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  1. Back Rub Sex with a man or, sex with a woman.?
  2. Just do what you want. Don't be bothered by other people's idea of what a Mum should look like. Go for it. If anyone complains, they're not a true friend.
  3. 3 more days to work, then I have 2 weeks off.
  4. Good on you. Hope your better now.
  5. I'm not a fan of the morning glory. But a woman is better, definitely. Her warm breasts pressing softly into your back. But i like the night for me. A great sleeping tonic, yes Ma'am.
  6. A  big day here in Australia. The Same Sex Marriage bill was passed in Parliament. It's in. 

    I think it will take awhile to get recognition especially in rural areas. But it's a start and Australia is slowly catching up to the rest of the world.   Yes !!!

    1. myladylove


      The sands of time bring enchanting changes.

    2. Newtothis12
  7. I think there's too much pressure these days on the big O. Movies, Porn, magazines, all tell us how we should react. Everyone is different, there isn't any one thing that's right, except what's right for you and your partner. My orgasms have changed over the years. As a teen and even up to my early 30's, they were gentle, little tremors, sweeping through my body. After having kids they changed a bit and even after I had my Hysterectomy at 47, they really changed. Now they're so intense, all my muscles gripping. Heart just pounding. They've got stronger as I've got older. The big GSpot orgasm have never been mush for me. Very overrated. (Only my opinion). The fact that you have came in your sleep, tells me your more relaxed than awake. The brain comes into it as well. Stress is a big factor, if your tired. These things will effect it. It's important to relax and get to know your body. Get your partner to slowly massage your clit with their tongue. Massages etc. The clit is the only organ in your body this is made just for pleasure. It has no other purpose. Learn to relax, love your body, it won't let you down. For some of us it takes time to understand it all.
  8. @myladylove You could maybe walk into the meet up, telling your sooo confused, saying, "well ladies, i have this problem... I have a weird Bisexual tendency, an affliction. i need a good woman who can get me sorted and on the right path. A strong , dedicated and kind woman. Is there anyone who will take up the challenge? Worth a go you think? Lol. Maybe don't do it in your area. (Just kidding)
  9. Lol. Very witty here. In your case (because of the abuse you'v endured) I'd probably go and lie. Say your Lesbian to check it out. Let's face it, it's 50% right. After meeting the right lady, you can then tell her more. If she's the right one, it wont matter. As for the rest of the group, it's none of their business. For me, my sexual preferences are my business. I don't feel the need to tell anyone. It doesn't bother me now as though Shys here I've been able to understand myself and that's the only thing that really matters. If there's a neet up, you go girl. They don't really need to know everything. The potential is there to maybe meet Mrs Right. Xxxx
  10. Firstly, Welcome to Shy's. To me, being Bisexual simply means your attracted to either gender. Having no experience with a woman doesn't matter. You don't have to eat the apple to know it's sweet. (Just a weird way to explain it) Being Bi-curious doesn't have any insult to it, it just means your curious. It's no fad, I think a lot of women are Bi if they were honest. Don't stress about it, relax and be you, be comfortable in your own skin and ask anything we are all in the same boat in some way or another.
  11. I don't think it makes any difference if your in a relationship or not, if your Bi, your Bi. I'm single and just on my own, but I'm still Bi. If I was in a relationship with a woman I'd still identify as Bi because I'm still attracted to men. If I was Lesbian, I'd not be attracted to men at all. Only my thoughts here tho. Just be you.
  12. I agree. When one finds out they are attracted to a woman, it can really be scary. Upbringing, religious beliefs come into play making the person feel very alone and even dirty. Discovering the Bisexual label gave me a grounding to start with. Over time then you just adapt to being just ME.
  13. Interesting reading these. Anal is definitely OUT for me. I tried it once when younger but nuh, not my thing. Interesting tho as is it an age thing. When I was younger..... it was never heard of, but now it's way more common. I guess if you like it, go for it. If I had a partner who liked it, I'd definitely do it for them but not me.
  14. Lmao, Anal is out for me. It's an EXIT ONLY.