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  1. Wow...where to start. It's been an emotional rollercoaster ever since my bff and I decided to make this happen. If you haven't been following my story, my blogs will give you some back story if your confused. I've been wanting this for a long time, so this is huge for me. So goes... So you all know my best friend and I planned this a couple months ago or so. She would come here to VA(she lives in PA) and she would spend 5 days here, one of those days we would spend at a hotel together. So this past Friday I drove and picked her up, we came back to VA the same day. The first night my brother hung with us. We had some drinks, conversated and had a great time socializing. The next day Saturday we went to my dads house and had dinner, drinks and games with him and his wife and all my siblings. That night all my siblings came back to my house where we continued the party with more drinking and talking. All the while my mind is overcome with excitement and nervousness about THE DAY...the next day, Sunday. We woke up Sunday, it was a beautiful day, the sun was shining. We packed our overnight bags, showered and then went to the store and stocked up on champagne, wine, water and snacks to bring with us to the hotel. I said goodbye to my husband and we headed out. The hotel is about 30 mins away from my house in a very charming Old Towne looking part of the city. We pull up to the hotel just in time for check in. The valet takes the car, and we load our bags for the bellboy to take and make our way in to check in. We check in, get our room keys and head up. The room was beautiful, I'd never been in a single bed room there before, so it was new to me too. She was in love with it. We immediately start taking pictures and unpacking our stuff. After that, first order of business was to get lunch and coffee. We went to one of my favorite Belgian cafes and talked. After our lunch, we decided to head to an H&M across the street to get some shopping in. We walked over, sun shining, took our time, tried on outfits, and left with a couple of items. We decided to take our bags back to the hotel room and have a drink before walking over to the harbor to look and the water and the boats. We got a little buzz going and started walking over. I realized I had never heard her story about how she realized she was bisexual and her own journey with this....when she started getting into women, I had just had a baby and was living 4 hours we just had never talked about that. So we went and sat down by the water which had a beautiful view of the bridge and city across the water and both told eachother our stories of self discovery. Oddly enough our stories were similiar. In that moment I felt like I was getting to know her all over again. I've known her for so long, but since we live so far away from eachother, there were just so many things we never got to say and talk about it. It was a wonderful bonding moment. After much talking and taking pictures, we decided to head back to the hotel for more drinking, get dolled up and then go for dinner. As we walked we talked about what we felt this experience would do for our friendship. She told me she was worried that what if we do this and we start to get feelings for eachother. We both knew it was a possibility, but we are pretty level headed logical girls, and we knew that more then anything it would only strengthen our friendship and be a beautiful experience to share together. We got back to the hotel room and started drinking champagne and just sat and talked about various things. Our goals in life, our growth as people over the years. I was so happy how well she and her husband have been doing...they've had a tough time, and she's had a tough unconventional life, but things are getting better. We started getting more and more buzzed and giggly. I sat on the bed and I talked to her as she stood infront of me. She was getting ready to walk over to grab her glass, but I grabbed her arm and said "I think we should consumate our decision by having alittle make out session". She got a devilish grin on her face and pushed me back on the bed, climbed ontop of me and we started making out. My hands exploring her body alittle. It felt so amazing and hot. After a couple minutes, we giggled and realized oh my god it was getting late and needed to start getting ready for dinner. So after we made out, I think we both felt even better and relaxed about the night to come. We tried on outfits and got dressed, did our make up and took some hot selfies of us kissing. I will be looking at those pictures for a long time to come lol... We went to dinner, stopping along the way to listen to and make a quick conversation with a musician playing music on the sidewalk. Went to dinner, ate, had a delicious margarita and then it was time to head back to the hotel for the night. Now to be honest, I don't even completely remember HOW we started, it all was just a blur of excitment. We had the tv on and before I knew it I was ontop of her on the bed. We were making out passionately as I soaked in every second. Next thing I know our clothes are off, and all we had on was our little thongs. Im still ontop kissing her, then eagerly made my way to her breasts. I loved them. Just having them in my mouth and feeling her nipple piercings on my tongue just felt so sexy. She took off her underwear and I took mine off. I made my way down to her pussy, and OH MY GOD, if there was any such thing as a perfect pussy...she has it. Just everything about it was beautiful. Soft, shaved, plump lips, with her little hood piercing. Soon as my mouth made contact with her, I just knew I could live down there forever. Just crazy beautiful. She was moaning alot which was the best thing I've ever heard. Even her moans were perfect, lol. She got ontop of me after awhile and started sucking on my breasts, and made her way down on me. Of course by then I'm moaning and in heaven enjoying every moment. She started fingering me alittle, and then spent some more time down there before coming up ontop of me to make out some more. All of a sudden I hear her ask "what gets you off?" I said "this", and laughed. Then asked her what gets her off, of which she smiled a little and said "everything". We kept at it for awhile longer as she fingered me some more, then needed a break. We drank some gatorade and she layed next to me naked. Then we both just put our pj tops on with our thongs. At that point I was already craving her body again, so after we layed down for a bit and started talking, I sat ontop of her and we continued to talk. I needed to taste her again, to kiss her, to feel her breasts in my mouth again. So I smiled and said "I'm not trying to have sex with you again, I just want to do this", and I leaned down and started kissing her again. We started kissing passionately again, and I pulled her shirt down just enough to suck on her breasts again. She started moaning again and pulled her panties down. So I went back down and she was wet. She tasted so good. At this point I hadn't fingered her yet, so I slowly put a finger in paying attention to her response. She moaned and I started fingering her gently. She took my hand and made me finger her deeper and faster. I don't even remember how the transition happened, but at some point we started tribbing. I was on top, and it was no effort at all. I'd never done that before, but it came so naturally. After that it was just more kissing, fingering and more everything until we finally tired ourselves out. We put our shirts back on and layed next to eachother. I got my phone and lifted it up and said "after sex selfie!" and took a picture as we laughed. We put the tv on and fell asleep. The next morning we were tired, but felt amazing. We wanted to make sure we had time to get breakfast before check out. So we chatted and got ready once we were finally able to drag ourselves out of bed. Walked to another favorite place of mine, occasionally laughing as we rehashed some of the details from the night before. We ate, went back to the hotel to pack and check out. It was just an incredible time. Monday and Tuesday we kind of just spent at my house, drinking wine, talking more. We cuddled for a bit watching tv one night. I kissed her spontaneously one night as we ate dinner on the couch which just made her smile and she put her thai food down as she said "screw the thai, now I'm distracted" and leaned in and kissed me back as she said "awe you are too adorable". I can't accurately describe what a magical time we had. It couldn't have been any more perfect. Yesterday I had to drive her back, and we certainly made the most of the night, because I was staying over before coming back today. We unfortunetly didn't get to have sex again...just too many people around, BUT we did get friends together, got drinks at the casino in PA before heading to a strip club. I've mentioned before she used to be a stripper for a couple years, so we get there and all start drinking and having a good time. After being there awhile, a friend of ours wanted to go on stage and dance and convinced her to do it too! She was nervous, and I'd never seen her dance before. But OH MY GOD she rocked that sh*t! I was shocked at how good she was. I loved getting to see her naked body again. So sexy and it turned me on even more, I really wanted to have her again at that moment lol. It was seriously the best way to wrap up an AMAZING week. We both said how happy we were and we felt so much closer and that it was an awesome experience for us both. I'm still in a daze from it all, and I'm so happy. For the first time I was really sad to part ways with her. I've done it a million times after visits, but this time it was different. It was hard to leave her. I will forever feel blessed to have had the opportunity to have such an amazing, sexy, fun experience with such an amazing person.