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  1. I am Australian. On my Mum's side- English and German. Dads side- Irish.
  2. erotica

    I usually don't read this stuff. but I did enjoy this. Thank You.
  3. To me, being bi-curious is more of a curiosity. I've been with a woman, so can safely say I am bisexual. On the other hand, one doesn't have to bite the apple to know it's sweet either. It's just a label, and as long as you feel comfortable with it, it's fine. I like a label sometimes as it gives me a grounding, a starting point. Bisexuality is a scale and we can slide up or down as we experience life.
  4. You are here because there's a piece of the puzzle missing. I don't think you are confused but more lost in a way. It's like a part of your soul is missing and you are trying to find it. We all feel this. There's an emptiness that allows guilt and desire to creep in and occupy that space making us doubt everything. You're not alone. I hope the ladies here can help to ease this feeling and provide some answers for you. Welcome to Shybi.
  5. Something about New Year makes you dig around in your old CD boxes and find those old favourite songs you liked. Some I never even think about until New Year. I worked in a pub as a barmaid in the early 80s and got so sick of the hits, I thought I'd never listen to them again. 30 years later, I'm digging them out. Some are still on tape. What are some of your favourites from that era.?? I have so many but here are some. Your so Vain by Carly Simon Relax don't do it by Frankie goes to Hollywood. One night in Babcock (can't think of the singers) Cambodia by Kim Wilde Self Control by Laura Branigan Fade to Grey by Visage Keep on Loving you by Reo Speedwagon. I want to kiss you all over by Exile ???
  6. I can really relate to this. I'm now single but i still don't and can't get a woman. If i were you, try and float along with it for now as your kids won't always be kids. Kids also know when their parents aren't happy. I stayed in a loveless marriage for ages but ended up with an auto immune complaint from being under stress consistntly. I also cheated on my, then husband, (unintentionaly). I ended the affair quick as i had my marriage and kids which was priority. My husband never knew and will never know as he would have Shot us both if he knew. It was our secret and I've had to live with that guilt for years. Our divorce had nothing to do with her. To this day I'm still single. I still fall for people i can't have. Hang in there it wont be forever. Something will work out when the time is right. Hugs xx
  7. Yep, coconut oil fan here. Has to be organic. For face, cooking, and oil pullinh and lube. Best thing for older ladies and vaginal dryness.
  8. Ouch, that will hurt there. What are you thinking of getting?
  9. That's me to. Lol
  10. Anyway. As long as it's polite.
  11. Breakfast atm. Trying to figure out what to have. Sunday morning.
  12. Well, My first experience was at 15. A Baddd one. I was raped in a way. In that I mean I was talked into being with this guy as in those days it was a peer pressure thing. The attitude then was, you are not a real woman unless you lose your virginity. Big mistake. Then I had no sexual encounters until 19 with a man I really fell in Love with. He was 38. Of course, I was straight then or thought I was. I never make love with a woman until I was 31.
  13. Um, for me I'm Bi. I was straight most of my life and 50%of me is still straight but... there is another 50% that isn't straight. Even if I had a girlfriend, I'd still identify as Bi, not Lesbian. To Me, I'm truly Bi.
  14. I'm pretty much 50/50. Just love a masculine body and a gorgeous female bod as well. Physically I'm attracted to either. I could go into a serious relationship with either, no problem, but I don't think I will ever marry again. A woman has the softness, tenderness and the emotional connection I crave. I've never had that with a man. If I'd meet the right man, it may have been different. I do wonder that. But things happen for a reason. I'm hoping there is a woman out there who is waiting for me, If not, well I'm glad that I've loved once.
  15. I think it's different for the one's who know they are Bi from young. I had no idea until my early 30's. I think I've always been Bi but my brain was programmed not to think of anything like that. Wasn't until something happened that the penny dropped.
  16. I've asked myself that question for over 20 years. Lol
  17. I can relate to that well. My lady friend (psst friend) have matching tats as well. My ex husband was never cuddly or sensual in any way. I do think it had a big influence on it all. But it did open up my mind and it taught me so much. I'm very grateful for the experience. No man have ever given me such intimacy as she did. Now i crave that.
  18. Another way to look at it maybe the older woman isn't very experienced. If she hasn't got much experience with woman, she maybe just as scared or worried as you. Because a woman is older, she may not be experienced. In my case, I've only been with 1 woman, I'd be a bit nervous if i was with a younger woman. I would feel a bit inadequate in a way. For me, it's not about experience, it's about enjoying being with someone. Finding your way together. Starting a journey together. Enjoy your time together, don't worry about the experience level, life is too short to worry about freaking out. Grab the oppotunity with both hands, (pardon the pun), enjoy it. Just come back and tell us how it went. Lol.
  19. My biggest would be, getting Cancer. I've faced a few things in life but have managed to get by. I've had a close shave with it but I'm still kicking. It scares the F**k out of me.
  20. Wishing you a HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY. I hope you had a nice day. X

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      Us Pisces are pretty special. Lol. 

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      Aw, thank you!  And yes, we are!  :P

  21. Relax, us older girls are pretty easy going. We've had more experience in life and it tends to mellow us. I'd love to be in her position.
  22. Do you take probiotics at all? I get an inflammatory bowel disease which i get a bit of joint pain as well. Probiotcs help and I eat Manuka honey which also has been excellent. An anti-inflammatory diet rich in omega 3 helps to. I guess it's trail and era really, what suits one person doesn't suit another. Stuff like turmric and ginger can help inflammation to. I hope you find sonething that works for you. It's not easy and gets you down to. My best wishes to you redstar. Hugs. X
  23. I follow a Dr Axe on facebook or you can go to his web site. he's an nutritionist and dr of functional medicine. He's amazing. It might help. Certainty worth checking out.
  24. Have you seen a naturopath. I really think diet has a lot of answers. Worst thing is the meds only help the symptoms but don't get to the root of it. I have an auto immune condition as well and sorting stuff out isn't easy. I really feel that the body can heal if given the right fuel.
  25. I guess i come into this as well. I had no idea that i might be Bi. I had no real attraction to girls when i was young but... thinking back i did have a crush on a teacher when i was about 12. I dismissed it as soon as possibly as she was a nun. She was 23, fair hair and blue eyes. Absolutely f***ing gorgeos. What a sin... f**k me. That was it. Nothing until i was about 23. Then i had a fleeting moment where all i could think of was what would it be like to go down on my bf at the time.?? Well she was as straight as a power pole so that was stuffed. Nothing again until i meet the one and only woman i feel in love with at the ripe ol age of 31. Looking back now i think i was always Bi. It never really clicked and i thought i was just a weirdo or sonething was wrong with me. Now i know there's nothing wrong with me at all I'm just Bisexual.