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  1. Hey stranger, hope you're well?

  2. Hi, I'm Irish and so glad to see a few other Irish lasses on here. I'm in the midlands, so not easy to find people in the same position as me. I am married with a very understanding husband. It sure would be nice to have a get together organised sometime.
  3. I'm back for a while ladies. Must say I felt slightly overwhelmed at the new format of the site, May drop in from time to time to see how everyone is doing. I'm good, daughter just finishing her Junior Cert exams in 2 days and then we are off to Disneyland Paris for a 5 day break. Must admit I'm looking forward to this more than a woman of my age perhaps should, but I am :) Hope to catch up with some of ya soon xx

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    2. Rocker83


      Lovely to see you back hun:D x

    3. Shebop


      Thanks, ladies. I have to say I am trying to navigate myself around the site, it's all so very new and modern! I'm hoping it won't take me too long.

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      Look who it is! I do hope you enjoy your holiday :D 

  4. I sit in the car, waiting impatiently as she says goodbye to her daughter, who is staying at my house for the night with my own daughter and my husband, as we have a night away to ourselves, a night long awaited and anticipated, and at least on my part, a night which has been forefront in my mind since her arrival in Ireland 3 days before. Those 3 days have been fun, and most enjoyable, but my impatience for this night to call our own marred the enjoyment somewhat, because all my feelings of lust, as well as a longing to show this beautiful blond Canadian woman who has been a part of my life in one way or another through online chats since July of 2015, just how special and lovely she actually is, as from what I had gotten to know of her she seems to sell herself short on worthiness and merit, in life in general but especially as a woman who is so deserving and capable of romantic, and lustful love. The only thing which is threatening to spoil my eagerness and excitement is the worry of whether or not I will succeed in making her feel good, as I realise most of the feelings of desire are on my own part, and not so much from her. I know that most of her feelings on this night are stemming from a curiosity, as well as possibly a loving desire to be cosseted, as opposed to feeling lust or longing, which is ok, or so I keep telling myself. But this impatience is growing as at last she puts her overnight bag in the back seat and finally gets in the passenger seat beside me. I say "Ok, you all set now?" and she replies "Yup" in her typical Canadian manner. So I start the engine and we set off. I have booked us into a cheap hotel in Longford town, about an hour and 15 minute drive from my place, just to get away to where nobody knows me and I can relax. There is probably going to be some live music in the lounge bar of the hotel that evening, and if not we will find a pub where there is, just so we can relax and be ourselves. So, as we leave Kinnegad we put on some CDs and play and sing along to some corny, cheesy stuff which basically sums up my music collection. We chat and joke along the motorway, keeping things light hearted, all the while I am thinking about how she looked when I saw her appear through the arrivals gate at Dublin airport earlier in the week, and how lovely she looked. I am remembering how lovely she smelled as I hugged her hello, and how good it was to actually touch this woman who had filled my early mornings with such intense feelings of sexual arousal on my laptop screen. I wondered if she was thinking anything the same way. In fact, I wondered it all the time ever since. We hadn't really had a chance to talk much, just the odd inference to those times, and some stolen glances across otherwise occupied tables or rooms. How I longed to kiss her, properly on the mouth, and feel the softness of her lips, and the fullness of her breasts pressed against mine as we would embrace, closely. I try to focus on the road and stop these feelings taking over my whole mind. I ask her how she is feeling as we drive along, and she answers that she is feeling good, but I can tell she is thinking about her daughter. I suggest she calls her as soon as we arrive and this seems to pacify her. I then tell her that what we had discussed before she came over still stood, that we do not have to do anything that she, or I for that matter are not comfortable with, and she assures me she is feeling fine and she smiles, and reaches for my hand. My heart almost skips a beat from her touch, it almost feels electric. We continue on with happy chatting and singing, and soon enough we arrive. After checking in, I ask her if she would like to go straight to the room or would she like a drink or something to eat, she says she would like to go on up to the room. So we enter the basic, but sufficient and clean bedroom, and I hand her my phone and tell her to call my house so she can talk to her daughter, which she does, then I speak to my husband and daughter for a few minutes and we hang up. I tell her I really think we ought to relax and make the most of what little time we have to be alone and she agrees. I hold my arms out to her and she comes to me and wraps her arms around me. We embrace tightly and there it is again, that lovely smell, a smell unique to Reva, not strange, not even very unusual, just different from any smell I have encountered before. It's her aroma, and I love it. We loosen our grip on one another, and I look into her beautiful bright blue eyes and I lean in toward her face, my lips slightly parted, searching out hers. She doesn't repel, but doesn't make any physical effort to kiss me, so I lean in further until my mouth meets hers. I am trying to be tentative, in case she doesn't want to indulge in this first act