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  5. As the fireworks exploded I felt a hand on my leg and a mouth on mine. Everyone was singing auld Lang syne but I felt dizzy. Too much alcohol? She paused and looked at me, unsure, and I figured, what the hell, it’s new year and pressed my mouth against hers. There were people kissing everywhere so no one noticed to strangers, both girls, their mouths connected, prising their tongues in to each other’s mouths. Her hand moved up my leg, underneath my skirt and I sighed as her tongues explored my mouth and fireworks exploded around us. The heady mix of new year celebrations, fireworks and alcohol were whirling around my brain in a confused cacophony of pleasure. As if sensing my unease, she took my hand and led me away from the crowd to where it was a little darker and behind a tree so no one could see. We could still hear the music and see the fireworks in the sky but we were slightly alone. She pushed me against the tree, still kissing me and I enjoyed her kiss. She tasted sweet and I wanted more. Her hand was less shy now we were out of the crowd, further up my thigh until she found my lacy panties. Hmmmmm she murmured, praising her tongue deeper in to my mouth. Hmmm... I sighed as her hand slid inside my crotch. My, by now, wet crotch. She pushed her finger firmly inside me, then a second. Fingering me as she continued her kiss. And then she slipped off her jacket, placed it on the floor and knelt on it in front of me, pulling my skirt right up and pulling down my panties, pulling them from me and tossing them in to the darkness. still fireworks exploded and music played and singing and new year wishes filled the air as she parted my legs and her New Years kiss met my clit. Soft and gentle flicks and then firmer slipping two fingers inside me as her mouth licked my cunt. I groaned and sighed. Her tongue flicking on my ever swollen clit, saying happy new year, slowly, quickly, two strangers in the dark. As the fireworks exploded In The sky, I exploded on her mouth and I cried out as my orgasm shook through me but my cries were drowned out by the new year celebrations. She enjoyed my pleasure and so did I as I screamed and bucked hard as she held her tongue firmly against my clit. As I stilled, she slowed and stood and kissed me firmly on the lips, whispering in my ear ‘Happy New year’ And in a heartbeat she was gone. Lost in the crowd. I pulled down my skirt and went back to the crowd and found my boyfriend who pulled me to him and kissed me. ‘’Hmmmmm you taste good,” he whispered whilst sliding a hand up my skirt. ‘Oh my and you’re wet and not wearing and panties, just wait until I get you home you naughty girl’... but he wasn’t my first in 2018... I don’t know who she was but that was the best new year kiss I’d ever had... what a climax to 2017!
  6. I’m definitely with you on the cinema... sounds like a hot, raunchy date to me. As for the rain, a t shirt in the rain, peeling it off or seeing those nipples underneath... now that’s making me feel... Er.... lol
  7. Oh dear... Someone flirts with you outrageously. Arranges to meet you then cancels. Sent a couple of chatty texts but no replies so time to knock any ideas of that one on the head. lord knows what I’ve done. No point even trying to wonder... sucks pretty badly but no reply is a message in itself... they just aren’t that in to me. Ah ok... lol
  8. Thanks for the follow. How are things? Looking forward to the school holidays? X

