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  1. Hope everyone is weathering Hurricane Harvey! Be safe ladies!

  2. I handle being single but I don't think deep down I'm ok with it! I feel like I'm biologically created to be passionate with someone else... And then I think I'm crazy! I can do what I want when I want to but I still feel like I have many barriers with already having a family too.
  3. I've found myself trying to be fully grounded before starting newer ventures but I only see that as pushing what I want further away. Maybe having/dating someone could either help you feel more settled or help you become more settle. I think the bigger question is what kind of settlement are you looking for and would dating someone really hinder you from getting where you want to be? I think we all need time alone to grow but if it is nagging in your thoughts, maybe you should get out there.
  4. I like people but I don't jump to make friends or meet new people... I've opened up to myself and my husband so I'm almost pretty sure no one else knows! I have a few close friends and we've never really discussed my sexuality... I'm feeling like it's hard without being so open! I've only glanced at dating sites! I don't think that's my territory!
  5. Took a long break from Shy and my God you guys would never believe my life as it has unfolded... But I'm back

  6. Smoked salmon sushi fillet Loaded baked potato with extra sour cream Boiled spinach with feta and cream cheese Olive Garden salad Ginger ale and koolaid mix Lime sherbet icecream! I'll be so full, I wouldn't mind someone killing me! Die happy!
  7. This reconfirms I need to go shopping! I bought my big pink penis about 7 yrs ago! But it was faithful! Now it's packed up with my things in storage and I miss it so much! I only used it for the vibration but I'd rate it a 10! It was loyal to me!
  8. Let me just be bad for a while... Blow me already! Literally! Or should I ask for a kiss first?! Lol!

    1. MSR


      Be good at being bad. :-) Hope you get both and more.

  9. I'm not a fan... I let him get away with a smack or two while we are in the mood but any more than that I will hit him back! He knows I don't like it.
  10. So much has changed so quickly in my life within the last few months and it's only made me fantasize more. I'm usually on the quiet side about my sex life for various reasons but... Here it is... I'm pregnant and I feel no one wants to get involved with a married and pregnant chic but I just want to rub and thrust with a woman. I don't have a story line but however we get there, I want to be skin to skin. Rubbing, kissing, touching. I want to suck her breast and tug on her nipples while caressing her down below. Bite and suck her skin as I crawl down her body with my belly and nipples dragging along the way. Lick her lips just the way my husband does only because he does it so well! Make he squirm until she's ready to return the favor.... But here's where things get interesting... I'm longing for my breast to be sucked simotaniously (that's two heads) and my pussy to be ate all at the same time! That 3 heads! What is a girl to do?!
  11. I wasn't going to reply to this thread because I think I've replied to it before but I'm pregnant again... Whoopayy... Not only are my hormones haywire but my husband and I aren't on great terms and I can't even have sex! I'm so miserable!
  12. Has to be a package deal for me and it starts with my hair! If my hair isn't how I want it or done, I won't put on make up! And then I won't put on nice clothes, just sweats or jeans! But if my hair is done, many times I still skip the make up!
  13. Men.... Have their own way of seeing things. Though I understand your "equal thoughts" with whether your with a man or a woman, it's still relations; but to a man, some men, woman on woman is a different ball game. I think many men see bi sexual women as just a little kinky, freaky. He wants to be involved not only just to monitor the situation but to have a threesome. He's ok with it as long as you give him a threesome. And from what I can see from most woman hear, we want to have a connection and be comfortable with another woman before we bring somebody else or a penis in the room. As far as you being invited into the situation... You were invited to the party!! I don't think I'd be bold enough to jump in either with it being the first party and with the husband over your shoulder. And then you guys had the "it's acceptable " conversation after the fact. Don't beat yourself up about that. I'm sure there will be more. And if you don't feel comfortable yet, don't invite him! Having him understand that having relations with a woman is something you want to explore alone first, IF that is something you want to do, will be a conversation that you guys will have to have though... It may not be easy...
  14. I'm back! Happy New Year everyone! Hope everyone enjoyed thier holidays! 2016 will definitely be a journey for me... Sweating already!

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    2. Hungry


      Ha omg congrats? :P wasn't sure if you were excited or not lol.

    3. Jus4me


      Nope! Lol! I am not excited!

    4. Hungry


      Oh damn, yeah it's a gonna be a lot of work. It's one of those things you'll figure out as you go. Wasn't in the plan though right?! Who needs a plan though? :)

  15. For the shavers! I have been shaving for a while and I've always gotten hair bump and ingrown hairs. I did waxing to and the same thing happened. I've been sticking to trims lately unless it a "big event"! My problem is I have gotten dark spots and blemishes! I am not a fan! Any suggestions or fixes?