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  1. I didn't know of this day until i saw your thread. I am only out to three people right now. How did it go?
  2. It's the highest emotional high and can dive to the lowest low. Sometimes it does hurt, yes. What's your favorite time of day?
  3. Hello ladies, I am working in Missouri for a bit and this is my first long weekend. If anyone has ever been here or lives in the state I would love some advice on places to go and things to do. No limits really to my exploratory interest--indoor or out--science, society, history, entertainment, sports, food, etc. Let me tell you what I've already had the opportunity to see. -In St. Louis: the Arch, fox theatre, City Museum, the Cardinals, and historic sites that will earn one a stamp in their public parks and historical sites passport. Good food options are critical intel. I can catch my own if needs be (I've read that there is great bass fishing at lake of the Ozarks). I am looking forward to exploring this beautiful state and any guidance would be much appreciated. (hugs)
  4. four day weekend whoo hoo! time to go exploring.

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    2. SHINE ON

      SHINE ON

      I can tell u some fun in nor cal but that's about it. I love the festivals. Do you get into theam with costumes... great food n fun . Enjoy your adventure.


    3. SHINE ON

      SHINE ON

      I can tell u some fun in nor cal but that's about it. I love the festivals. Do you get into theam with costumes... great food n fun . Enjoy your adventure.


    4. Hygieia


      In theme when possible.

  5. dropped by to say hello. hope the holiday weekend is going well for you

  6. love your profile pic

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    2. Hygieia
    3. Integralbi


      Thank you. Yours is great, too.

    4. Hygieia


      thank you. Blue seems to be a theme in both pictures.

  7. enjoyed reading your profile. Hardcore EDM is some of my favorite running music. :-) hope all is well in your world.

    1. DiscoLemonade


      Aw thanks :) EDM is my favorite music for a lot of things lol. I definitely love working out to it though. Who are some of your favorite DJs?

    2. Hygieia


      David Guetta recently, Shrillex, R3hab... I'm not great with remembering dj names. Who are some of your favorites?

    3. DiscoLemonade


      How is is possible I didn't respond to a comment about EDM? :blink:

      I'm also bad with names of DJ's but off the top of my head I love Scooter, Fred V & Grafix, Etherwood, Sub Focus, most of the Monstercat stuff.. all kinds of random awesome lol.

      I'm mostly into old school/happy hardcore, liquid d&b, jungle, trance, house, and progressive. What about you?

  8. dropping by to say hello. Since you like anime - If you haven't seen it yet, I'd recommend yu-yu hakusho, or baki the grappler for anime.

  9. We haven't hung out again, but she still checks in when we're not at work. I think she got the message. I hope we can hang out again and things continue to be good.
  10. Why can I not stop hoping? I want to shut wanting and caring and pining off. Utterly disappointed.
  11. More to follow, just had to share. She is awesome, the friendship developed slowly, so happy! I have someone to meet and chat with. I wouldn't have had the courage to do this without all the support and conversations on here with all you wonderful people. Thank you!