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  1. I hadn't thought of doing that!! I don't know if i would be brave enough to do that right now, but it was awesome that you did and just remember, all the little steps add up!!
  2. It does sound as though there is something there and you are picking up on it...
  3. So I started the process of reconnecting with my very first girl crush again... I was blogging on here last night and decided to and so i added her back on facebook and soon after she accepted my friend request and messaged me on fb messenger... It does feel as though we are meeting for the first time as its a few years since i let her go basically because i knew i couldn't have her, but she doesn't know that lol...immediately after i saw i had a message from her, i started feeling giddy and was shocked that she messaged me first... In the back of my mind, i know im not expecting anything to happen, but for a second the thought did cross my mind..it seems like a huge step that i added her back and don't know what's going to come out of it...she does know i was a lesbian many years ago, but didn't know i had feelings for her, or may be she did lol...i don't know.. I honestly don't know what's going to happen or if im going to say anything...i do wonder if i should say anything or explain why i stopped talking to her...its not like she added me first...plus, i don't know how it would go over if i did tell her how i felt...maybe i need to wait and see if she replies to the message i sent her... I also think there are still feelings for her as i spent time thunking about her like i used to do before i went to sleep...and speaking of, i just got a reply to my message!!
  4. I can understand that...im an athiest too although im.more spiritual and in the beginning when my boss realized we liked each other, she even brought it up as a problem...i think the problem you're having with her is the same i had with him...i knew there were differences when he would pray before he ate and i didn't...it was something i would of brought up if we would of hung out together or anything...
  5. He is extremely religious...and I'm not...it threw me for a loop when he stuck that in there...and then shortly after, when we were finished with that story, he didn't want to start another one...
  6. You are so right...it is like meeting a new person! We seem so different and i was shocked when she messaged me first...i added her and she wrote first, i didn't...i also thought about her before i fell asleep and i haven't done that in ages!!
  7. Any advice for reconnecting with her??
  8. Well she accepted my friend request and she messaged me on messenger!! If i didn't have to get up early in the morning, i would prob stay up and start really messaging her and now I'm starting to get a little giddy...
  9. Just did:) nothing yet, but i should probably wait longer than a few minutes lol
  10. I was the female in the story and he was the male
  11. I did...when he was switching jobs, i made him a card and inside the card i told him how i felt...he probably also knew because the day he left, i was an emotional mess and it was because he was leaving..plus after that, we wrote a story together and i added a part where we got married in the story and based on his reply since that was our way of communication, he was focused on the 2 characters waiting for god to find them a mate and i was all for them being together and i knew after that reply, that it wasnt just a story to him, but we were talking about the both of us...
  12. Very true...and after 3 years, he knew how i felt and never said a word...i mean there were signs he cared about me, but it wasn't at the same level as me...
  13. it really does make it difficult...it has been forever since i have talked to her and i do find myself going on her facebook and seeing what she's up to these days...i keep thinking how i just stopped talking to her and i was thinking of sending a friend request and seeing if she accepts it..
  14. Sounds good to me:)
  15. Who else checked out the girls they were friends with? Who else wanted them all to themselves when you were hanging out and missed them when they weren't there? At the time, i didn't realize this, but over time of thinking about this stuff, its becoming clear. One of them, Ashley, I started thinking i was crushing on her one day she wasn't there and i was missing her horribly...another one, kelso, was the one who i had serious feelings for, i realized that i would of loved a chance to explore having her as a girlfriend and i hated when we were with her friends mostly because i had to share her and i think on some level, i didn't want them to pick up on my feelings for her and to this day i wonder if she knew and i also have thought about telling her but we haven't talked in a few years and frankly im not sure its worth the effort..not to mention that she comes from an extremely religious family and while she was accepting of me, I know from a conversation we had years ago, that if her parents would freak about her dating a girl, they would probably have a cow if we were dating...i had thought of seeing what would happen if i did start talking to her again and brought this up since i stopped talking to her when i realized i had strong feelings for her and she has a chronic illness and i wouldn't want to do anything to make things worse or cause any crap...