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  1. I'm just a happy cactus with a balloon.

  2. Hey! Sorry I fell off the world for a while there. How are you???

    1. Veruca Salk

      Veruca Salk

      Hey stranger!

      So nice to hear from you; I thought you had become one of those ethereal Shys...I am mostly good.  Did you win NaNoWriMo?  I forgot all about it until mid-December!

  3. Does Snapchat count?
  4. A whole lotta YES to all the other comments already on this thread. We don't ever really get to know what goes on in the closed-system of another relationship, no matter how much somebody else talks about it. You could talk to her for another hundred hours on what went wrong, or how she felt, and never really be clear on the answer. It's amazing how those truths can change over time, anyways, and how feelings can be mysterious even to the ones feeling them. The only thing I have to add is that I find these ruminations dissipate when you have other stuff to do. Every now and then I feel like a boring thirtysomething; if you were to chat me up I'd talk about my family, my job, the books I'm reading...pretty basic (boring) bits that keep me busy. But these bits are also the trappings of my real, present life, which has the added utility of crowding out endless analysis of what's in the past. Make sure you're starting to insert more of those bits into your life now and there will be less room for what happened then.
  5. I'm not so good at chess, but I love a good checkermate.

  6. In trying to be less obnoxious with how I spend money I recently rediscovered the joys of my local library. Plucking books off the fiction shelves at random I am delighted to have struck gold over and over, particularly with finding Tessa Hadley novels. The first one I read of hers, Clever Girl, was a great walk through a complicated life. It didn't resonate with me so much personally, but it felt like the life story of someone I would listen to with rapt attention. Her writing style is comfortable but precise, I feel neither talked down to or bored with its simplicity, and its combined powers of description and dialog is pretty much everything I want in recreational reading. And joy of joys, she's written a lot! The next novel I fell upon, after a brief detour through Carole King and Colm Toibin, also marvelous, was The Past. About midway through it now I thought it a nice topic/suggestion for this forum. It catalogs a family's return to the summer cottage. The parents are gone, the children are grown, and some have children of their own (not to mention a new wife). What strikes me particularly are the different generations, motivations, and personalities of the characters. There are six women in the cottage this holiday, from the parentified elder sisters down to an elementary-aged daughter, and each are written fully and sensitively; both hilariously sharp and tenderly endearing. Given that Shybi is composed of women all over the place in terms of age, background, dreams, and disgusts (although hopefully no eight-year olds) I thought it worth recommending. It would probably be arrogant to say there is something in it for everyone, but I would like to hear if you agree or disagree. Happy reading!
  7. Friendly and comfortable. Even if I were single blunt aggression would raise the drawbridge on my interests. Too forceful, too shy, too seemingly uncomfortable with themselves or interactions are all signs that someone's way too internally preoccupied for me to slip into the dance already in progress.
  8. Longest screen break in maybe years...and only a little angry at who I didn't hear from ;)

  9. Its a lot like defining what's normal. An average, and subject to change. From your initial post I'm more interested in your motivations for joining the group (or course?) Is it like a voyage of self discovery, an analysis of literature, both, neither? I have a hard time trying (or maybe wanting) to define any of it in the particular; it seems people are just looking for an argument or a consensus that I can rarely meet.
  10. Boss' daughter for me. We were drinking after work one night and she dramatically announced that her mother would flip out if ever she found the magazine that was in her backpack. It was a non-threatening lifestyle magazine, can't remember which one, think along the lines of Cosmo or Elle or something. I was befuddled, and asked why. She was taken aback, as though it weren't obvious, and pointed out that Hayden Pannetierre (sp) was on the cover. Still not getting it, I quirked an eyebrow and she got flustered. I ventured, "so, you like girls then?" And she turned bright red and didn't answer. I shrugged and said, "it's okay if you are, I'm bi, myself," and went back to my beer. Later on she would reference that night and say she had wanted to jump me then and there. I wouldn't call it a summer fling, but she was definitely one of those people that was in my life for a reason or a season, not for a lifetime. My takeaway lesson from the in-person experience is that it's more possible than you think, but being secure and comfortable in yourself and what you are looking for is pretty important so you can open the doors when you see them ajar. Probably goes for dating men, too!
  11. Great to have stumbled across this topic since I just got the news I will be having a boy next year; husband and I had already settled (mostly) on the decision not to circumcise if it were to be a boy. I'm still going to have a chat with my doctor closer to the due date, but "most Americans seem to do it," isn't a very good reason to me if there aren't clear medical reasons for surgery on one of the most sensitive parts of the body. I imagine later on there will be talks (or angry teenage outbursts) about looking different than other boys, but hopefully he'll be able to appreciate our point of view eventually. Also, it's the first time I've referred to Future Baby as a "he". Woah!
  12. What I wouldn't give for a languid walk on a raised bridge through a mangrove forest, open bottle of wine in my hand.

  13. I like to think so, but I'm married to the sign I swore I'd never date, so what the hell do I know?
  14. It's in danger of falling in love with me! And you should see how jealous it gets when I toggle over to Hulu.
  15. I find that physical space is a big plus when trying to have commitment and freedom at the same time. For as long as I've been cohabitating I have tried to have a second bedroom so that there was "somewhere to run to." The times when this wasn't financially possible (ie living in California) I was either working 80 hours a week and had 24/7 access to the office building, or there was some other way where I could have my precious solitude, which is what I pretty much equate to freedom. For non-live-in arrangements I have crafted a communication policy over the years, which basically amounts to an understanding that I should not have to feel obligated to respond immediately to non-emergent/time-sensitive matters. And neither should they!