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  1. I didn't know who Elle Alexandra was until I saw your post. But now I do - soooo a BIG thank you And this one is going on my bucket list now, too.
  2. For a while now, my sex life has been almost exclusively with women, and I've been very satisfied. So this is more about making awesome sex even better: 1) Foreplay that involves massaging each other while we are both naked 2) Passionate kissing while we feel each other up 3) More tribbing (one of my favorite acts/positions with a woman)
  3. These are all the right questions.
  4. Same here! My habit now is that most days I wear cheekies and prefer those that cover no more than half my bum. When I go out on weekends I prefer to wear a thong (it's also what looks best with a lot of my sexier clothes.) The trick is finding a brand and style that's really comfortable for your thongs. I'm not too particular on what I like seeing my girlfriend wear, but she wears hipsters, cheekies, and thongs, too.
  5. Standing next to an attractive woman who is wearing a sensual, intoxicating perfume. The right scent can make me weak in the knees.
  6. Yes, I definitely watch a fair amount of girl-girl porn, too! It takes some filtering to get past the stuff that's fake, but there's a lot of good stuff out there that shows women passionate with each other. In fact, I don't know if you can call it porn, but I love videos of women making out with each other. And you're not alone, I've fantasized many times about a woman while I was with a guy. But as BiTriMama said, it's better to just be with a woman that way you don't have to fantasize about someone else. ;)
  7. Going down on my sexy yoga teacher. I seriously keep thinking about her. She has long, gorgeous brown hair that goes down to the middle of her back, dreamy green eyes, and an astonishingly tight body. This morning I constantly fought thoughts of whether she would let me go down on her and make her moan with pleasure for the next half hour. I am working up the courage to ask her out...
  8. I much prefer oral sex to vaginal penetration, too. Vaginal feels good for me, but I've never been able to cum from that alone. Oral is much more exciting for me. That said, I do like a finger or two in me during oral. And as I've said before, my most intense orgasms are from anal, but I know I'm kinda rare that way. I'm curious, given your preference, do you enjoy sex with men?
  9. Love your pic! Love ladies who love fitness ;) I've been working hard on my bootaaay as well.

    1. sapphic_heart


      Awesome! Love hearing when people say they're working out hard! Heavy squats & heavy deadlifts will make that booty look gooood! It's my favorite body part to work ;)

    2. Clarity


      For sure! I practice martial arts and lift weights. That with a solid diet (mossstttt of the time hehe) keeps me fit and healthy!

  10. Yay! OMG, I'm so happy for you, honey! This is wonderful news. Sounds like you two have an incredible connection. And the sex will be amazing, I'm sure! Here's to passionate, steamy love!
  11. Wow, that's fascinating. I do personal training with mostly female clients. I try to stay professional and have never gone the route of coming on to a client, but I can understand where a woman might be attracted to their sexy female trainer and try to hit on her. I'm glad to hear more women are opening up about their attraction to other women and finding a place where they don't have to feel strange about it!
  12. How did they know this is what I needed? ;) They said the goal is not to orgasm, but I'd be surprised if I didn't.
  13. Just wanted to let you know your avatar is mega sexy! :)

    1. sapphic_heart


      Thank you very much. It represents well the fitness side of me :)

    2. stillinhouston


      I second BiTri's opinion - and love your signature scent!

  14. You may find out by being with another man, but it also sounds like you're more sexually excited the chance to be with a woman. If you had the opportunity to have sex with someone you found very attractive, would you rather it be a man or a woman? Whatever direction you go in, just know there's no shame in being more physically attracted to women right now. It's perfectly normal. The hard part will be figuring out how you want to work out that fact with your husband. Just don't feel guilty over your desires or feel bad about them. We can't force sexual attraction, but if you're considerate to your husband I think things will ultimately work out for the best.
  15. This is very similar to how I feel, too. Women are so much more satisfying to me, too. Not just sexually, although that's a big part of it. I can also connect better with women romantically. And it just feels more natural for me to be with the same gender. I like your term "Homoflexible." I've never heard that before, but it's a good description for me, too.