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  1. Hey!! I've searched Pinterest and the internet and I think I've used all the memes pictures I could find, I was wondering if anyone knew of sexy, hot, sensual loving pictures & quotes that I can send my girlfriend. We talk often through memes.. anyrhing from I love making you cum to you make me want to say I do... any suggestions?! Thanks:)
  2. Awe! Thanks guys!!! It won't be for quite some time since we have other stuff to deal with first but it's nice to have some answers!! Waiting is soooo hard!!
  3. So my girlfriend and I are eventually planning to get married down the road.. it doesn't matter who proposes? And does only one person wear the engagement ring?! I'm so new to this I feel like an amateur lol
  4. Ooooh I love the good morning in different ways idea!!! Thank you!! If you ever figure out how to post yours I'd love to read it !
  5. Thanks everyone, its even by sexting, she wants details of what I want done to me or what I want to do to her.. I feel so lost lol and if we're together my mind seriously goes blank She's on her way over now and I've got massive butterflies
  6. I've actually just started to love it! Thanks to my gf!! I was never into it with my hubby, just didn't seem sensual or hot to me. But with my gf, damn it's hot and sexy as hell!!
  7. Hey! So my gf loves when I talk dirty to her, but I just can't seem to come up with anything juicy!!! I need help! I've basically said how good she tastes , and how I love to feel her wet..but that's about it.. it's sad! Lol
  8. Seriously. Yes. We now call ourselves secret lovers!
  9. I've given my hubby a hand job while driving along the highway but no lube.. not recommended if you don't have lube lol i just recently made out with my girlfriend in the washroom of a restaurant. I've learnt lighting makes a difference lol
  10. Those parties look hot. Too bad I'm turning 39 this year!! For the first time I feel old!
  11. Welcome!! I'm from Montreal so not close! Good luck with everything!
  12. Very cool!! I went to a strip club with my hubby about a month ago, it was fun.. I've been to a strip club prior to that and got a lap dance and it was amazing, she smelt so good too!! And yes touching was encouraged so i felt her uonlike crazy lol
  13. Or 3 or 4 lol i tried dropping my girlfriend off last week and hardly drank, it's a new relationship but without the drinks I was all nerves!!! There's a reason they call it courage liquid lol
  14. Thank you so much!!! I truly am savouring every single moment we have together, we spent the night at my sisters place last weekend, we were alone for most of it. Pure heaven...