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  1. I've had undertones of red in my hair since I dyed it all red about 2 years ago. Finally got my hair chopped and back to my natural colour on Thursday, loving it. Living that chocolate brown dream.
  2. A cover of Creep (originally by Radiohead) but this version is by Kina Grannis
  3. Hey! Nice to meet you, and another UK Shy too! Hope you find what you need from this safe place
  4. So some of you may of read my thread where I was asking advice about online dating? SO I've started speaking to a girl who lives nearby, I met her on OK Cupid, one of the sites I think BiTriMama recommended?? Potentially.... Anyways, she wants to meet up next week to hangout, a lot sooner than I had prepared myself for. I haven't opened the message yet because I'm worried if I ignore that bit of the message or say no, she'll think I'm just a time waster. She seems really cool and really similar to me, we share a lot of common interests, she is very attractive and very much my type (alternative, tattoos, piercings, coloured hair, little bit older), she's 27 and lives about half an hour from me. I'm just 1) Not 100% sure I'm ready to meet someone yet and 2) I am so very nervous, I haven't met anyone from online ever before, what if she doesn't like me? What if she see's me and leaves? Ugh this is so stressful. Also, we do have a mutual friend that we both hang out with, so was thinking of suggesting a group hang at first. But again, I'm not sure if this will give off the wrong vibe? Like she'll think I've just friendzoned her. God, why is dating so stressful! Really don't know what to suggest as a date either, she seems to like a drink and so do I, but our mutual friend doesn't drink at all and has never been drunk before, so if it was a group scenario it would have to be something different. Is a double date too tacky for a first date? What if I can't find someone to go with my friend and it just ends up being a third wheel situation? I AM CALLING UPON SHYS FOR ALL KINDS OF DATING ADVICE RIGHT NOWWWW PS what do you wear on a first date from someone you've met online ahhhhh
  5. I vaguely remember the chat room but think it had died down when I last joined approx 2012/2013. I only remember a couple of old usernames like Smudge and Crazycat from back in the day.... Neither seem active now or have changed names maybe.
  6. I'm a returning member, a formely closeted confused 18 year old girl who seeked advice and now an out and proud bisexual woman tunring 23 in August (Yes, I'm a Leo) Living in Leeds in West Yorkshire Working part time selling home insurance and studying full time in my second year of a degree in Broadcasting (Mainly graphic/web design but also radio and TV production) I live with a housemate, just come out of a relationship, I have 1 cat and no kids, yet. Nice to meet you all, I'm Rose x
  7. Have you ever played Talisman?
  8. I'm in the exact same place to be honest. I made a mistake in ending a relationship and then when she got a boyfriend a month later it killed me. I tried to move on and actually had a relationship for 6 months. Me and my ex stopped dating in May last year. I got a new girlfriend in July and we broke up in November because I realised it wasn't going to work for the same reasons you have noted above. It wasn't fair to string this other girl along and now all of the damage is done. Since learning from hurting someone else, I've decided to stay single until I can accept that my ex has moved on with a man. We lived together for 4 years prior to breaking up, and after 6 months of dating her new boyfriend they have just moved in together which hurt a lot and that's what made me realise I wasn't over it. The best advice I can give you is: Don't try and project your feelings on to someone else and use them as a rebound for how you're feeling - you will just hurt other people. Try and find more reasons to love yourself before you try and move on to loving somebody else. In the words of mama RuPaul "If you can't love yourself, how the hell ya gonna love someone else" Don't feel like you NEED to have sex again anytime soon, for some people it is an intimate thing and for others it means nothing. If you fall in to the first category then just don't mess around with it. Whether you hurt her or not - she slept with someone else soon after your breakup, and a guy. Do you think if you did make up you would be able to trust her like you did before? Or would you have to take month after gruelling month of building that trust back up? Is that something you really want to put yourself too? Because it has been 4 years, she might not even be the same person you knew and loved, even if you did get back in contact you don't actually know if you would still love her, or if your memory is just lusting after the person you knew before and shared good times with. Is she still living far away from you? If the distant wouldn't work then, I think you should ask yourself. "How would it now magically work after 4 years?" My last 2 points probably sound really harsh but they are the things you need to be asking yourself. You can't change what has happened, so dwelling on it to the point of depression is unhealthy. If there is any lessons you can take from this situation please try and hold on to them as a positive thing out of the situation. My relationship with my ex was by no means perfect which is why it inevitably came to an end, please try and remember what made the relationship breakdown because when you are missing someone you only remember the good points. Try not to dwell on whether or not you'll love someone again. It will happen, but time is the best healer and sometimes it can take years to recover from such an intense emotional shit storm. You can't hate yourself for not moving, there is many reasons you didn't move, it's not always about being brave. You've said yourself you had a new job etc. it's a big commitment for someone to make, and not your fault you weren't ready to do so. It's okay to miss someone, but it's also okay for them to move on with their life too. I miss my ex everyday, when I was in hospital a few months ago she was the ONLY person I wanted there. But, she is in a new relationship and I have to respect that. I still think about her everyday though that doesn't change. I personally live in hope that one day I will move on from all of this. One day I will see a picture of her and her new boyfriend together on social media and it won't bother me, I will be happy for her. But I know it will be a long process and I'm probably just at the start of it. It sounds like we're both in this together and if you ever want to talk please don't hesitate to ping me a message.
  9. I think I'm starting to come out of the other end of the rut I was in when I originally posted this topic, I think being off uni because I was ill and working less and then seeing my friends less and family moving away and just bunches of bad news at once just made me have a bit of a breakdown, feeling isolated. I really appreciate both of your kind words it really means the world.
  10. Omg I love a happy ending, that is so cute!!! I wasn't sure if you guys had met on shy's or not but had been following some of your updates about seeing each other I suppose you're right in the sense that there is no rush and it can take you by surprise! Maybe when you move we can organise a shy meet in the UK! I'd definitely come to that
  11. Yeah that's a really good idea! Will check out the forums, good to get some advice off you of which apps are good! Thank you
  12. I’m so sorry to hear you were ill with cancer and hope you are on the way to recovery now! You’re so right. I was very down when I wrote this post, felt abandoned in some ways, but I am feeling a bit better today. I suppose it’s just taking it day by day. But it is a much more positive way to look at it that it is essentially a “social clearout” and whoever doesn’t decide to stick around, well you’re right, it’s probably for the best. Thank you for your wise words it is appreciated
  13. Probably as depressing a topic as the name would suggest. I just feel like every girlfriend/boyfriend/partner leaves either because they “can’t be in a relationship right now” or cheats or leaves for somone else When I was recently very ill in hospital the person I was seeing used this as an opportunity to change their number and just block me out of their life But not even just lovers. Recently I’ve found my housemate just completely drifting away from me and not being as bothered about our friendship since getting in a relationship Friends or family making less effort or moving away (which I know is something I’d never ask family or close friends not to do because I’m not selfish) but just hurts when it feels like everyone is walking out of my life at the same time Even my internet friends seem to be ghosting me at the moment... blocking/ignoring me with no explanation I’m starting to think it’s just me but in realiry I know I’ve not actually done anything wrong... Guess I’m just super low at the moment and feeling lonely
  14. I honestly wouldn't see the issue with it, if you care about a woman and respect her, I don't think they should bother anyone. I've been with people who have had little quirks about their body and it hasn't bothered me at all, in fact the fact they were so self conscious about it meant that I'd try and make them feel relaxed as possible. You learn to love these things about a person because it what makes each of us unique, I really wouldn't worry about it!