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  1. Hope everyone is weathering Hurricane Harvey! Be safe ladies!

  2. I handle being single but I don't think deep down I'm ok with it! I feel like I'm biologically created to be passionate with someone else... And then I think I'm crazy! I can do what I want when I want to but I still feel like I have many barriers with already having a family too.
  3. I've found myself trying to be fully grounded before starting newer ventures but I only see that as pushing what I want further away. Maybe having/dating someone could either help you feel more settled or help you become more settle. I think the bigger question is what kind of settlement are you looking for and would dating someone really hinder you from getting where you want to be? I think we all need time alone to grow but if it is nagging in your thoughts, maybe you should get out there.
  4. I like people but I don't jump to make friends or meet new people... I've opened up to myself and my husband so I'm almost pretty sure no one else knows! I have a few close friends and we've never really discussed my sexuality... I'm feeling like it's hard without being so open! I've only glanced at dating sites! I don't think that's my territory!
  5. I have had great support from family, strangers, and friends. I just haven't been in a place to fully pour out my feelings so I've been trying to figure out exactly where I am before I console in a support group but I hadn't thought about an online one...
  6. My husband was killed. And I don't think it could have come at such a bad time for us. So much had gone wrong. He was in and out of the home, blatantly cheating, facing jail time... It was horrifying. But he was broken... He was hurting... Ptsd... I had come to a point were I just wanted to forget everything and love on him. We'd talked... He had been home... It felt like a newer better beginning..... And then he was gone. Within a matter of two weeks he was gone. As I sat with him his last hours, I wanted him back but all I could think about was all the time we wasted being mad at one another. But I think it was his time. He was overwhelmed with life. I was happy he didn't have to suffer anymore. But I'm lonely. I lost me friend. Through all of the hurt, I lost my love. On a different note, many things that néeded to happen has happened since he has been gone. I've found a different sense of purpose... Of how bad things happen for a greater good... My heart hurts many days though. I think all I ever wanted was love and be loved... Moving forward is so questionable...
  7. Took a long break from Shy and my God you guys would never believe my life as it has unfolded... But I'm back

  8. So much has changed so quickly in my life within the last few months and it's only made me fantasize more. I'm usually on the quiet side about my sex life for various reasons but... Here it is... I'm pregnant and I feel no one wants to get involved with a married and pregnant chic but I just want to rub and thrust with a woman. I don't have a story line but however we get there, I want to be skin to skin. Rubbing, kissing, touching. I want to suck her breast and tug on her nipples while caressing her down below. Bite and suck her skin as I crawl down her body with my belly and nipples dragging along the way. Lick her lips just the way my husband does only because he does it so well! Make he squirm until she's ready to return the favor.... But here's where things get interesting... I'm longing for my breast to be sucked simotaniously (that's two heads) and my pussy to be ate all at the same time! That 3 heads! What is a girl to do?!
  9. Every so often we all get this one song stuck in our heads and no matter what happens it still plays! One day I had a meeting with my boss and I had Katy Perry-Roar on repeat in my head. I didn't care much about the meeting, my supervisor or what he had to say so it really seemed as though it was blasting through my ears! And the my supervisor says, "You know... You have the eye of a tiger. Ready to roar." The song immediately paused! I'm sure my face said wth! I had to look around because I thought he was reading my mind! Omg!! I was freaked for the rest of the day! Anyways right now I have Rhianna-Farewell stuck in my head. Doesn't exactly fit my mood but it's playing anyways! What about you?!