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  2. Very interesting article. Thanks for sharing
  3. Thanks for the follow!

  4. I've thought about an American version or wild and eat pray love without the pray. Staying more Airbnb or something like that.
  5. The ability to understand each other. To share common ethics views on life and empathy and compassion for what each other have been through.
  6. How do you find the homemade ones? Seems tough to get through some of it for the good ones.
  7. Hot sweaty sex can often be exciting
  8. Just peeking! 

    1. realwldone


      peeking is good!


    2. nancypants


      Haha I think so! 

  9. You are beautiful
  10. I saw loving Annabelle and loved it. I never knew it was the remake or madchen.
  11. Anything that is silk
  12. Has to be golf and bowling.