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  1. Waving hello....while doing some research on something you posted yesterday (?) ... it was about a book on polygamy

  2. Amber and Suzanne - sometimes a set of wedding photographs gets me a bit teary, these did http://www.andreatarlatifotografia.it/same-sex-wedding-ambersuzanne-wedding-photographer-in-lucca/?lang=en
  3. Hugs to you story weaver dream maker and creative genius with an amazing sense of humour

  4. What aspects were most surprising or unusual? One thing that I found unusual was the way the society of Herland lacked competition and hierarchy. They were more like a co-operative, or perhaps even communist but unlike the versions were have seen in the past 100 years they didn't have follow any rigid dogma and there wasn't an elite that had living standards significantly higher than the average person. There were several instances in the book where the men who were "visiting" compared Herland to an ant colony, or a bee hive in the way the individuals cooperated towards survival and the raising of babies, which is so different from our society. Their society seems to be largely free from greed, fear and strife. When I was thinking about this I was reminded of the song Imagine by John Lennon - the lyrics seem to be a close fit for Herland. .
  5. @JadeBleu15 That's what I thought too - they would have to take on many of the roles that males usually perform, such as builders, manual labour etc. Since they are in a completely isolated place they wouldn't have to be concerned with aggression from the outside so they wouldn't really need warriors, and the way their society has developed over the centuries they don't really need police either. Imagine if we didn't need that in our society; there would be so much more wealth available to spend on education and raising babies!
  6. Today I'm flying the library solo...with no parachute!

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    2. celeste teal

      celeste teal

      @N00Bi Yes, sort of haha

      @JadeBleu15 Thank you, it was kind of thrilling sitting in the cockpit (reference desk)

      @myladylove Take off and landing were safe but not completely graceful. I did enjoy the day! :)

    3. N00Bi


      Fun! I worked in the library in college and in bookstores after. I came pretty close to going into a MLS program.

    4. celeste teal

      celeste teal

      @N00BiI graduated with an MLIS many years ago but didn't work in an actual library till just recently

  7. Sex, Time and Power How Women's Sexuality Shaped Human Evolution by Leonard Shlain The author is a surgeon who attempts to explain why we are so different from other mammals and primates, differences which include: bipedal-ism, our large brains, capacity for abstract thought, hairless skin, loss of estrus, secret ovulation, particularly heavy menses, menopause and women's capacity for orgasm. One particularly interesting hypothesis is that out unique ability to travel conceptually through time - we are aware of the past, present and future and can use this to learn and plan - is the result of women becoming aware of the temporal similarity between the internal experience of menses and the external observation of the phases of the moon, ie. women discovered the concept of time. https://www.amazon.com/Sex-Time-Power-Sexuality-Evolution/dp/0670032336
  8. As the bride walked down the aisle, she looked effulgent in her sparkling gown.
  9. You're most welcome souther star