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    Happy Thanksgiving! 

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  3. The illustration on the cover of The Forerunner reveals Charlotte's ideas about how the sexes, female and male, should relate to each other to make a better world than the one she lived in at the turn of the 20th century. She rejected the patriarchal imperative that women should devote themselves fully to the raising of children and tending to the affairs of the home and insisted that women needed to be economically independent from men and to be equal partners in the external world of business, academia and government. In the illustration we can see this sentiment expressed by both the woman and the man equally supporting the sphere which represents the "world" - the source of external resources (money, food, housing, education etc.) which support the baby standing on top of it. The woman is directly supporting the baby with her other hand and the man is indirectly supporting the baby by supporting the woman's arm. This distinction between direct and indirect support of the baby reflects, I think, Charlotte recognizing that there is an inherent maternal instinct in women and that a partial division of labour between the sexes is still warranted in raising children, unlike the patriarchal notion of an absolute division of labour. The position of the baby, on top of the sphere and above the kneeling forms of the man and woman represents Charlotte's belief that loving and raising children should be the highest priority of society. This attitude is clearly evident in the description of Herland society.
  4. Welcome to Shybi! Start by reading the Forums. There are many threads and discussions about all the issues that women face when they begin the journey of exploring their sexuality. The people here are wonderful and can offer much wisdom, advice and support.
  5. Congratulations Australia!
  6. Congratulations for Australia's historic postal survery results - 61.6% say yes to same-sex marriage! (with a voter response of 79.5%)


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      Good news, the world is moving on.

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      Wonderful News!! 

       Proud moment for many :-) 

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      This was a huge step.  Hopefully the government will move swiftly to enact this overwhelming desire of the country’s people.