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  1. Ok ladies help me out here. So how do you meet a bicurious female. I don't know where to start. I don't want to try any of those bi dating sites as I looked on one and there were so many ads for a three some kinda thing which is surely not what I'm about. I would like to meet a female to start out as casual friends then take it from there if there is mutual interest in doing so. Get together now and then nothing too serious. I read someone met a gf on the chat room. Guess I have to try on Thursdays when it's open to all. Just wanted to know if anyone had any other suggestions as I am clueless.
  2. Judging from some of the posts and blogs it seems like many of the ladies seem shy on really reaching out to meet someone. I know there are ladies from all over on this site. Just wondering has anyone actually hooked up and met after chatting a bit. Or have you just remained comfortable in corresponding on the site. Interesting to know
  3. Just asking what the average age of most ladies on this site. I am an older female and just wanted to know if anyone was out there over 50.