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  1. I think she cares just as much but on top of everything else she's no one's #1. She clearly doesn't feel like #1 to either of her guys and she can't be your #1 because you're married. But I have a feeling you will at least remain friends. She sees how much you care. Try to stay positive.
  2. Hi, Flagirl. First let me say that I'm sorry for what you're going through. Losing a connection that makes you happy is hearbreaking. However you have had an experience that you've wished for and there's value in that. From what I can remember of your story, your friend was a little hesitant to change the dynamics of your relationship, but clearly it was/you were important enough to her to give it a shot. As a result, you have some amazing moments to look back on. Please try to find it in yourself to let go of the anger. As I was reading this post I automatically thought your friend must not have been able to handle her growing feelings for you and what that could mean about her sexuality and sure enough, you said just that at the end. And there's also the fact that she's juggling 3 sexual partners. I can imagine that would be mentally, emotionally, and physically exhausting. I understand the hurt, but don't be angry with her. She seems to still care for but needs a breather to figure things out. To me, you are one lucky lady. :-)
  3. Hello lovely. Saw you stopped by and see you peeking from behind that tree. Waving at you. :D muah xx

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      Inside my head

      :D Hope you're having a fabulous weekend. muah xx
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      Yes, enjoying my weekend. Shopping yesterday and relaxing today. Hope you're enjoying yours too!

    4. Inside my head

      Inside my head

      Sounds wonderful, especially the relaxing part. I'm giving myself the day off and plan to be intimate with the couch. lol ;D muah xx

  4. Hi mumbojumbo. Please continue to update us. I'm interested to see how this unfolds. I've never been with another woman either but I can see why you feel something might be there. I think women can generally tell if another woman is just checking out their outfit or sizing them up. But when when there is ackwardness silence and/or stares yet you still end up in each other's space and not by accident, you know there's something more.