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  1. Welcome to Shybi! Start by reading the Forums. There are many threads and discussions about all the issues that women face when they begin the journey of exploring their sexuality. The people here are wonderful and can offer much wisdom, advice and support.
  2. Congratulations Australia!
  3. Congratulations for Australia's historic postal survery results - 61.6% say yes to same-sex marriage! (with a voter response of 79.5%)


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    2. myladylove


      Good news, the world is moving on.

    3. curiousforknowledge


      Wonderful News!! 

       Proud moment for many :-) 

    4. KAHcurious


      This was a huge step.  Hopefully the government will move swiftly to enact this overwhelming desire of the country’s people.

  4. We just finished watching season 8. I was really worried about the loss of Sue, Mel AND Mary (omg) but I have to say that I was very happy with the season and it delivered what I love most - tension, great baking and fantastic contestants who are the heart and soul of the show. I love the chemistry they have and how they cheer on and support each other. It's quite remarkable really to see such camaraderie among competitors and that will keep me coming back for as long as they make the show. I do miss Sue, Mel and Mary - I hope somehow they can be brought back (please). Also - the post show update of Sophie and Steven was such a surprise and a delight!
  5. I know, right! When I searched for an image of "word of the day canoodle" it was half way down on the page of results. Serendipity is our friend! (so is Google). It's from an entire alphabet bracket set that Ted McCagg created 5 years ago. Here's his web site of drawings: http://tedmccagg.typepad.com/drawings/
  6. I was intrigued by this word so I searched the mighty Google and found that there is a movie Fanaa, that sounds pretty good! https://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/1194626_fanaa?
  7. This is one of my favourite words, probably in my Top 5 of words.
  8. grat13.jpg

    Thank you everyone for making Shy such a beautiful place. 

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    2. ZuZu'sPetals


      It is your art and sharing that makes it so 

    3. blueberry


      Thank you, too. Always love to look at your avatar. 

    4. JadeBleu15


      @celeste teal  thank you for the reminder, just what I needed to read tonight.  :)