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  1. Just popped in to ask a question on health. Do any Shybi ladies follow a Ketogenic Diet? or do Paleo etc? Being in my 50's with having some hassles with the big old Menopause and so many people (mostly women), about my age getting Cancer, lead me to research the Ketogenic Diet in particular. Also found many stories on people reversing Diseases like, Alzheimer's, Dementia, Diabetes type 2, even Cancer from just being on tis diet and including Intermittent Fasting. Concentrating on my health more these days, I was curious if anyone here was doing this? The amount of women over 50 getting Cancer is shocking. I work in Aged Care and see so many with Dementia and it's on the rise. I myself, have taken myself off (with my doctor's approval), statin drugs (Lipitor) as I was getting brain fog, a symptom of Menopause, or, is it.? I also have an IBD caused through years of stress from as bad marriage, and some people have found that a Paleo diet has cured them of it. I find it so hard to cut out the breads, cakes etc. After years of eating carbs and sugar, can I turn it around? Maybe I'll get a hot body and turn on the young chicks? Now that's a nice thought?
  2. Sex

    I wish I could take advantage of someone at any age. Lol
  3. Zzz

    That depends on a number of things. Maybe your just tired.
  4. Hi Bella and welcome to Shybi. I agree with BiTriMama, a wonderful lady of wisdom. Relax, you have a huge advantage here, YOUTH. Just be you. Don't rush anything. Don't overthink it and let it flow. A few years can make a lot of difference. I use the analogy of a coin, (it works for me) . A coin has 2 sides but still the same 1 coin. Either side is equal but they belong together. It took me years to figure it out but came to accept this is the real me. I'm Bi and very proud of it. I sometimes think I'm straight as I was for years, but more flexible. I'm not out and will never be as I don't the need to. If I fell for a woman and had a relationship, it's no one's business except hers and mine. And.... to me I'm still Bi, not Lesbian. I have strong feelings for men and woman, just depends on that thing called Chemistry. If you meet a woman, go for it, life's too short, if you meet a man, also go for it. Don't look back in 30 years and say, bugger it, why didn't I go for it when I could have. I'm 55 and wish I could have done things differently. Life is meant to be lived.
  5. Pisces here. Or Rabbit in the Chinese zodiac. I can't remember my moon sign tho. I'm pretty much a typical Pisces. Too sensitive for my own good. A big romantic. My heart can overrule my head if I'm not careful. I do battle with my emotions on a daily basis mostly. I haven't dated in years, but I'd never not date someone just because of their zodiac sign. I do have some preferences tho. Lol. Taurus is one I get on with most times. They can be very stubborn and assertive as times and can then be very sensitive on the other side of it, which can clash with me as I can get over-sensitive sometimes. Breaking through their tough shell can be hard but usually worth it. Leo, I can be attracted to but they too can be a bit bossy for me and I'll get pissed off. Lol. My younger daughter is one, we love each other so much but can't live together. Aires I get one with but I don't click with usually. I'm not good with the fire signs. I think that's more to do with age for me. Having said this, it's also the moon in the sign that makes a difference, so they say. That's why some same signs can be very different. My ex Husband was a Sagittarius (fire sign), my first big relationship with a man was a Leo, (another fire sign) My 2 daughters are both fire signs. My one and only woman was a Taurus. Is there a pattern or what, Lol. My best partner is supposed to be Scorpio, which I have never meet. Maybe something is in it after all.
  6. Queenslander here.
  7. I found that article just plain common sense. They said that 82% were aroused by both sexes, which leaves a remaining 18% that weren't. And 74% of straight women were aroused, leaving 26% that weren't. I reckon that's about normal. That percentage may get higher in the future as Bisexuality gets more accepted but I think there are definitely straight women out there, but not as straight as they think they are. Also, I know some women who would be so disgusted by the thought of having sex with a woman. It's not just sex a woman craves from another woman. It's love, the emotional connections. The feeling of having someone being on the same level, emotionally. For a man sex is more physical, where for a woman, it's more emotional. Of course my theory, like theirs, isn't 100%. I think that there are a lot of women who are, or can be, Bisexual, but not all. There will always be some women who are straight. Only my thoughts as where I live it is mostly straight or gay, no Bi. Doesn't exist. Maybe one day.
  8. I agree. My marriage was never going to work anyway. It had nothing to do with her I feel. I also agree, you either like someone, or, you don't. My old Dad used to say, "you both need to run on the same frequency, or you don't" (frequency, as in electricity or in this case, attraction).
  9. Yep I've been there. Years ago now. I did the exact same and ended the thing with my BF at the time as i wanted to make my marriage work and never wanted to hurt him etc. In my case. It ended in divorce years later. I lost all feeling for him. Also other factors came into it as well which had nothing to do with it. I had years of hell. I also lost all feelings for her as well. Just the way it worked out i guess. This is all of 20 years ago now. I'm now just on my own. Single and free. Just enjoying piece in my life. I'm still very Bi. I still have attraction for women and men. I still dream of seducing a lovely younger woman but I'm not gay. I am and always will be Bi.
  10. I agree with Amethyst. It's advertising that your gay or lesbian. Great if your wanting to do that and get the message out there without saying anything. Go for it if that's the effect you want. If not, maybe tone it down by something different and more suttle. I like to keep people guessing, does their head in and more fun. Lol.
  11. Sounds like the other end of the scale... Menopause. Only with menopause, it keeps on going, on and on. Have you looked into natural things. Things like acupuncture, using essential oils, herbs etc. Balancing hormones. Also herbs that are adaptagens like ashwagander, liquorice root. You can get a saliva test on hormones etc which is better than a blood test. Telling which hormone is higher or lower. This idea works in the case for menopause but not sure how it would go for younger women. Worth asking your doctor or a womens health center. Definitely seek advice as it could lead to problems later. Good Luck.
  12. Hi ! and welcome back. I'd not take it to heart too much. Let your Mum deal with him as you need to live your life for you, not him. Living your life to other peoples expectations never works. It leads to bad health problems etc. Do what you need to do. He will in time accept it I think but it'd your happiness that's the real concern. I hope it works out for you, you disserve it.
  13. Best of Luck mate. Some of us go then come back hopefully you will to. Best Wishes. X
  14. How's my sweet peep Vampire .. Well with a name like that a girl has to wonder... :huh: