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  1. celeste teal

    Shybi Book Club - Herland

    Thanks @la-femme What is required to be Silver, or above?
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    Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Here's to a day full of soft, bouncy love

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      Happy Valentine's Day to You too. Our curatress of the highest order. @celeste teal

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    Inspiring Pictures Of Women With Women

    Happy Valentine's Day everyone!
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    N 8220 - A Library of Congress Classification treasure zone

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      I love this... How spectacular @celeste teal

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    Anyone want to join me in testing this ?

    Whoo hooo! I'm in. What band is that in the banner?
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    "I believe the world is incomprehensibly beautiful, an endless prospect of magic and wonder."     

    Ansel Adams

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      What a wonderful world view @celeste teal. Never stop wondering....

  7. celeste teal

    Waves Of Change

    This resonates with something that I feel very deep inside; that women have the emotional and psychological means to throw "a very wide net of sensuality" (I love that phrase) especially around other women and when combined with sexual desire and pleasure can transform the experience and meaning of love, and sex. Yes, I believe that a tsunami of love between women that is inclusive has the potential to transform society in a very positive way. I share your optimism! You're very welcome @CallistoDidNotWin. Thank you for your very interesting thoughts and insights.
  8. celeste teal

    Waves Of Change

    You're welcome @WingedPixie! Thank you for the kind words; I'm glad you like it
  9. celeste teal

    Waves Of Change

    There are some interesting studies of women's physical sexual arousal where women are presented with a variety of sexual imagery and their sexual response is measured by observing increased blood flow in vaginal walls. Researchers were surprised to see that women get turned on by same-sex imagery just as much as opposite-sex imagery. Even women who identified as 100% androphilic got turned on by seeing women with women. These results are what some in the media used to support the claim that "All Women are Bi, or Gay" which dismayed many of the researchers as they believe that women's sexuality is complicated and there is a large part of it that is determined by society and by women themselves. There is no denying though that deep under the surface, buried in hearts and minds, as you say, virtually all women are attracted to other women. What we are seeing in society is women gradually being given the permission to accept and celebrate that reality. I love your choice of the word tsunami because that is the phase we are now entering. In the language of social change science we have moved beyond the tipping point of women reporting having sex with other women and are entering a rapid growth phase. In private aspects of sexuality, such as acknowledged feelings of attraction or fantasies, etc. I think you are completely correct - those numbers are much higher than 20% and could be 50% or higher. For these women, which comprise the social change group of "early majority" I think the biggest obstacle is not denial but opportunity. This is what the organization Skirt Club is responding to - giving women a safe supportive space to express the same-sex part of their sexuality. PS - Thank you for the interesting quotes on denial
  10. I've been following her for awhile and was very pleased when she announced her candidacy for President. I'm dismayed but not surprised by the coordinated attacks on her; her anti-war stance is against the wishes of very powerful forces which strive to control the international agenda for the US. She has the potential to become a strong centralist candidate who could siphon off anti-war Trump voters (yes, that was an issue with many) as well as attract disaffected Democrats. It is very telling how the media has fallen into lock-step against her.