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  1. I find that once you start to get that urge to be with a woman, it doesn't go away until you finally do it. The more you suppress your feelings, the more you start (at least in my case) you almost start to resent yourself and who you are with. I am lucky enough to be with an amazing man who encourages me to explore any feeling I may have. Our job in life is to grow. How can you be happy with someone else if you can't be happy with yourself? Maybe this is who you are. Maybe it's just the craving of an experience that is different. You wont know until you finally take that plunge.
  2. Shybi has changed a lot since I was on it last. I miss talking to some of my friends. How is everyone doing tonight? 

  3. So it's been a long time since I've posted. I'm hoping someone can respond with any advice or can also offer their own experiences if they have had it before. Almost six years ago, I was forced into an endometrial ablation. I say forced because I truly felt that way. I was diagnosed with endometriosis and pcos when I was only 15. I was told flat out then not to bother trying to have kids because it wasn't going to happen. This naturally led to some major depression. So I had my daughter going on seven years on the 7th of this month. After she turned one, I started bleeding. A lot. To the point no medication would stop it, I passed out at work from bleeding so much. Not to get too graphic but I was going through a tampon and two pads at once. I was told that they would do exploratory surgery to see what was going on. My gyno told me that my husband and I might want to talk about having an ablation. We personally didn't want to have it but if it took me getting better then we would do what had to be done. The day of my surgery, he told me he would not do the ablation unless he found something wrong. What followed after was, you had the ablation, everything was normal. When my parents and husband questioned him, he said, if you want to know what happened during surgery you need to ask her. Meanwhile I still to this day don't know and can't get a straight answer as he just upped and moved south. I haven't had a period since. I occasionally will have some spotting when I wipe, but it's nothing to get excited about. I don't want to sound ungrateful, I understand I have my daughter and I should be happy to have her and I am. It just pains me when she keeps asking for a sibling. Since I am clearly unable to get straight answers from anyone. Has anyone else had an ablation? Did you eventually start your period? Has anyone had an ablation and gotten pregnant? I hear it's a code red no if you end up pregnant, yet I have read of successful cases of women carrying a baby to full term. Maybe I'm just looking for emotional support or for someone to tell me to let it go. It's just hard when I really want to have another baby and to give my daughter a sibling.
  4. The Office. I feel like I eat,breath, and sleep The Office. :-)
  5. Nunu30

    Anyone from Pennsylvania?

    Anyone around the Pittsburgh area?
  6. Nunu30

    New Year Resolutions

    Thank you! :-) I figured I'd push myself further than just to lose weight.
  7. Nunu30

    Who's Your Celebrity Crush?

    Male: Corey Taylor. (Added note when I went to see him perform live he grabbed my hand I was that close. I practically came lmao.) Female: Sarah Paulson
  8. Tottenham Hotspurs here! :-)
  9. Nunu30

    New Year Resolutions

    The usual in the aspect of losing weight. My goal is to lose 30 pounds. But to come out of my shell more, experience more and be more adventurous. I'm determined to make this my year for once.
  10. Nunu30

    any college students?

    I am. Actually my husband and I both went back in 2017. It took us a while, I'm 34 now. But I figure better late than never. I'm currently going for my degree in psychology.
  11. Seriously been almost a year since I've been on here... But I'm back!