of intimacy between us, but I actually get a response! My heart starts beating harder as our soft lips lock on each other, searching, almost feeding hungrily. God this feels so good! I feel her teeth gently rubbing against my bottom lip as we suck on each other's mouths, it is nothing short of beautiful. The oh so familiar tingling in my clitoris starts to accelerate now, as I feel myself wetting up, God how I want this woman! We pull apart and she smiles at me, and my heart melts, as I smile back at her, and whisper "Ok?" and she smiles and nods, then we are eating each other's lips again. I am in heaven right now and I don't want it to stop. The tingling is developing into a throb, and I really need to compose myself as I suggest we maybe get freshened up and go out for a bite to eat and maybe have a drink and find somewhere to listen to some music and have a bop around. She seems happy with this suggestion and we both get changed, she puts on a lovely sexy dress that accentuates her figure beautifully, and I wear a nice pair of jeans and a flattering top, which covers my belly amply. I am determined not to let my oversized belly take over and spoil my enjoyment oftonightso I stop thinking about it and just enjoy the delight that is Reva putting on her makeup. So surreal it is, to be watching her do it in person and not on a computer screen. It's magical.. We go and eat in the hotel restaurant, just a simple bar food meal, and I have a couple of glasses of wine. It does it's usual job of making me suitably amorous and all I can think about is how much I want to taste this woman. I want to cum while smelling her Reva smell. God I feel like an absolute lech, but I just can't help it. There's a pub a few doors down with a live band playing, so we go in there. The music is not my scene, but it has a beat and Reva seems happy enough to move her sexy body in time to it, so I'm happy enough and I have another drink. Bacardi this time with a diet coke and I am feeling very relaxes, and happy as I watch Reva move around to the music with her diet coke in her hand. She gets talking to some of the local people here and I chat to some of the people sitting at the bar, but all the while I am watching her and wishing the fuck I had her back in that room so we could ravage each other. It's all I can think about. I smile at her across the bar and she smiles back, then she comes over and asks me if I want to finish up my drink and head back. I am astounded, could this woman possibly want me even half as much as I want her?? We get back to the room, and I tell her "You looked lovely back there in the pub, I just wanted to get you to myself". She smiles and says "Come here" and so I do, and then we are off, kissing hungrily again. Now I can feel my pussy wetting up and throbbing and I long to touch hers to see if it feels the same. I reach out to touch her breasts, and her nipples are standing to attention, just as mine are. Oooh they feel so good through her bra. I reach inside her bra and feel the softness of her breast, contrasted with the firmness of her nipple. I am HORNY now! I want to wrap my mouth around this gorgeous tit, so I abandon her sexy mouth while I feel around to open her bra and suck on her nipple. It tastes and feels beautiful. She seems to appreciate the feel of my mouth around it going by her soft little moans of pleasure. I am really enjoying myself now, so I reach for the other boob, we wouldn't want it to feel jealous now... Just then she reaches out and touches my breast, and the feeling is electric, I am loving this feeling. I ask if she wants to get undressed and lie down and she says yes, so we strip down to our underwear and I hastily get under the covers, for, as much as I want to, I can't relax enough to not care about my flabby body, so I make the lighting soft with just one small overhead light above the bed and watch her as she undresses and gets into the bed naked. She touches my hair, softly, gently stroking it and traces her finger around my neck, feather soft. It feels lovely, a mixture of relaxation and pure unadulterated want. But I want it to continue, so I close my eyes and enjoy the feelings, at the same time reaching for her and lightly tracing my fingers around her nipples and watching her in the soft light as she lies on one elbow slightly over me. I kiss her again and this time I feel her tongue studs brushing against my tongue, a delicious new feeling to me, and I am loving it. I want to fuck her, and I am hoping she will allow me to pleasure her as well as myself, and I hope most of all she wants it too and will enjoy it. I take my underwear off and lie there, looking at her.I start to touch myself, and feel the wetness of my pussy. She smiles when she hears the telltale slurping sound so I ask her if I can touch her. She doesn't reply, but just lies flat with her legs spread, so I take this as an assent and I put my palm over her mons. It is super smooth, completely hair free, a bit of a contrast to my trimmed downy fuzz, but it's lovely. I slide my finger between her outer labia and I can feel her slippery wet pussy and it is so sexy. I feel around for her clit and I find it almost instantly, like a little pearl among the moist flesh. I move my whole hand over it and she seems to like it, she gently moans in what sounds like pleasure, she seems to want me to continue as she moves and writhes in a manner which tells me she is horny. I kiss her as I finger her, then I reach my ring and middle finger inside her cunt, feeling all the lovely juices which are flowing freely now, and I make a "come hither" motion with them while circling my thumb around her little bead. I can tell she is liking this so I continue for a few moments, but I don't let her cum,I stop and caress her breasts while kissing her more and she is responding eagerly, and I am feeling so horny myself now, I start to grind myself against her thigh. She doesn't object, so