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  1. The article really didn't surprise me that much . My experience has been that women are flexible enough that almost anything can excite them especially certain male and female nudity. The one exception in my opinion would be a woman that is exceptionally religious and leads their life by how their scriptures indicate they should behave. I think most women like a little spice in their life even if it means seeking it from their own gender.
  2. Cherished, Thanks for your reply!!! I went ahead and ordered a Satisfyer and can't wait to try it and share with my friends......
  3. I came across an ad for a clitoris simulator called the Satisfyer (www.satisfyer .com) and was wondering if any Shybi girl has tried one. It appears to fit over the clitoris with what appears to be a suction cup and provides stimulation. I'm really interested in buying one but don't want to waste my money if it doesn't provide much satisfaction. I'm really into clitoral stimulation and this appears to be just the thing for such activity.
  4. I think it depends who is on the other end of the strap-on or penis. I've had it both ways and depending on the person prefer either. My husband knows how to use his penis along with other physical maneuvers that bring we to orgasm after orgasm and other women have also pleased me using a strap-on. If I had to chose I still prefer my husbands penis .
  5. I'm not sure I qualify as young being in my 30s but there are a couple of women in my friends group that I'm very attracted to and they are in their late 40s. I know the feeling is mutual so we get along very well since we all desire the same interaction with each other. I think if you're attracted to a women regardless of age let them know since the feeling most likely will be mutual. I don't see myself being very interested to women 60+ but you just never know until you're face with that circumstance. Appearance, attitude and openness are things that mostly attract we to a woman age is secondary.
  6. I think my attraction to other females stated when I was in my early teens but didn't know why or what caused me to feel the way I did. I hung out with a group of girls and we would have sleep overs at each others house. I remember the first time I saw my friends naked there was a feeling I had that I couldn't explain but it was wondering what it would be like to kiss and touch another girl. I think it's normal for other females to compare themselves with other females but the feeling I had was wanting to caress and kiss girls I was physically attract to on the lips and breasts. I was to nervous to act on my feeling until later in life since I thought it would alienate the girls in my group and always wondered if I was the only one in my group that had these feelings. I've lost contact with my childhood friends but I'm sure most of us that are bi had similar experiences which we didn't understand until later in life.
  7. My opinion is she's interested in you and is testing the waters to see if you might be interested in her. One of the most difficult things a bi woman has is finding another female that they can share experiences in female to female love. Since she's married and has a family that just makes it that more difficult. Depending on how interested you are in her it might be a good opportunity for both of you to satisfy your bi sexual urges. Because she came out to you it seems to imply she's interested in you and wants to let you know the way is clear if you want to become lovers.
  8. It's never a good idea to hide something from your spouse but I can understand her reservation about approaching her husband on her feelings for women. If her husband loves her deeply he may understand her desire to have sex with women. He may also take her desire as an insult that he isn't "MAN" enough to satisfy her sexually. Without knowing further details on her relationship with her husband and what type of man he is it might be best for her to keep things under wrap while being careful so he dosen't suspect or find our about her bi nature.
  9. Well with me foreplay almost always start with clothes on especially if I'm wearing a skirt which leads to sex in the nude. If I'm with my husband at home, at the movies or out for dinner and we get playful he'll start with his hand on my inner thigh slowing making his way to rubbing me through my panties. It has made for some interesting situations where I sometimes can't contain myself and will squirm or make sounds which sometimes draw unwanted attention from strangers !!!! I've had similar experiences with some of the girls in my FWB group but they have almost always been somewhere a lot more private and not so public. Especially if we're in skirts!!!! ......
  10. I guess I would have to answer yes that I primarily enjoy being with a woman for the intimacy that two women can share. I'm married and have a wonderfully sexual relationship with him but there's something about sharing sex with another female that he can't provide. I love kissing another woman's breast, nipples and when I go down on her I love how she reacts when I place my tongue on and between her pussy lips. I've found that each woman has her own smell and taste when it comes to oral sex. So yes I guess if it weren't for the sex I probably wouldn't be as bisexually active.
  11. A good online source for sex toys is Adam and Eve....They have a very good selection of dildos and vibrators with actually user feed back. Regarding recommendations it depends if you're looking for something to stimulate your clitoris, something that you can insert into your vagina or something that does both. Based on what you've indicated a dildo with a clitoris stimulator is probably a safe first choice.
  12. I totally agree with Vampire and Shassa21 since both have given you excellent advice... My experience has been that it seems foreplay is more pleasing with women since we are a reflection of each other and know where the sensitive spots are that excites the female sex. I'm one that enjoys being penetrated so sex with my husband is VERY satisfying but I find that sex with women is also VERY satisfying so it's something that you just have to experience for yourself to answer the question which is better.
  13. Love the video but if I were the one on top I would definitely be moving back and forth more to experience better the girl below and enhance my sensation of receiving her tongue....However I believe I would prefer being the girl giving another girl all the pleasure I could licking her till she cums over and over again !!!! Thanks for sharing this GREAT video!!!!!
  14. I religiously follow Dr Doe on her sexplanations site. She discusses things like sex, relationships and health topics that are truly thought provoking that I'm sure if you watched you'd be a follower of her site. Please do yourself a favor and take a peek of her site. I think you'll be entertained if nothing else.
  15. I was in the same situation but my husband understood sometimes we have to have a way to release certain urges. He has no problem with me seeing other women for sex as long as it doesn't become an affair with her. I'm somewhat lucky that I'm friends with other women that feel the same way and aren't interested in a long term affair just occasionally getting together to explore female to female love. My involvement with other women has actually improved my love life with my husband since when I desire being penetrate there's no better source than his penis. It's not unusual for me to have wild sex with him and ride him like crazy after I've been with a woman. There's something about making love to a man and having a penis in you that no dildo can duplicate. I realize that other women may feel different but that's what makes us unique.