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  1. But it's cold out and I don't want to go to work!
    *whines and flops around*

    1. ChemFem


      Work generates heat though. It's the best way to avoid freezing.

  2. I would want to rent a little garret in the Latin Quarter of Paris for a few months and live the life of a hedonistic bohemian. Write, drink coffee, play piano, go to night clubs, explore the catacombs and cathedrals after dark, eat decadent food, and obviously take a lover (or two).
  3. jessikanesis

    The Gift That Got Away

    Yet again my roommate did not surprise me with a kitten this year! She gave me earrings. WHAT THE HELL.
  4. jessikanesis

    Netflix Series

    I'm obsessed with Stranger Things, and now I'm catching up with Grace & Frankie (because apparently I'm a 70 year old woman).
  5. jessikanesis

    What are your Deal Breakers/turn offs?

    ~Bad Smell ~Bad Teeth ~Bigotry ~Not a feminist. (Even if they are male) ~No Interests or Hobbies. (They work, eat, sleep, and try to have sex. That's it. That's their life.) ~Non-Reader (They don't have to be a scholar with six different degrees, but I've gone out with people who literally answered the, "what kind of books do you like to read?" question with, "Ew, I don't read. I have Netflix." Um... what?) ~Cannot understand what I'm saying. (I have also met people who think I use "too many big words." Usually the same people who don't read. I don't consider myself a walking thesaurus, and I don't try to confuse people on purpose. But sometimes "aptitude" fits better than "ability" and "morose" fits better than "sad," and maybe instead of asking me to dumb it down, you could just try to figure it out from context clues, or else we're not going to be able to have a conversation.) Weirdly enough, I don't actually care if they smoke, drink, or use drugs, unless one of those things starts to seriously affect their health or personality.
  6. jessikanesis

    Krav Maga

    I have been into kung fu for a while, which can also be seen as an "offensive" martial art rather than only defensive. Honestly, it makes me feel great. I get energized and I feel powerful. If Krav Maga can do that for you, I say go for it.
  7. Hey! Sorry I fell off the world for a while there. How are you???

    1. Veruca Salk

      Veruca Salk

      Hey stranger!

      So nice to hear from you; I thought you had become one of those ethereal Shys...I am mostly good.  Did you win NaNoWriMo?  I forgot all about it until mid-December!

  8. jessikanesis

    Anyone know of any good Unisex fragrances?

    I highly recommend the website Black Pheonix Alchemy Lab. They are a perfumer that not only have great themes around their scent collections, but list all of the notes that are in each bottle. You can also search by scent or by "feeling." Some sample ingredients/notes to look for if you want something unisex: ~leather ~woodsy smells ~earthy smells ~smoke ~moss/peat (my favorite!) ~anything alcoholic (whiskey/rum/wine etc.) ~tobacco ~metallic smells ~charcoal ~paper ~bread ~chocolate ~chiles/spices ~other food smells (just look for your favorite fruit or herb and they probably threw it in a perfume) So far my 2 go-to fragrances from this site are "Perversion" and "Goblin Cider." They are both overly sweet and fruity scents that are somehow also sinister. So, you know... me. Good luck! Let us know what you find!
  9. ~attended a protest. ~learned to drive a boat. ~asked everyone to donate to charities of my choice instead of buying me birthday presents.
  10. jessikanesis


    I agree, this sounds like a really fun afternoon, even if it doesn't turn into anything romantic. New friends are awesome, especially if they are talented, outgoing, and creative like it sounds like this girl is. Worst case scenario: She flakes and doesn't show up. You watch a movie instead, and come on these forums to complain about being stood up by someone you weren't even sure you were interested in, and we all respond with similar frustrations about flakey people from the internet. Life goes on. Middle case scenario: She comes over, you have a jam session. It feels a little awkward sometimes because you really don't know each other, but she still seems nice, pretty much the same as she is online. Afterwards you hug, say it was great to meet her, and hope that you get a chance to do this again sometime. Best case scenario: She comes over, you have a jam session. The music is awesome. The conversation is even better. You guys totally click in a way you never have with anyone else. Time flies, and you find you're not ready for her to go home. She seems to feel the same, and asks if there's a good place nearby where the two of you could grab a drink and keep talking. She makes you laugh and then compliments the face you make when you laugh. You look down and wonder how long your hand has been resting on her arm. Before long she's missed her last bus back to her city. She'll have to crash with you for the night...
  11. jessikanesis

    One Hundred Things That Make Me Happy

    That's something I thought I should work my way up to. ;-)
  12. jessikanesis

    Kissing Is Nothing

    Thanks for reading! <3
  13. Only one third of the way through having a salad for dinner and I can already tell I've made a terrible decision.

    1. Rocker83


      Salad is never a good decision. Salad is what my food eats xD

    2. jessikanesis


      Lol, seriously. Bored While Eating = Eating Wrong.

    3. Hungry


      Should of had pizza, my shout came too late - I ordered one cos of you *throws slides over the ocean*

  14. jessikanesis

    Sex At The Gym?

    From what I've heard, more than a few gay men have sex at the gym. Maybe that's what keeps them motivated to get so ripped. (I know, I know, stereotypes are bad.) It sounds like it could be really fun and worth the risk. Just remember that one of those risks might include losing your gym membership if they're strict about No Funny Business.