I go for it and I feel my orgasm building up, so I hold off again and I turn my attention back to her. I kiss her all over her neck and chest area, slowly moving down her gorgeous body until my mouth is on her pussy. I can smell her love juices, so lovely and sweet, and I want to taste them.I so desperately want to taste them, so I part her labia and reach in to her cunt with my tongue, in and out, lapping up the lovely juice and making her wetter by the minute. I then start to lick her clit, up and down, round and round and alternately probing her cunt hole with my tongue, then licking again, and she is moving and writhing around in pleasure, but not making many vocal sounds, yet I know she is ready to cum, so I let her have her way and I use my fingers and thumb again until I can feel the spasms of ecstasy as her pussy sucks on my fingers and she shudders as she lets the pent up passion out. She sighs and breathes heavily as it washes over her in waves and I rest my head against her breast and listen to the thump thump of her heart as the orgasm subsides. I tell her how beautiful she is, and how lovely it was to love her and she seems to be very happy to allow me to enjoy her pleasure. Then I need to let go of my own tension, so I start to touch myself again, this time with the juice of her loins on my fingers mixing the two love juices together. It feels so, so good. She kisses me while I play and starts to take over from my hand with her own and I let her. Her touch is so lovely and the look on her flushed face as she watches me makes me feel all the more horny. I can feel her rubbing my clit and it responds beautifully, I am actually loving the feeling so much I want it to last forever. But I want her to feel pleased and I also want her to have another orgasm so I allow myself to just let go, I lie back and concentrate on the feelings building up in my clit and I just go with it until the crescendo inevitably happens. Her fingers are not inside me when I cum, so she can't feel my pussy hug her fingers, but she is left in no doubt about my pleasure, I even make a noise as the waves wash over me. I am in heaven and I want to stay here. We start over again and we have several more orgasms, and also some lovely talking and stroking, and eventually fall asleep in the early hours. It is fitful sleep and not very restful, but this night is one to treasure and no lack of sleep will take from it, even with a drive home later. I wake to find her propped up on one elbow looking at me, and smiling, and I just know we are going to make the most of the couple of hours we have left, before heading for breakfast and then back to Kinnegad...
  5. Ok, well I am feeling a bit low today, not really sure why, but this time of year always has an air of sadness for me, as it is coming up to the 10th anniversary of my little lady's passing away, and I just feel like talking about her but nobody about to listen. So, I just thought I would share her photo here as it will make me feel better, at least momentarily. In memory of Orla Mary Grant, 25th February 2004 - 5th October 2006
  6. I just thought I would throw a question out to everyone who is new to accepting themselves as a bi curious or bisexual woman, whether you have gained some experience or not,what your preference in a lady partner would be as regards experience. Would you prefer your first partner to be well experienced, or have some experience or totally new? This I suppose is for the newer people here to voice what they are thinking and wondering about how they view themselves actually venturing in to the scene of woman to woman sex. I'd be interested if, like me you would prefer to be shown the way by a more experienced lover, or to have your first time with a woman on the same level as yourself in sexual activity with women. Or do you just not care I at first thought I would only ever have the confidence to be with women who really knew the ropes so to speak, as I was so nervous and shy about whether I was doing the right thing, but I have recently been with a woman with little to no experience and felt quite confident that the night went well, and I feel I did very well in making her relax and enjoy herself. It made me feel I had finally mastered the art (to some degree anyway) of loving a woman and able to satisfy her and my own curiosity. \so now I'll leave it over to you ladies, chat away about what you think would work better for you in a partner.
  7. Ok, I'll start seeing as it's almost the Christmas season with sentimental, soppy adverts on tv, the way they slow down every Christmas song to within an inch of it's life so that it's then barely recognisable! Just annoys me that. And another more general one, is when I have a friend or any visitor over and I offer them a cup of tea or coffee, and they just say "I don't mind, whatever you're making". Why not just answer with which is your preference? I'm boiling the kettle, it's a s easy to make one or the other! Shouldn't annoy me, but it does! Anyone else got pet trivial hates?
  8. Just wondering if there are any other members have foods they just can't eat, no matter how popular or of the moment they are? For me it's lamb/mutton, even the smell of it cooking makes me feel queasy. I'm also a hater of any offal, like livers, kidneys or heart. Besides meat, the one food which is very much on trend lately and I just cannot stomach is goat's cheese, or any goat's produce. Hate feta as well. Honestly if that is put on my plate at all that's my whole meal ruined. Parmesan cheese is also off the list for me, it smell like vomit! Wonder if I'm alone in this, as everyone seems to go mad for it at the moment here in Ireland. Also, brussels sprouts, the one vegetable I cannot abide, probably as a result of being almost force fed them as a kid, yuck!
  9. I know there are a few as I've seen some posts, but just wondering how many Irish bi women are on here. Drop by and say hello