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  1. Move. Get away from where you are and start again.
  2. I think we all have fantasies at some point. I still have a few lol.
  3. I love animals to. I love the smell of a horse. It's unique, so soothing. Luckily I live on 93 acres so have a dog and 3 cats. I miss having a horse. Too expensive and they need to be ridden. Just can't even get on nowadays. Something about animals that's therapeutic.
  4. I can't handle the fingers trusted in. Men use their finger as it was a penis but it's different. I love fingers, awesome little things we've been blessed with. More on the outside for me tho or just inside. Just massaging and stimulating. Agree tho, good communication is essential.
  5. Umm, If it was to be around Damon Salvatore, (Vampire Diaries) that would be nice.
  6. Hi and welcome. I'm an older woman as well but happily divorced and single again. Enjoy the site.
  7. That will do it Rocky. Lol
  8. I just love this story Rocky. Your such an inspiration to us all here. You write well really as it come from your heart. Tbare is a lucky lady to.
  9. Gee, thanks that was fascinating really. We can get so ignorant of how other people live. Would be awesome to travel the world and see these places.
  10. It's cold tho right? so at least no blow flies. lol A bit gross tho it seems. Well it must have been an adventure.
  11. LMAO I bet you won't use one in Australia either. (Red Back spiders) :(
  12. I'm completely single. No partner and no one in the near future. We are out there sadly.
  13. Oops, sorry to hear that. :( I discovered recently that an enzyme called bromelian is good for inflammatory conditions. It's found in Pineapple. I'm looking into that as well. Is there any neutralists in your area? Maybe worth inquiring into.
  14. Hi I've just Googled this and it is very similar to what I have. I'm still trying to find my way around this new site. I get alot of hip and lower back pain but I have scoliosis so a crook back goes with the temerity. I also have a bowel disorder so anti-inflammatory medication is out of the question. I've been doing stretching exercises and hopefully try to strengthen the muscles around the hip. Hip flexes etc. I'm including anti-inflammatory foods such as, Salmon, walnuts, ( which I can't have many of), Chia seeds etc or a good quality fish oil . Things high in Omega 3 help inflammation. Acupuncture can help some people to, worth a try. Good Luck, hopefully something works for you.