  9. Love a good make out session... and who knows where it may lead...
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  11. It’s frustrating when your only outlets are writing erotica, using your rabbit, watching porn, or playing with your fingers... How I long to make some of the erotica come true... anyone else feel like this? I long to take a woman’s nipple into my mouth, slip my fingers inside her and taste her sweet, sweet nectar... sigh
  12. I stepped in to the shop, and a young red headed assistant came over and asked if she could help me. The thoughts that ran through my head shocked me as I noticed her cute face and glanced down at her pert breasts under her corporate white blouse and the hint of a lacy red bra underneath. Not surprising given this shop sold lingerie and it was her job to sell it. I picked up a sexy purple lacy number and asked if the had my size and she asked if I needed a fitting. I nodded and she took me to the cubicles at the rear of the store. She told me to remove my shirt and she’d come in and look at the bra I was currently wearing the give her a shout when I was ready. I did as she requested and she came in to the cubicle, closing the door behind her. She looked at the bra I was wearing. A black number and checked the sizing, 34G. She told me to lift my arms and checked the gapping. She nodded and then disappeared, quickly coming back with some options for me to try. I noticed one was a low cut red number, with black cross cross ribbon across the top. Not my usual thing and perhaps more suited to the sex bedroom wardrobe than the daily work wardrobe... she told me to try them on and then get her to come in and check. I did each in turn. Every time she came in she slipped her hand in side my bra cups to check I was pulled to the front. Each time I let out a sigh, desperate for her to kiss me but she was just doing her job. finally I tried the low cut sexy number on and called her back. She came in, shut the door and bolted it. She nodded, “very nice!” Her lips were on mine before I knew it. Initially I was shocked but then I pushed my tongue gently in to her mouth, flicking it around inside her mouth suggestively as her tongue explored my mouth eagerly. Then she turned me to face the mirror, whilst kissing my neck behind me. “This looks amazing on you,”she said, taking my red lace clad breasts in her her hands and squeezing them, rolling her hands around on them. I moaned softly as she slipped her fingers inside and began to roll my nipples between them, still kissing my neck. I watched in the mirror as her hands travelled down across my tummy on to my skirt, down my legs, slowly pulling up my kirt, revealing inch after inch of leg above the knee and a stocking top and suspenders. She playfully flicked the suspended, pulling my skirt up so I could see my own lace panties in the mirror. Her hands ran up and down my outer thighs. Across the stockings to the bare leg and back again. I moaned gently. She slipped her right hand inside my panties whilst her left hand we t back to my breast, inside the bra. As one hand toyed with my nipple, tweaking and and rubbing it, the other slipped between my wet lips, gently fingering my clit. ”Pull off your panties,”she whispered in my ear. I didn’t hesitate, yanking them to the floor, watching in the mirror as she watched as I bent forward, stepping out of them. Her hands were on my bottom, massaging it as she reached back around. “Open your legs!” She ordered. As I did I watched in the mirror as she pushed two fingers inside me easily as I was so wet. Her fingers massaged my clit as her other fingers played with my nipples. I watched my own desire and pleasure in the mirror. ”Sit in the chair,” she ordered. I sat in the chair that faced the mirror. A large, leather looking easy chair with arms on the side. She knelt in front of me, lifting each leg over each arm of the chair, exposing my smooth cunt to her and to me in the mirror. I could see I was wet and my clit was swollen. She wasted no time and her tongue was on it. Licking. She sucked hard and I yelped. Trying to stay quiet so the customers and other assistants wouldn’t hear. Her tongue felt like magic against my clit as I watched her licking me langoriously in the mirror. Suddenly it wasn’t just her tongue, but her fingers finger fucking me as her tongue toyed with me. I rode on a crescendo of pleasure as first two fingers then three pushed hard inside me as her mouth sucked my swollen clit. I raised myself to her mouth, not wanting it to ever stop, and bucked hard as my orgasm ripped through my body, wave after wave, over and over, stilling then again, cumming and cumming until she had drunk all my juices and I couldn’t take it anymore. she moved up my body, kissing my mouth hard. It turned me on to taste my own sex in her mouth. She pulled me to standing as we kissed in front of the mirror. I undid her blouse and it fell to the floor and I slipped her bra straps off, undoing it and letting it fall to the floor as I bit each nipple in turn. It was her turn to moan as I sucked hard on them. She pulled up her skirt and I sighed as she wasn’t wearing any panties. ”You naughty bitch!” I whispered in her ear, “you’re a sexy bitch!” ”Lets fuck?” She whispered back. we fell to the floor which had a thick carpet. To begin with fingers and mouth were everywhere and then we slowed. She sat opposite me and opened her legs wide. I opened mine and manoeuvred until our open legs were entwined and our pussies met. We wriggled together until our clots touched and I felt a jolt of electricity coursing through my veins as we began to move rhythmically together, clit on clit, slowly at first then more frantically and faster and harder until we both helped quietly trying to keep quiet so no one would hear. We could hear the chattering in the store and people coming and going from the other cubicles but we were just cumming. Cumming hard together. Our juices exploding on each other in a volcanic heated sexual eruption that rocked us both as we melded together for what felt like hours. As we stilled in our orgasmic aftershocks, we slowed and shuddered until both were satiated and wet with sweat and smelling of each other’s sex. We kissed and she thanked me. We dressed and left the cubicle. oh and I purchased the sexy bra, and matching panties and wore them later for my girlfriend, in front of the mirror at Home... she told me what a naughty girl I was as she spanked me before peeling off my new bra as I licked her out in front of the mirror... I silently thanked the nameless girl in the store for teaching this older girl some new tricks to take home...
  13. I think about it a lot but still to try it... I’m worse at pulling girls than I am at pulling men lol