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  1. @pinklotus - I work in a male dominated industry, and that was the first thing I thought but I shrugged it off like I was imaging things. I spoke with her recently but it was over the phone and I did not want to make an inquiry because (1) I will not be able to determine if her response is a lie or not and (2) i I do not know who is around her while we are on the phone. I won't see her again until the next party or if she comes by office for a meeting. @-Jo- - That question came out of left field. I would have never pegged her to be the one to ask me such a question. I am not entirely sure if she would ask others such a question as she comes across as a straight shooter that doesn't ask may questions nor tries to know people's business without them offering up the information. I do not peg her as a person who enjoys matchmaking. @caliwoman - That is possibility but I am surprised that no one else has asked or hinted about my preferences. The majority of the folks I work with assume I am straight, and always say wait until you get married and your husband does x. I want to ask her but since we do not work in the same office, and I do not want to ask her over the phone because (1) I will not be able to determine if her response is a lie or not and (2) i I do not know who is around her while we are on the phone. I might need to suck it up and ask her over the phone.
  2. Yes!! Oh yes!! That drives me nuts.
  3. While at our annual holiday party, I was asked my a co-worker if I was guy or girl friendly. I replied both, and was unable to ask her why she asked me that question because we were approaching two co-workers and I didn’t want them hearing our conversation. I have been with the company for a little over two years and haven’t brought a date to the holiday party nor made mention that I was with/seeing someone. The co-worker who asked me the question has a bf, and I treat her the same way I treat my co-workers. I am nice, friendly, helpful and throw an occasion f bomb during our conversations. Should I let it go and chalk it up to her being curious or should I pay more attention to our interactions because I am missing something?
  4. I am normally one that does not partake in self-care routines, but today I decided to give it a try. I had my very first facial every, and I really liked it. The individual who did my facial told me I had great skin even though my skin care routine is non-existent. Given that I enjoyed it, I am thinking of doing it again but may be in 2-3 months as that what she recommended. Additionally, I am now interested in getting a massage. I have horrible neck and back pains after sitting in the office all day and being on the phone. Hmmm... I wonder if I should get my nails done? Maybe I should but I am not one for nails. It will have to be short and look great.
  5. No. They typically assume I am straight just like the majority of straight individuals. I have to disclose that I am bisexual or I make a reference that indicates I am bisexual.
  6. There was a time I thought about it but I realized that I would never do it because I want to form a connection with whomever I sleep with. But trust me, there are times I think I am idiot and I should just do it.
  7. I can't seem to get my head on straight with this. There is this guy I like but he has a girlfriend. I get it. He is off limits and so I treat him just like I would treat any other guy I work with. The thing is certain behaviors make me wonder if he is testing the waters or something. Whenever he passes my area, he always looks to see what I am doing. It isn't a quick glance. It is an obvious I am going to turn my head and see that you are sitting in your chair and see what you are doing type of action. He also sometimes makes a loud sigh or breathes loudly when he passes me. It is almost like he does it for me to know he is passing by. He now has started to lean on the back of my chair when I am sitting in it. He has on more than one occasion put to much body weigh on the back of my chair that it is obvious if he puts anymore on it. I will fall backwards. He does not say anything when he does it, and I do not say anything about it. I plan to say something next time but I don't get why he hasn't gotten it through his head that leaning on the back of the chair will make me fall out. He does not do that to anyone else's chair nor does he do the sighing and breathing loudly business around anyone else. About a few days I go, I had gone to him to discuss something work related. He stated that I shouldn't be the middle man and that I can tell the person who sent me to call him personally. I was obviously elated about it because he finally caught on to the fact I hate being used as the middle man and that I know him and I have a system that works for the both of us. When he saw that I was elated about what he said. He chuckled. The person who had sent me to him was my boss, and he is my boss' boss. Later on that week, I was in the kitchen stocking up the fridge and making sure we have enough coffee pods on the little carousel. While I was grabbing the waters, juices, and teas. I saw out the corner of my eye someone in his office leaning in my direction to see who was in the kitchen. I did not think anything of it until he walked in and we nearly ran into each other. It was my fault. Normally, when we are walking passed each other, we both step to right to avoid the other person. Well this time, I went left and he went right. He chuckled and said that he stepped right and I was supposed to step right as well, and after I chuckled and said yes he was right. He chuckled again and called me silly. This week, the receptionist decided to put a Happy Birthday balloon at my desk to let everyone know it was my birthday. He made not one but two passes by my desk to read the balloon. Normally, we would have cupcakes, cake or ice cream at work to celebrate a person's birthday and we normally do it between 1 and 2. Since it wasn't actual my birthday. I decided to have lunch with her and another coworker instead of partaking in the usual activities. My birthday was the following day but I had planned to go up north on vacation for my birthday and the remainder of the week. That is why she put the balloon up that day. Because I was planning to be out. I decided to make sure I got everything that needed to be done done for him. I went to his office to inquire about an item to which he looked rather dumbfounded about. I had to remind him that I had given it to him. During that time, his phone rang and he told him to