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  1. On the beach Tea or coffee?
  2. Hate! choosing a takeaway......Chinese or Indian food?
  3. Concert. I love going to see live bands. Night owl or early bird?
  4. Great profile pic,how true it is! : )

    1. mcpuffin


      Thank you! Wish I could claim to have written it but I definitely believe it! 

  5. Definitely a dog! Ooops there has been other answers since! Forget the dog, I am now having a holiday in a B&B, white or rose?
  6. Hi and welcome!
  7. At this point I would take a holiday anywhere! But I do love the beach so I will go with that! my question.....popcorn.....sweet or salty?!
  8. Love sexting, I am also ready, willing and able to join any private chat/message thing, that is, if anyone wants me
  9. Sounds good to me!
  10. I love an accent, really any accent! I have a particular soft spot for Irish though, love it!
  11. I want to read more about the 3 of them in the stables!
  12. Very hot!
  13. Oh my days!
  14. I have done this a lot, I don't know if he knows but is keeping quiet, or if he is oblivious. Either way it works for me and I am pretty sure if he did know it would turn him on too. Every one is a winner really!!
  15. Think I may have to investigate this....all in the name of science of course! haha!