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  1. I googled this and it looks ace!! Definitely going to try and get here. Thanks so much for the pointer!
  2. Haha fair enough, I understand. Do avoid the footnotes though... might be a bit much LOL best wishes I hope you'll update us on the outcome
  3. Hey awesome just googled and read up on the history. I will definitely try and get there! Thank you!
  4. Hey TBD78, cheers for the tip. My friend is living in NY and mentioned to visit Chelsea which is definitely on my list. I'm only staying in Times Square for proximity reasons, because I want to see a few broadway shows... plus I'm obviously a gullible tourist I was just wondering if there was a cool little gay bar in or around the area that's decent that I should check out, but if not, it's not really high on my priority list, just a 'would be nice'. Any names that I should look up, throw my way! I'll google map it and try and find them.
  5. It's a sweet email. I think if it's sent to her personal account, that's probably safer if you have a friendship outside of work (sorry I don't know the history!). I definitely wouldn't advise doing it via corporate email even though it's quite innocently worded because you just don't know what people are like these days. I wonder though why you are choosing to email her rather than just tell her? I understand the thought of rejection is frightening, but it's probably less gut wrenching to get it out and get a response right away, literally, than to compose the email, hit send and wait for her reply, which could take who knows how long! Maybe I'm just more of a direct person, or impatient, but I sometimes think it pays to just bite the bullet. And in this case, with her being your coworker, it might be the preferred choice because there's no paper trail if things go south. Whatever you choose to do, I hope it all goes well for you. Go with your gut, I find it tends to be right more often than not.
  6. Hey all you American ShyBi gals! I'm traveling solo from Aus to the U.S in just over a week and am in L.A and N.Y the longest. Whoo! In L.A, I'm staying on Sunset Blvd, and was wondering if there were any cool lezzy spots I could snoop out on my first few days there? In N.Y, I'll be in Times Square (I know, hectic!) and again wondering what's close? I'm finding Google a bit cryptic... so reaching out to the people! Hoping to go to spots that are relatively easy to get to, and safe. Who knows maybe I'll bump into one of you - keep your ears open for an Aussie accent! haha
  7. I've given all these things a try - I'm at the gym, another sporting club, I volunteer at pride events. You're right it could be part cultural. I would go to the bars more but it feels forced and so meat markety. I think I'm a decent looking person and I have my stuff together with work etc, but still no luck. The responses I've had on this thread have helped me feel better today but my god it's gruelling. I'm so over pretending to enjoy being single too. All these couples keep at me saying "you should enjoy it, use your spare time etc etc" and I'm like "yep thanks good advice..." they don't know how lucky they are sometimes.
  8. Ugh Vampire it's the absolute pits. If nothing else I hope you feel less alone knowing I'm in the same spot. Best of luck to you too, at least this forum is a good support.
  9. I think I've definitely put myself out there. It's hard to keep going. I'm not the kind who does flings or kisses randoms in clubs and all that, so I think it's just hard for me because I really am waiting to find someone decent. I appreciate your kind words.
  10. This is soo accurate. It definitely is tough out there. And in the meantime I see friends meeting people and going on multiple dates and I just think to myself, my god is it me? But I have my life together. Stable job, balanced life with physical activity and travel. It's fun but I'm at a point i've been alone forever and would just like to experience what it is everyone else does, even if it's fleeting at least experience it. I won't give up I suppose but my motivation has definitely taken a hit.
  11. Hey all been absolutely ages since I've been on here, mostly because I forgot my password, lol. Just a bit of a reach out - I'm in my mid twenties, never been in a relationship. Never had any intimacy with anyone male or female. The past two years I've really put myself out there. I've speed dated, been on tinder, gone to gay bars, tried ok cupid, hell, I asked out a random girl I kept seeing around that I found attractive. The results? Speed dating I got 5 numbers. Not one texted me back. Tinder I've been stood up a few times. Most people match but don't reply. Had people lie about being single when actually in a relationship. The latest disappointment I spoke to a girl, asked to catch up, but she said she felt no spark. How the heck can you be sure there'll be no spark if you don't actually meet?! The random girl I asked ended up being in a hetero relationship, so that's hardly a shock. It was good to have asked her even though that was the case as it proved to me that it's not that scary to just ask people out. Ok Cupid a bunch of people lied about their location so uh, ditched that. Anyway. I know I'm not entitled to anything. I don't expect people to line up for me. But I'm struggling to understand why I'm not even able to get one or two dates going. Does anyone else find online dating completely fickle? I'm just kinda losing hope that I'll ever meet anyone. People say be patient but put yourself out there. i've done exactly that. I'm at a total loss and just can't figure out if it's me or just the way dating is these days. I'm so genuine with my interactions with people and I don't just swipe for anyone or ask anyone out, so it just feels really awful that I'm rejected by people who haven't even had an opportunity to get to know me properly. I think I'd feel less crap if they actually saw me in person and then said nope. At least then they actually meet me for real. I don't know. If there's anyone else out there in even a remotely similar position, please comment on this thread. It would be great to know I'm not the only one.