give him a minute. He will come look for me after he got off the phone. Fast forward to a few minutes later. He shows up at my desk asking me about what I was inquiring about. I told him what it was and he again acted dumbfounded. While I was pulling up the item, on my computer. He was hovering over me. He was less than two inches away from my head. When I pulled up the document, he retreated back a bit and started to lean on the back of my chair. When he did this, my chair jolted backwards and he let go immediately. He then backed up and asked me questions from about a foot or two away. I answered his questions without looking back or up at him. I could see him out the corner of my eye. After I gave him the answers he needed, he came back and did it again. When my chair again jolted back. He let go and went back to where he was. This time he smacked his arm really loud on the door frame. After he smacked his arm, he said he sent me what I needed and he has and left. I printed everything I needed and went to his office and gave him all the documents so he was all set during my days out of the office. Why do I need help getting my head straight? He gets mad if the other guys make me laugh or if I am joking around with them. The other guys are more open and interact with me on a daily basis compared to him. He isn't open and we do not interact as much as I do with the other guys. I know he gets mad about how I interact with the other guys based on his facial expression and the way he keeps looking at me every few minutes like clock work. If someone is in his line of sight of me. He will step forward to see where I am and to whom I am talking to. If there is no one in his line of sight. He will just look up and at my direction. He now tends to forget when I tell him things so that I need to ask him to do something on more than one occasion. He has started to not look at me more often when I talk to him, and he has taken up to scratching his left forearm more frequently when I talk to him. This is in addition to him looking at his computer screen or cell phone more often when I talk to him. I have spoken to my friends about it and most of them say he is odd/creepy or he will do anything (good or bad) to get my attention. I do not work directly under him. I am just tasked with working on a specific assignment with him.
  8. I really like that idea, and I think it would be fun.
  9. Lets see... When I first started with online dating, I had males that were needy and pushy. After that and spending sometime selectively responding to messages. I deleted the APP. I then joined another one, and well I went on a date and midway through the date. He said he had to go to the bathroom and never came back. Yes, I was left at a bar all alone looking like an idiot. So, I am close to deleting this APP as well as going back to the whole online dating isn't for me. I might note, that I have tried flirting in real life and I epically suck at it with males and much more with females.
  10. I understand what you are talking about Mizzattitude though I must say I have been fortunate in that I haven't had dick pics sent to me. I just had very pushing and needy men messaging me. I finally deleted my profile, and I did consider using sites that require you to pay but I opted out of it because I think the pickings won't be much different. Like many, I have heard of individuals meeting their partners on dating sites such as POF but I am convinced that they are the lucky ones.
  11. Normally, this wouldn't bother me but it does. And the reason why it does has to be with the fact I was being watched/stared at. Today, one of our VPs jammed a copy machine, and after he was unsuccessful in unjamming it. He left to reprint the documents on another copy machine. Well, while he was gone. I went to the machine and proceeded to unjam it which entailed my following the directions on the screen. Well, when he came back to retrieve the documents he sent to the other copy machine. He just stood at that machine watching me unjam the copy machine. After I unjammed it, I waited a minute to see if the machine will jam again then proceed to walk away, and as I walked away. The machine jammed again (I need to wait longer than a minute next time); so, I went back to it to see where else the paper jammed and proceeded to fix it. He continued to watch/stare at me while I fixed it. The only reason why he stopped watching/staring and walked away was because one of our IT guys walked in to tease me about breaking the copy machine and offer to help me since he heard me unjamming it. Unjamming a copy machine isn't an issue for me. I am more than happy to unjam the bloody machine if I know how. The issue is that I was being watched/stared at while doing it. Typically, if a machine jams at work someone (1) asks someone to help them unjam it, (2) unjams it themselves or (3) walks away and leaves it to be someone else's problem. There is no staring/watching involved. If a person asks for help to unjam the machine it is a team effort, and if someone happens to walk by you while you are unjamming the machine. They just walk by and make a comment or offer to help you. They do not watch/stare. This isn't the first time he has watched/stared at me. He has done this before while I was walking to our other VPs office to drop a folder off, and even after I said to him I am not going to his office. He just keep on watching me and chuckled. Another time he stared at me while I was about to leave the kitchen and he was walking by it. One of my boss' scared him because he was so focused on me walking out the kitchen. So... after writing this. I have come to the conclusion that I just do not being watched/stared at without a rhyme or reason or someone saying something because I become uncomfortable after I realize I am being watched/started at.
  12. I'm guessing one of your favorite TV shows is battlestar galactica? :-P  
    Hi from So Cal. 

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      Six is sexy but Starbuck is my favorite.

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      Femme Lusting

      I want Six to seduce, then corrupt me.  I want Eight to fall in love with me, then go sleeper agent psycho on me.  I want Leoben to imprison me only to find me turning the table on him and make him worship me!

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      I'll settle for Athena.

  13. When people make you feel what you think/believe is all in your head, and so you are crazy to believe/think what you believe/think.
  14. I am from So Cal. I am a hop skip and jump from Anaheim