he does mostly for longing around . Both of us don't have any reservation shopping either in the men's or women's for clothes that we'll both enjoy wearing. So if you prefer wearing something made for the other gender I think you should not be too concerned about buying and wearing it.
  2. I really think that if it looks good on you regardless of age then wear it and forget what others think.
  3. I've found that sexy panties and bras really boosts one's overall mood and self image regardless of age. So no one is never to old to enjoy sexy underwear and if someone else enjoys you in them then that's even better!!!
  4. I was 11 when my friends and I were having a sleep over and some time during the night we got talking about rubbing our selves. Soon one girl reached into her panties and began rubbing herself she encourage us to join her so soon there was a room full of girls with their hands in their panties going at it. One by one we reached that magic moment. Most of us admitted afterwards to having rubbed ourselves before but had never gone all the way thinking that we were doing something that was wrong but all of us couldn't believe how good it felt. I don't know about the other girls but from that moment I would regularly spend time loving myself.
  5. I've heard that the most sensual part of anyone's body is their brain. It enables us to imagine almost anything about anyone. Just think of all the thoughts you have when you're with someone which enables you to follow through with things that make both of you feel good. I know this sounds corny but think about it for a while then follow through with those thoughts with that special someone.....
  6. Well on the surface it sounds as though she might have been nervous during your love making session and wasn't able to relax enough to reach orgasm. I've been with some women new to female to female sex which I experienced the same thing as you encountered. My experience ended with us just in our panties feeling each other and kissing with me reaching orgasm but the other woman not reaching orgasm just getting wet. Afterwards I could sense she was embarrassed by the entire experience and slightly concerned she might not be able to reach orgasm with another woman. I found out she had not had much experience with other woman and felt guilty with her bisexual desires. She has over time become more comfortable with her desires with other women and now has no problem reaching orgasms. Whether this applies to your friend I don't know but it's not uncommon that you'll encounter non-orgasmic women the more women you meet. Just be patient, understanding and try to make them comfortable with their desires.
  7. 1. My first car was an old VW bug and have owned VWs ever since. 2. Met my husband as a blind date arranged by a friend. 3. I love watching movies made in the 30s and 40s. 4. Seems every girl at work ask for my opinion on things. 5. I don't get angry easy but when I do watch out!!!
  8. I agree with Golightly63 that a body grooming electric shaver is the way to go. I use one myself and can say for a fact that it gets you as close as a razor but without the irritation that goes with shaving. When you shave the shaving cream dries the skin and then the razor irritates the sign afterwards. Using something like a coconut based cream helps with the bumps/irritation. If you decide to go the electric shaver route get one that's water proof and battery operated. I think you and your kitty will be pleased with the results.
  9. Well watching any sport is boring to me but if you're talking the most boring then golf and tennis ranks up there with the most boring. I do play tennis and enjoy it mostly for the fashion (short skirts and ruffled panties) plus the exercise :derisive: !!!!
  10. Well physically for both men and women a nice tush really gets my attention. Personality wise its a sense of humor both in men and women.
  11. Thanks for stopping by and adding me as a friend. I felt like you that Oh No we've lost Shybi!!! I really love this site with all the eperiences that people discuss. Sort of gives you pleasure to know that you're not alone with your desires for other females!!!

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      I'm just fine...getting ready to have a few friends over this evening!!! I'm sure you missed being able to visit Shybi...I know that a day doesn't go by that I'm compelled to visit to see what's new or interesting. So what's new with you? Anything interesting?

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      BTW I forgot to add "Thanks for liking my panty style comment" !!!

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      Its a pleasure I like your sense of humour

  12. Dropping by to say hi

  13. Glad to hear hubby has resumed his pussy licking duty but too bad regarding your gf. The two of you should have a private talk to make sure that embarrassing moments like you encountered don't happen again. Regarding the threesome you may enjoy daisy chaining with two other women. I know when I do it one or two of us will climax earlier than the third girl leaving her on the edge but not quite there. Here's hoping you're not that third girl!!!!!
  14. I know this may sound corny but I really like to contribute time and money to causes that will benefit the most people or animals. My husband and I are actively involved in raising awareness within the community to situations that can be improved with very little time or money that would benefit senior, economically strained or abused people or animals. I personally am a regular at our local animal shelter during adoption events to try and match homeless animals with new owners.
  15. I agree with Ambrosia that well shaped breast with pronounced nipples are what attracts me. Too large just looks uncomfortable to me besides really anything over a mouthful seems excessive to me. That's not to say that large breasts on the right women doesn't look good it's just my preference is for smaller well formed breasts.