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  1. Only one third of the way through having a salad for dinner and I can already tell I've made a terrible decision.

    1. Rocker83


      Salad is never a good decision. Salad is what my food eats xD

    2. jessikanesis


      Lol, seriously. Bored While Eating = Eating Wrong.

    3. Hungry


      Should of had pizza, my shout came too late - I ordered one cos of you *throws slides over the ocean*

  2. From what I've heard, more than a few gay men have sex at the gym. Maybe that's what keeps them motivated to get so ripped. (I know, I know, stereotypes are bad.) It sounds like it could be really fun and worth the risk. Just remember that one of those risks might include losing your gym membership if they're strict about No Funny Business.
  3. Therapist: "When do you feel most anxious?" Me: "Watching the news." Therapist: "Well YEAH, but there's no pill for that."

    1. Hungry


      I've heard a lot of that this year. At least that means you're not crazy babe! :P

  4. By the end of winter, my hands look like they belong to a dock worker who moonlights at a rock quarry.

    1. Veruca Salk

      Veruca Salk

      I will now picture you as a creature from Fantasia.

  5. Still with this spam? Do we need to perform an exorcism or something?

  6. Congrats on 50 posts! I definitely hear you on not being in a rush. I'm sorry you're having a hard time with women that you meet online. Have you considered going to a bar or dance night at a venue that's known for having queer clientele? Maybe a more organic meeting would feel better than getting played by someone you can't see or hear in real life. And there wouldn't be a lot of pressure, because even if you don't meet someone, you can enjoy the music or whatever entertainment there is to be had at the venue.
  7. My heart's going out to Syria today. Looks like me might be going to war. I'm sorry. It wasn't my doing.

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. celeste teal

      celeste teal

      There used to be huge anti-war protests against Bush; this "action" should produce even bigger ones because he will have literally no support from the people and the stakes are insanely higher now

    3. jessikanesis


      That's what worries me. There were huge protests against Bush, he had historically low approval ratings, and he still won two elections and got to serve for 8 years, during which his administration did whatever they wanted regardless of how we felt about it. I wouldn't be surprise if Trump did the same.

    4. celeste teal

      celeste teal

      His public support will be even lower than Bush if he pushes for war, but I fear you are right - the "elites" with their minions in the deep-state and media will keep him in power. It's not a functioning democracy at all.

  8. It seems like you didn't do any harm in coming out to your creative writing group. Just because two of them identify as not being cis/straight doesn't mean you've painted yourself into a corner and are now obligated to head your city's next Pride parade. ;-) Most of the conflict here appears to be in your own head as you try to analyze what all of this means about both your art and your identity (and boy have I been there). Work through your feelings at your own pace. If your writing group friends are as cool as they sound, I'm sure your sexual orientation will be a non-issue for them, and if you start to feel pressure one way or another, just continue to be honest and it will be fine. <3
  9. Maybe we should all resolve to be more (respectfully) forward when we are interested in women. That way, not only will we have more potential experiences, but (if ALL of us make that resolution) we'll also get approached more by bi women. ;-)
  10. First let's address this: Sex in the workplace IS unusual in most fields, unless your field specifically has to do with sex. It's also unprofessional and punishable. If you're employee, you shouldn't be treating your place of business like pleasure hotel. And if you've got sex on the brain while you're at work, don't make that the problem of your coworkers. I'm not sure if you've ever had to sit through any sexual harassment seminars, but what this guy is doing is textbook. If your coworker is just going about their job like a professional, and you decide to tell them a graphic, inappropriate, sexual story, there's a good chance that you're purposefully trying to make them uncomfortable in an environment where they're supposed to be safe. Especially if there's a power dynamic where the harasser is a higher pay grade than the person being harassed, because then it's less likely to be corrected. Employees want and often need their employers to like them, so if their employers are acting like pigs, the employees are in a tough position. So the problem isn't the fact that the stories he is telling actually happened. The problem is: he is at work, with a colleague, who is attempting to do her job and be productive, but he's talking to her like she's some chick at a bar that he's trying to shock into laughter by using vulgar language and going into detail about sex acts. It's embarrassing for her, it's disrespectful, and it's not okay.
  11. I confess I've only read a little over half of the titles I posted on the literature thread, but my favorite was Gertrude Stein.

    1. BeautifulLoser


      Haha that's okay! You expanded my reading list and I'm grateful for that. I will pick up a copy of her book, thank you for the recommendations. :)

  12. I'm only on Season 4 right now but I have to say: 1. Dylan, screw you. Thanks for acting like the conniving, manipulative opportunist that people keep accusing bisexuals of being. 2. Tonya, go away. You're not actually offensive, just... go away. 3. Jenny, pick a personality. I don't think this is the actress's fault (Mira Kirshner is great and SO beautiful in every way) so much as the writers. Ironically, the writers cannot write a writer. I think they had no idea what to do with her, so every season she turned into a completely different character. And each incarnation was more obnoxious than the last. The only common vain was that she was always her own worst enemy. Okay, we get it, she's self destructive. And? 4. Bette and Tina together. I love Bette, and I like Tina, both when they are doing their own thing. But together, I'm so sick of the whole, "You betrayed me!" "No YOU betrayed ME!" Maybe if they could just agree to stay away from each other for a while and go have their own badass adventures, they could actually turn into good role models for that plot-killing baby they keep fighting over. Yes Angelica is cute, but custody battles are not. It's hard to keep considering this to be a sexy show when, despite the tantalizing lives of the other characters, every ten minutes the two Tiger Mothers keep showing up to nag each other and kill my buzz. It's like if porn had commercials in it for home owner's insurance.
  13. 19th Century: Poetry by Wu Tsao Emile Zola -- Nana (1880) Susan Koppelman -- Two Friends and other Nineteenth Century American Lesbian Stories 20th Century: Nobuko Yoshiya -- Two Virgins in the Attic (1919) Elsa Gidlow -- On a Grey Thread (1923) Radclyffe Hall -- The Well of Loneliness (1928) Virginia Woolf -- Orlando (1928) [okay so the titular character isn't a lesbian, but a male who becomes female and doesn't pursue other women after the transformation. However it is theorized that the character is based on Woolf's real-life lover Vita Sackville West, so I enjoy reading it with that in mind.] Djuna Barnes -- Nightwood Gertrude Stein -- The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas (1932) Frances B. Rummell -- Diana: A Strange Autobiography (1939) Jane Bowles -- Two Serious Ladies (1943) Patricia Highsmith -- The Price of Salt (1952)
  14. If you're into classic literature: Carmilla by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu
  15. I've been learning how to dock a boat this week! Aaaa ha ha I love my job.