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    I am a married bisexual mother of 2 in Perth. I struggle to balance my life with my identity and am looking to chat to other Perth women in similar circumstances. I would love to catch up for a meal and a chat, go to the movies, shopping or a salon or whatever, which pretty much covers my interests too I guess!
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Hi. I'm 33. I'm a married bisexual woman in Perth with 2 young children. I always knew I was not straight, I started as a lesbian so I laugh at the idea that bisexual is the step before gay. I guess bisexual is not a new label for me anymore but yet I have never figured out how to make my life represent it accurately. I feel invisible. I also don't know how to honour my marriage and deal with the longing I still have for women in my life in a romantic and sexual capacity. I would love to meet other women from Perth, because I don't know any women who are not straight and it's lonely and I feel misunderstood. I would love to see how other women handle this and just talk and be real with someone who can relate. Dealing with the rejections I have experienced lately is getting me down. Be good to hear some similar stories so please share!! :) Kat xx