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  1. You've been intimate with a woman while being married? If so, how have those experiences enhanced your marriage/ brought you and your husband closer? Also, I will probably be posting my story/situation sometime in the coming days. Until then, long story short, my bf knows I'm into women and no longer wants me to explore that.
  2. That's not weird at all. I sometimes have a finger rubbing there, but don't really put it in.
  3. hey there :) 

    Happy 2018!

  4. I know that protecting every member's personal information and identity is a high priority here. La-Femme and moderators have been working extremely hard to make this accessible. So thank you!! I also know it's a work in progress. I've noticed that when I got to the website, before logging in, I can see member's posts and shoutbox entries. I couldn't find a way to change my privacy settings to make sure my posts aren't available to the general public. Has anyone else noticed this? is concerned about it? I'm sure the moderators will address this and other people's questions/concerns.
  5. Welcome. Hope you can find what you're looking for.
  6. Thanks for adding me!

  7. I love him. He is my everything. Yet I *need* a woman.

    1. myladylove


      Exactly where I was.

    2. ana


      How did/ do you deal with it?


    3. myladylove


      Went out and got a woman, wasn't easy though, meeting one or making it work.

  8. Hi ana..did you get anyone to speak to....give me a shout when ever if you like..

  9. I started birth control two months ago. I see how it's effective: I can't get pregnant if I can't have sex. I don't have sex because I have my period ALL THE FRICKING TIME! Apparently it's normal, my body is just adjusting to the hormones and what not. But over a 60 day period, I've been bleeding for 30 days. (not all consecutive) The flow is light/moderate to just spotting. If I didn't change my tampon several times a day for sanitary and safety reasons, I'd go through just one tampon a day. But I don't have even have sex when just spotting. I'd like to, but I think it would be gross. Not to mention religious restrictions regarding impurity during menstruation. (Yes, an ironic concern considering I am currently having premarital sex) So I'm curious as to whether some of you here have ever had sex on your period. What was it like? If it was with a man, how was he not grossed out by it? Thanks!