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  1. Hey girl whats up.. thanks for stopping by ...

  2. I posted something along the lines of this a few posts down in this section that you might find useful, or even just comforting to read that there are plenty of us on here that feel the same xx
  3. A lot of great words in here thankyou. I totally agree it is great and also frustrating that 'bisexual' is a very big tent. On one hand, I fancy woman and woukd love to have a sexual connection with one so that makes me bi right? But if I tell some people who are maybe not as familiar with sexuality and labels that I'm bi then they would most likely assume I would want a woman fully also, which is just misleading. And also like you said, it opens up the whole "you can't be blah blah because you don't want blah blah", which is why I feel I don't 'deserve' the label so to speak. I have no problem with telling anyone how I feel, I just wish whenever someone does, I won't need to give them a ten minute spiel on my feelings instead of juSt being able to hit them with one word and they understand lol. Again thankyou for the wise words and advice x
  4. Thankyou for the reply. Most of the negativity I've experienced was seeing it being commented on other members things, but because I'm in the situation it just kinda hurt a little thinking people just seem to think that not wanting a relationship means I have no feelings or use people for sex. I still need to like someone on some level to want to have sex with them, male or female. No one has outright asked me my orientation and if they did I probably wouldn't say bisexual but I'd make it known that I'm interested in woman at least. I also find labels can be useful which is why I'm having difficulty. I sometimes just think to myself I wish I did want a romantic connection so I could call myself bisexual and get on with it haha x
  5. That's a great point and I've never really thought about it like that before. We arent married but we are engaged have a family etc. Maybe also if like you and I wasn't commited things would feel different.
  6. Hi girls, I don't post on here too often but I need to at least vent if not get some advice. Basically I started realising I was bicurious over a year ago, and that's when I joined here. I'm engaged and have never been with a girl (besides a kiss a few months back with my man's consent). I've always known I've been attracted to girls but never knew what it meant. I havent told anyone apart from my fiance how i feel but for the past 9 months roughly I've been identifying to myself as hetero romantic bisexual. Purely for the reason I absolutely love the thought of being with a woman sexual but I don't feel I have the capacity to fall in love with a woman or be in a relationship with them. This is partly the reason why I have fell away from Shys a few times. Although I have had some wonderful advice and felt so safe on here, there have been a few times I've felt quite upset and put off because of a few comments I've had or ones I've read to do with how wanting a woman sexually only makes me a robot/means I have no feelings/means i just haven't figured myself out yet. This just isn't true. I'm not saying love could never happen, maybe it could but for now it is just not what I feel. But knowing some bisexual people (some, not all) feel negatively towards my label/feelings etc, it's put me back to square one even though I was just starting to feel comfortable with who I was. Not because im starting to wonder if i am truly bisexual (i still dont feel the capcity to love a woman) but because I'd doesn't seem to be a 'valid' label to some people. I know I shouldn't rush into labelling myself and I shouldn't have to but I feel it would help, but how many people are going to know what 'hetero romantic bisexual' really means and why would I want to identify as that if there seems to be a stigma attached to it? I am not ashamed with how I feel or scared to tell people, and I still wouldn't be if I felt I was fully bi, but I feel coming out as bisexual would just be misleading or a bit of a cheek to bi women if you know what I mean. I really hope my post hasn't bothered anyone like my previous posts have regarding my sexuality, but some replies and things I've read have really bothered me, to the point don't want to comment on wanting a woman sexually only incase I get a negative reply again. I'm a sensitive wee soul and just want help and support like everyone else here :(
  7. I'm 22... look about 16 but feel about 30 lol
  8. He loves it. It's genuinely a hobby and he is amazing at it. We dont have full sex often but he has to do it every night at least once. Starting to think he gets more pleasure out of it than I do lol
  9. Sapphic same here, he is like a different person from when we first spoke about it. Tbh it felt amazing and just how I imagined it to be. I must have been enjoying myself because my fiance said I was aaaaall over her *cringing face* I just wish I knew it was going to happen and I wouldn't have got so drunk! But hey ho we were on holiday. We are going out next week for dinner where there are a few gay bars around, so we will see what happens!!
  10. Hi :) xxx

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      How's the weather in Scotland? Is it bonnie hehe ;) how's your day going

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      It is actually! For a change lol how is yours? X

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      It's nice thanks. Yeah my ex was from Glasgow and he used to say that there they had four kinds of weather all in one day hehe :) xx

  11. Realwldone unfortunately it was just a bit of holiday fun, I didn't see her after it and never will again. Angel85 yeah definitely, I didn't think it would have happened and would never have planned to be that drunk if I did. We've been discussing it for well over a year now so im glad he is so open and understanding to what I feel and want
  12. Was far too drunk to remember it. I haven't been on here in a while but now that my fiance and I are starting to seriously speak about me exploring I'm enjoying being back. When I first joined here I hadn't told my fiancé my feelings yet and as months went by I told him, we've spoke about 19748391931 times about it, we've tried to compromise and figure things out and eventually a week before our summer holiday we decided if I met someone when we were out one night on holiday I could see where things went. Well one night we did and I took advantage of the all-inclusive holiday drinks and ended up in such a mess! About 4 o'clock we stumble into a club and I meet a girl staying at our hotel. We were dancing and we started touching heavily then eventually I threw myself on her and kissed her. I couldn't believe I'd done it or how soft she felt and how small her mouth was against mine. We kissed another 2 times and were dancing very close the rest of the night. Im so ashamed to say that I was so drunk that I can hardly remember anything and that my fiance had to fill me in on most things. I'm just glad it happened though as it felt amazing and proves my fiance is more open than I thought! Sorry for the long chuffed post but no one knows about my sexuality apart from my Fiance and I had to tell someone! Exciting times ahead
  13. I've never been to a gaybar but I'd imagine it would be such a good way to even just speak to the people who attend even if nothing happens. My fiance and I are going for a fancy dinner and he randomly turned and asked "do you want to go out after dinner next week to *gaybar name* to get in about some girls?" LOL. I tried to play it off cool like yeah whatever I've heard the have a cool atmosphere but inside I'm like OMG. My fiancé and I have only recently spoke about me exploring and I kissed my first girl a few months back with his consent so I can't wait to see what will happen!!
  14. Holes I kid you not!!! Lmao!!