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  1. I agree...the last guy i liked turned creepy and after 3 years i realized it wasn't going anywhere and i had started talking to someone but she wanted to go a lot faster than i was ready for and i cut it off.. its to the point where my family doesn't ask or say anything and i keep that to myself about who im attracted to and i have noticed i comment more on what girls are wearing than guys, and when i was asked that i didn't even know what to say..i just know it was a little awkward because it had been awhile since i was even asked. Im home most of the time and i don't drive so im pretty much limited to internet and when my old bestie was around it was assumed we were a couple at first because He was gay..
  2. That sounds awesome!!! The only time i have seen him perform is on a dvd of a concert from 2003. i have watched so many times its skipping horribly now lol What is your favorite barry song?
  3. After what seems like forever, im back and feeling the need to connect with people and need to change a few things for me. I have also posted 2 new blogs tonight...


  4. So tonight our neighbor came over and we were talking about religion and she was asking me if i went to the church to look for cute guys and it totally threw me off guard because it was unexpected and also because right now I'm not looking for anyone and just there and honestly if i was looking for someone, i don't know if it would of been a guy or a girl and after our conversation i realized i need the connection that i had before where i could talk to people about this stuff going through my head.
  5. Well it has been forever since i have been on here and im back because I've been realizing lately that i need to connect with people...i had a dream the other night and in my dream my old friend came to me and it felt so vivid and real and i knew it meant something. What it meant to me was that i need to be myself and do my own thing which means wearing makeup and again wearing my pride necklace and just starting out with little things...when we were friends, i was a little more out there and especially with him and did my own thing. I was for awhile and then i started getting caught up in what other people thought and im slowly working on it and im realizing that i need to work on being myself more...i keep a lot to myself and most of it has to do with my sexuality. It is constantly on my mind and i do mean constantly...that's probably because we were really close and we talked about everything and then he was the first person i came out to and im not out to anyone now...it has been in my mind constantly and i just don't talk about it now...anyone in the past i have talked to i don't now and right now i just don't feel like constantly telling people...
  6. Hi all, I just had an interview today and i think it went really well!! It was the best one i had yet and now im feeling antsy because i want to know if i got it... Myquestion is, what do you do after an interview so that you're not sitting by the phone waiting to hear something? And that your not stressing about the outcome!
  7. 1.lazy people 2.people who don't talk to you until and unless they want something and don't act like you exist.. 3.cliquey people who start off talking to you in english and then talk to there friends etc in spanish...
  8. :( sorry to hear that...its no fun being blown off especially after it looked like something was there...it could be that she did like you or she was playing you after she realized how you felt. Either way its a sucky place to be. Try to be patient with yourself and take time for you. Keep your distance and try to put her out of your mind- hard I know...do what you need to for you...cry, get mad, write down your feelings and rip them up...
  9. They are out there:)...there have been many times i have thought i found the one...or what appeared that way...
  10. Nothing wrong with being picky...sometimes its good when things take awhile:)
  11. Welcome to the site!!
  12. Yes!! All the time:)
  13. After some time I am starting to be comfortable in my own skin and im starting to see it as a good thing:) I'm not really worrying about what other people think, but focusing on what i think and what i like. Im also at the point where right now I don't need to tell people because it isn't about what other people think.. This is still new to me, and at times I'm like is this really happening? I think what has really helped is letting myself explore things that i am into or think about girls that i think are pretty etc and not feeling guilty about it...
  14. Your experience sounds similar to a connection i made with someone on here.. It was going too fast for me and after talking about it, we took a break and after some drama, i cut off contact..
  15. I do this too:) I haven't for awhile and want to get back in the habit of doing my makeup everyday again as i notice i feel differently without it