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  1. Reminds me. My girls used to put their legs up in the air etc and see who could make the loudest queef. I didn't even know it had a propper name at the time. It was just called a fanny fart to me but they corrected me at the time with "Mum it's called a Queef, don't you know anything." Well how about that. That was a few years back now. I guess we are never to old to learn. Lol
  2. RUN, Get out ASAP. I agree with BiTiMama. Emotional, psychological and verbal abuse can be worse as no one can see it, therefore it doesn't happen. It isn't obverses like physical abuse. You are worth it, don't think otherwise. I got out of an abuse marriage 7 years ago. I still struggle but it's so much better. I'm not trapped. He has NO control over me anymore. Don't be afraid to ask for help. Find support. Good Luck.
  3. Oral Sex
  4. It hasn't happened to me, honestly. Maybe I'm weird but not so far. Not YET. I haven't been with anyone in years so there is a possibility as I'm getting older etc but I guess I'd be embarrassed first time. It's just natural tho.
  5. This sounds like me. My one and only was about 23 years ago. I don't know if I'll ever find another but I'm hoping. My desire goes way beyond just sex. A man now doesn't have the emotional attachment I crave. And it is like a craving.
  6. I'm well, thank you angel. It's winter here in OZ. A very mind one so far. A couple of other 80s singers on your profile there. Belinda Carlisle, Rick Astley.
  7. This wont be a problem with the right woman. She will love and ease you into it all. Let your mind and body totally relax. There's no responsibility, no shame and no guilt with the right woman.
  8. Roxette fan here to. I'm 54, single now. Great to see like minded ladies in their 50s. Good to see.
  9. definitely text is hot.
  10. It's a popular song out of The Vampire Diaries, not sure who sang it in that tho.
  11. No fisting, no anal, no BDSM, no swallowing, no body fluids. Gee I'm very Vanilla.
  12. Hi and a warm welcome to Shybi. I was a bit like you, mostly straight. Fantasied about what it would be like with a woman but never thought it would actually happen. It did and left me wondering and yearning for that love ever since. I still like men but... I don't really want to be with them anymore. I guess for me it was an awakening somehow, or a progression onto the next part of my life. In my marriage I was unfulfilled, no real intimacy. I just accepted that as that's what you do. After meeting her, that changed. I'm divorced now, ( nothing to do with her), single, and sexless but now I'm more comfortable just being me.
  13. I'm not experienced enough to give you much advice but can i ask how you cum on your own. Is there something you like. A finger/fingers inside her as well as your tongue is usually good. Maybe trying a strap on or dildo. Does she just like penetration in particular? Tribbing is another. Good communication is the key.
  14. I stumbled across this site whilst searching for support for menopause believe it or not. After reading a bit thought, Wow, I've struck Gold... actually finding ladies who felt like me. I could never figure out why I felt different and assumed I was just a nutter. Who can actually love a man or a woman. So many women I'd actually fell for. I couldn't understand why I'd like both. Shy's helped me to understand who I was. That I was NO nutter..... well not in this regard. lol