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  1. I'm with Ona a bit here. My feelings always get me into trouble. I always fall for the wrong person. I do get strong connections to people but it rarely gets returned. I also go on the way the person responds to me as in body language etc. Not always a good guide tho. Some people are very disciplined in controlling their emotions, i find it very hard. The only way I'm sure is in the obverous. If they ask me out or they make the point to touch me as they pass by. Or Just say straight out they are interested. I'm a very straight person in the way I do things etc like I say what I feel and do what I say. People who know me usually are the same. I will usually give the hint that I like them and will leave it there. I will wait for their reaction. If none, then I'll move on. Your friend may just have good control over her feelings. With you being married could be a reason she's holding back. I'm single and if I was in her shoes I'd hold back as well. However, I'd drop a few hints along the way, so keep your gaydar tuned just in case. But keep working on that friendship. It takes time to build trust. To answer your question straight out tho. There's no real way of knowing unless they tell you. Don't give up, and good luck.
  2. Vampire

    Am I Gay?

    My number 1 reason for getting married and having sex was to have kids. Number 2 was I cared for him and thought we had a good chance of having a long and happy marriage but it wasn't meant to be. I was a fool to think it would but life can change so quick. Most of us women, want the passion, the emotional connection and a bit of romance thrown in, most men it's only in the courtship stages that that applies. Of course it's only my opinion and how I feel on it. I always wanted to be treated with respect and (to be frank) wanted my pussy to be treated like the holy grail. And not to be treated like it was yesterday's newspaper. Apologies for my language here. My point being, another woman usually does respect that and takes the time to care for it like one does for a blooming flower. If it's not nurtured, it wont bloom. Your probably not gay, you might just need more attention. More caring for at this point in time. You might be a higher number on the Bi spectrum, like a 4 or 5 on the Kinsey Scale where, someone else might only be a 2. I sit on about 3, we are still Bi. Another thing I thought of was some people aren't meant to be together forever. Myself and my husband just grew apart. We ended up with nothing in common anymore. So we slit the sheets and moved on. (17 years married). Life is in chapters sometimes. You might be starting a new phase in life. Maybe just go with the flow and see where it takes you.
  3. I was actually 31 when I first encounter the love of an amazing woman. Now I'm 55 and have never been with a woman since then. So much can change. My, then husband, was/is very homophobic. Rural Australia still is. Don't feel stuck, you will find someone. Your still young and life can change in the blink of an eye. I've learn to accept myself just as I am. I know what I want and I just have to be patient and hopefully I'll find someone just as you will. Hugs.
  4. Vampire

    Am I Gay?

    I can relate to this and have wondered if I was as well. I never loved sex with a man really. Part of the lovemaking or foreplay process I did, but the actual act of penetration not really. It was just the ending to it, an end to the fun. But being with a woman was fun too and sometimes it still got boring. I've learnt to just please myself really and not overthink it all. Maybe we just get bored too easily and need to rev up the romance in these relationships. Age is a big worry as we don't look as good anymore. The tool becomes more useless. But I'm definitely Bi. Always will be.
  5. In the past I was always submissive with a man. Submissive with sex in general. After my experience with a woman, I found a new side to me, a side I never thought possible, to be more dominant. Even with a man now, I'd rather be more dominant, strange really. My very first sexual encounter was when I was 15, and a nasty one it was. Being dominant now I think gives me the control I never had.
  6. Vampire

    Sex with Chronic Pain

    Sorry to hear this red. It sounds menopausal as well. Could it be? Hormones play a big part in this as well. How does your husband feel about it? Coconut oil works well for a lube. Maybe different positions where it is easier for you. Hope you find a solution. Hugs.
  7. Hello and welcome to the wonderful of Shybi. How is lovely Melbourne? Hopefully spring has sprung. I've never been there but one never knows, right. This is a great support site so ask any question and take time to browse the forums. Good Luck.
  8. Welcome Monti, I have No idea. This is a great support site tho. Being in Melbourne, Is there any LGBT meet ups in your area.? I'm in rural QLD and No such thing here. Hopefully you will find something.
  9. Vampire

    "She's got legs..."

    That song popped into my head as soon as I saw the post. Lol. And yep, a nice set of pins is definitely a pleasure to look at.
  10. Yes Ma'am, you nailed it. It's about annoying each other. Taking time to respect the body. Like a prize garden, it has to be nurtured and given love in order to bloom. If neglected it may die and it taked a lot of work to get it to blossom again.
  11. This is a tough one to answer. I actually can't remember the last time I had sex, with anyone. Seriously. If I can try hard enough and cast my mind back, I think plenty of kissing and heaps of foreplay, massages are fantastic, depending on the mood and who it is with. That chemistry has to be there for me. The lovemaking has to be genuine, and with the right person. The emotional component has to be their, male or female. A woman is better with the emotional part more then men are usually, and there are times when the good ol quickie is great too.
  12. Vampire


    It's possible it maybe perimenopause, definitely a hormone imbalance. Could be something to do with the adrenals as well. If you get a hormone test done, go for a saliva test, it's more accurate. If you have implants used for contraceptive purposes might be interfering with hormones as well. Definitely talk to your GP. Perimenopause can be a pretty crap time. Good Luck. X
  13. Vampire

    Hello World!

    Welcome to Shybi. It's a great site to help you sort stuff out. I've been here over 3 years now and there were times I would have been lost without the ladies here. It has been a kind of family really. I'm in a situation where I can't be out, but through this site, I can express myself fully without too much judgement. I'm happy in my own skin and that's what matters. Relax and enjoy.