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  1. This is such good advice. I have this habit of not acknowledging her sometimes which probably gives her mixed signals and we go back to square one. I get nervous/scared (probably fear of rejection) and then can't even look at her. Made a real effort today to make sure I did. We didn't get much time to chat however we did have a conversation and she grabbed my hand as she was emphasising a point, complimented me and playful pushed me over as I was bent over so I feel like we ended on a good footing before the holidays
  2. Hi blueberry - the caressing her hand with my thumb seems like a good move. I will give that a go. The Christmas holidays will probably now get in the way of seeing her properly- sigh :(
  3. So would say you the hand holding I describe is because she likes me like that? Or it could just be a friendship thing?
  4. I do want something to happen but she is married and it's not the type of marriage where she can see other people. So I just find myself in this weird game with her not knowing if she likes me or not or how it is she likes me. but I just find hand holding a real big move, particularly as we were around other people we work with (although she was really discreet about when she was holding it)
  5. Ok I know nothing will happen between me and this woman but I feel like it's driving me insane not knowing if she likes me or if it's all in my head. she is my coworker. We were on a train today and there was no where easy for me to hold so she said to hold her hand so I didn't fall over- i did and then after a few seconds she pulled away and looked nervous. She then grabbed it again a few moments later and we stayed like that until there was more room. I can easy put this down to a caring friend. however later this evening a group of us from work were walking to an event. She holds my hand on the way there. She then grabs my other coworker but only linking her arm through- she doesn't hold her hand (I read it's important to see how people react with others compared to you when gauging this sort of thing). She let's go of the other coworker but keeps holding my hand until we arrive. Later this other coworker was like "what was that, she was holding your hand!" Later at this event we were going upstairs, our hands brush and we hold hands going up the stairs and as we walk into the room. She made a comment which was hard to hear but she said that it would be fun coming to this event together and that we look like a couple because we were holding hands. there are other things she does, but I felt like the hand holding was significant, quite an intimate thing to do. What do you think about this??
  6. Thanks guys you are all so sweet . I've actually lost a load of weight since being called 'so cute' and the same woman told me I look sexy now. Clearly I just have to eat salads for the rest of my life now lol
  7. This sounds like an experience I am still going through years later. Same setup as you with a coworker and she does all the things you mention. I would have put it all down to friendly behaviour but I have another coworker who is gay, who has started with our company recently. She made comment to me the other day about how much my coworker looks at my chest and brings up gay talk. Makes me wonder if she is confused but being married and religious is too scared to do anything about it
  8. I guess some of it is my perception, probably because of how I get treated - asked what do I study (obviously thinking I'm 18), being talked down to, etc. And then the whole you are so small (5'3) which then people add the cute thing too. Added to that no one has flirted with me in a very very long time, I just feel down about myself
  9. Hi everyone So the other day I was telling someone that girls always think I am at least 10 years younger than I am due to my face and the fact I am always getting id'd (I'm over 30!). She said but it's a good thing and you look so cute! I told her that it has affected me going on dates and again she said the whole cute thing. At this point I started to think about the fact girls do not hit on me or if I flirt with one they don't seem to get that I am. Does anyone else have a cute problem? I really don't want to be viewed this way but have no idea how to get out of it. Even when I am assertive or more dominant I am still told I am cute...sigh! i feel like I need to change something about myself to break away from this but I have no idea what. I feel I always end up being the friend of a girl I like while she tells me about the 'hot' girl she likes. I guess I just need some advice.
  10. Hey everyone, thanks for your replies. I have an update that I saw her again earlier in the week sober and she mentioned what happened and still seemed set on being my 'wife'. There was no touching or anything. Then we just went out and alcohol was involved again but not as much and management was present. She was hugging me again, touching me, holding hands and just really close. A coworker mentioned there was this electricity between us and some of the others were like looking with a wtf expression so I think it's noticeable behaviour. I probably have to just ask her like you all say but she has gone from 0 to 100 just recently- I could never have imagined her doing this before and now it's like a thing. Not sure if it would freak her if I asked or if it is just fun
  11. Hey everyone Do you think there is any truth in the things people say or do when drunk? I was drinking with a group of friends. One had been really chatty with a guy but he started coming on strong and she seemed like she had enough. Then she just wrapped herself around me and kept saying I was her gf. She continued wrapped around me for ages after - I can't explain but her whole body was so tight and pressed up against me and she buried her head in my neck and just left it there for ages. She kept holding my hand too. I never thought she liked girls but when we went out a lot of things I didn't think she was like seemed to come out with the drunk. I don't know if it was drink and she felt safe with me with crazy guys around or if she actually liked the closeness with me. What do you guys think about that sort of behaviour?
  12. I have an update. I feel like she gave me more today. She was talking about the country she is from and how she thinks a relative is a lesbian and how hard it is for her. She said that in her country you can't be gay and how hard it is for people if they are. I thought this was an opportunity to get a reaction from her so I said "I know you have been through some hard things too yourself but at least not that". She then said "this is how I feel, it doesn't matter about whether it's a man or it's a woman, I fall in love with the person". So I asked her whether she had ever liked another woman, she thought for some time and said no but then told me a story about how another girl tried to touch her one time. Then she talked about how another girl she used to work with used to fancy her but that if she did like women she wouldn't want to go with her as she didn't find her attractive. Then as we were leaving the place we had been having lunch, she said she had slept with a woman and I was like you mean slept in the same bed but she was walking out the door and either didn't hear me or just didn't want to answer what her comment meant. As we were walking back to work she asked me how I knew and I said I always knew I was a lesbian but what really cemented it was when I kissed a woman, I said that if is she was curious then that's how she would know. She again mentioned this woman she used to work with and that she wouldn't kiss her because she wasn't attractive but that she didn't like girls anyway and she likes men. I feel like the whole convo was confusing but that there was curiosity on her part?
  13. Thanks for your comment BiTriMama. I've been waiting so long for her. She made a funny comment today about when we move in bigger offices with more people then she will be able to start living her life. Another coworker said 'what an affair?' To which my crush replied yeah and laughed. Maybe I have a long wait as I dunno, I feel like she is isn't into me and is looking at guys