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    I love fitness, going to the gym and working's addictive.I enjoy going out and having a good time.I love music and I love to dance.. I play trumpet and acoustic guitar. I Also enjoy swimming , scuba diving, walking, biking and Camping. Love the beach!
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    what else 50 shades of grey
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    Parenthood Nashville The L Word
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    too many to just pick one

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  1. You're a great writer love. That's. WOW! Very Hot and Sexy! Have we met? LOL! Awesome story!
  2. I love being in love, its the best kind of drug.

    1. Inside my head

      Inside my head

      This made me smile. Raising a glass to love. :) muah xx

    2. blueeyes4


      Enjoy gymrat, nice to see you happy girl, bet you can't wait till she gets home :-)

  3. It's official everyone! I'm Divorced ! Look out ladies here I come.! Drinks anyone?

  4. playing a little Aerosmith on Guitar Hero kicking my sons ass.


      He didnt think his Country Music mom could rock. Moving up from acoustic to Electric..

  5. Hi and welcome!. You will love shybi . A lot of girls start here and learn a lot here. All the women on here are awesome and will support you thru anything. We are a family .I have made some wonderful friends.Enjoy and have fun...
  6. Am I the only one who showers and fixes their hair just to go to the gym? You never know who you could meet..... lol

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      Yay hubby always asks why im showering only to get sweaty again?

    3. sweettotheheart


      There is a product called sweet sweat with coconut oil many people use it and has had go reviews...


      I love coconut oil scent ill have to check it out.

  7. I would find it hard to not show my excitement . The soft gentle touch of a woman , the hot oil. I would definitely start grinding on the bed. Lol A Big fantasy of mine. If your a masseuse , call me.
  8. My sister had a breast reduction. Its funny though because I have a bigger bone structure than her,But she got the bigger boobs . She hated them. She could never find clothes to fit..especially bathing suits. If you have back problems, a lot of times insurance will cover the cost of the reduction surgery. It Did for her . Lots of luck ladies . She got a lot of her clothes on line too.
  9. Did you guys watch Grease live? It was awesome! Especially Julianne Hough as Sandy. Great performance by the whole cast! BRAVO!!!

  10. By the way hun, you have a beautiful voice

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    2. Inside my head

      Inside my head

      No need to be. You're amongst friends. I, for one, would like to hear you sing. :) muah xx


      I could always do kid rock, but may be kicked off for fowl language.Lol!

    4. Inside my head

      Inside my head

      Hahaha, I'm more like kiddie rock. ;P muah xx

  11. 8 screaming 14 year old girls spending the night at my house ! HELP!!! Someone please rescue me!!

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      It just amazes me the drama these girls create! Usually someone ends up crying or angry before the night is over with. Lol Maybe I could sneak in a few rum and coke drinks to keep me sane.

    3. Unintentional Velvet

      Unintentional Velvet

      That sounds like a plan.

    4. blueeyes4


      Ohhhhhhhh nooooo,bring extra emergency rum and ice :-)

  12. things are looking up. job interview in February.

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    2. MSR
    3. blueeyes4


      Congrats and good luck hun. :-)


      Thanks guys! It brings tears to my eyes the support im getting from you all. One big group Hug!

  13. You guys are wonderful I just may have to try this but I may need a few drinks first lol! Beautiful voices ladies.
  14. Thanks for the friend add, you sexy thing! !!

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    2. raven


      good! watching "girlfriends guide to divorce" and sipping wine. Life is good!




      Wine. Wanna share? Im just drinking a beer just got back from the gym.

    4. raven


      would love to share!

  15. Hey stranger where you been?

    1. TaylorLynn


      Hey Girlie!! I have just been so busy with homeschooling the boys and life!!! How are you?



      I'm doing good. My life is busy too. Kids will do that to ya!

    3. TaylorLynn


      Yep I get it!!!