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  1. Seeing this billboard almost everyday on my way to work.
  2. Giving! No doubt about it. The opportunity to make my partner moan, squirm, and orgasm with that much pleasure is just so gratifying that it's no contest for me.
  3. I didn't know who Elle Alexandra was until I saw your post. But now I do - soooo a BIG thank you And this one is going on my bucket list now, too.
  4. For a while now, my sex life has been almost exclusively with women, and I've been very satisfied. So this is more about making awesome sex even better: 1) Foreplay that involves massaging each other while we are both naked 2) Passionate kissing while we feel each other up 3) More tribbing (one of my favorite acts/positions with a woman)
  5. These are all the right questions.
  6. Same here! My habit now is that most days I wear cheekies and prefer those that cover no more than half my bum. When I go out on weekends I prefer to wear a thong (it's also what looks best with a lot of my sexier clothes.) The trick is finding a brand and style that's really comfortable for your thongs. I'm not too particular on what I like seeing my girlfriend wear, but she wears hipsters, cheekies, and thongs, too.
  7. Standing next to an attractive woman who is wearing a sensual, intoxicating perfume. The right scent can make me weak in the knees.