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  1. Hey Curious Jane, waiting for updates on Kim?! Hows the new Job? PM me if you wanna chat :) Oh, and finish the story!! Lol x

    1. Curious Jane

      Curious Jane

      Hi there! Things are going pretty good. I came here to post an update. Well, it's sort of an update - I think it will be more of a whiny post. How are you?

    2. KittiKat


      Did you post it on the same thread? Where can I find it? I am.... you know, I don't know how I am... or who I am... or what the .... is up with me at the moment to be perfectly honest?!Good to see you back xx


  2. Hello fellow Perthian!! :) I get so excited when I see people from WA! It's a bit sad really. Lol what is your story hun? x

  3. I also wish it would go away sometimes and can relate to a bit of internalised homophobia. And I also wish to learn how to celebrate it with likeminded women! Nice to meet you!! I get it! xx

    1. Kyla79


      Nice to meet you too Kitti! It's great to meet someone you understands! Thanks for visiting!!