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  1. Hey stranger, hope you're well?

  2. Hi, I'm Irish and so glad to see a few other Irish lasses on here. I'm in the midlands, so not easy to find people in the same position as me. I am married with a very understanding husband. It sure would be nice to have a get together organised sometime.
  3. I'm back for a while ladies. Must say I felt slightly overwhelmed at the new format of the site, May drop in from time to time to see how everyone is doing. I'm good, daughter just finishing her Junior Cert exams in 2 days and then we are off to Disneyland Paris for a 5 day break. Must admit I'm looking forward to this more than a woman of my age perhaps should, but I am :) Hope to catch up with some of ya soon xx

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    2. Rocker83


      Lovely to see you back hun:D x

    3. Shebop


      Thanks, ladies. I have to say I am trying to navigate myself around the site, it's all so very new and modern! I'm hoping it won't take me too long.

    4. Hungry


      Look who it is! I do hope you enjoy your holiday :D 

  4. Ok folks, my time here has been fun, but I feel I have gotten all I am going get from here, and I don't feel I have anything more to offer, so I want to wish you all well and say my goodbyes. Look after yourselves, and be happy, G xxx

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    2. Neilluuli


      I'm sorry to hear that hungry. You will be missed. Xo

    3. Neilluuli


      Shebop not hungry sorry

    4. HappyFrenchie


      No! Shebop are you gone? I was away from Shy (not really having time and needing a small break). Are you gone already, is that it? Well, take care of yourself and enjoy your life to the fullest...I hope this message will reach you!

  5. Fucking sick of my daughter's school and all the field trips and extra expenses they keep heaping on us parents! Every time you think you're squared for a month or so there's something fucking else to be shelled out for! Grrr.. I'm also fucking sick of how kids think money just grows on trees. I have always tried to teach her the value of money, but she's worse now than she was as a small kid, just expecting to spend what she fucking wants and mother or father will just subsidise as needed. Right, rant over now.
  6. A break? Where?

  7. Hey lady, loving the new profile pic! Great to be able to pit a face to a name :)

    1. myladylove


      Or indeed, PUT a face to a name. Ha ha, thanks Shebop. :-) lol..

    2. Shebop


      Lol, yeah. Put indeed xxx

  8. Oh, so many to choose from, I love them! Ones I can think of off the top of my head as favourites are Slipping Through My Fingers, Hasta Manana, I do I do I do, Honey Honey, One of Us and The Day before You Came. I can't actually think of one of their songs I really dislike, except maybe Voulez Vous, was never too fond of that but it's ok. Great band, they just don't produce hits like they did anymore.
  9. Thank you Lilac for the links. His problem is chronic bronchitis, at least that's what we've been told, pending anything else that is found when they get round to doing the lung test with the camera. We are hopeful now for him to have a decent quality of life, he is relatively healthy otherwise, apart from needing to drop about a stone in weight, but I'm on that already.
  10. I am a forgiving person for the most part, and it will take a lot for me to cut off contact completely with anyone, even if they have lied and been dishonest or even betrayed my trust in some ways, it would all depend on what their reasons were for doing whatever they did to offend me what way I would deal with it. But the one thing that I will not, under any circumstances tolerate is someone who will manipulate me by threatening me and using the confidences I have entrusted them with against me, just to get their own way and because they know they can have that hold on me. I have had this from an ex-girlfriend who did just this when she realised I wasn't willing to let her control me and when I told her we were best off going our separate ways she threatened to out me on facebook and to my family by means of contacting them at their places of work. This person, or anyone else like her has no place in my life, and so I have cut off all contact forever, despite her numerous attempts to make amends. All the sorries in the world will never get back the trust and the respect I had, and I just have no interest in knowing someone so self centred and petulant.
  11. Good article, thanks for sharing.
  12. Hi, Shazza, so many of your husband's symptoms sound like my man's. I have often suspected that his thyroid might be to blame as well, but so far he has not been treated or diagnosed with an under active one, but I am still skeptical about ruling it out. Hope your man gets some reprieve soon too xxx