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  1. Seriously. Yes. We now call ourselves secret lovers!
  2. I've given my hubby a hand job while driving along the highway but no lube.. not recommended if you don't have lube lol i just recently made out with my girlfriend in the washroom of a restaurant. I've learnt lighting makes a difference lol
  3. Those parties look hot. Too bad I'm turning 39 this year!! For the first time I feel old!
  4. Welcome!! I'm from Montreal so not close! Good luck with everything!
  5. Very cool!! I went to a strip club with my hubby about a month ago, it was fun.. I've been to a strip club prior to that and got a lap dance and it was amazing, she smelt so good too!! And yes touching was encouraged so i felt her uonlike crazy lol
  6. Or 3 or 4 lol i tried dropping my girlfriend off last week and hardly drank, it's a new relationship but without the drinks I was all nerves!!! There's a reason they call it courage liquid lol
  7. Thank you so much!!! I truly am savouring every single moment we have together, we spent the night at my sisters place last weekend, we were alone for most of it. Pure heaven...
  8. No her husband doesn't know.
  9. I've just started sexting with my gf, but I feel like I lack in the imagination department :(
  10. Clit play with fingers, and some anal play can def get me off!!
  11. Def clit for me!! I've never came with penetration alone.. if I'm being penetrated I also need clit stimulation!
  12. I'm loving the fosters right now.. Oitnb, wentworth...
  13. Makes me want a tub like that!!
  14. Finally saw it!! Sex scenes were fantastic!! Story .. meh lol
  15. It's absolutely amazing.. I feel the need to pinch myself often!! I'm going to enjoy every second!! At he end of our date last week we sat in the car.. her exact words were "your into all women, I'm only into you" We talk all the time, supper tonight.. I see her again Saturday. The hardest part now is just getting any real alone time not in a public setting!!