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  1. Mom took me shopping yesterday for a bathing suit and told me, " Find one you love, pick the size that is your goal even though it will not right now, and that way you have something big to look forward to. You will put more effort into it then because you aren't just going with something that is a safe bet." I found one that is so freaking cute. Lets do this!!

    1. NoOne


      That's so wonderful and adorable!  Good luck!! <3

  2. ;-; I found a cheesecake recipe that has zero sugar and it is delicious! YAY! I don't have to break my diet and I can have pie <3<3<3 

    1. Hungry


      That's a pretty amazing feat...I'm almost suspicious!

    2. Katy


      @Hungry 8 oz sugar free cream cheese, 1 pack sugar free cheesecake flavored jello, 2 tbsp. butter, and 1-1/2 cups lactose free/sugar free milk. I whipped it all together and chilled it in a pie tin with no crust. It was so good and lacked that super sweetness that cheesecake normally has. :( I stopped eating cheesecake way before I started this diet due to the severe sweetness. You can use regular cream cheese and milk/almond milk and it would still be very low in sugar content.

    3. Hungry


      I prefer it not too sweet so I'll have to try. I doubt I'll find the jello in stores here.. the US has more flavors of pretty much everything and often in ways that would never sell here which might explain it. I've never had original NY cheese with a crust so I don't know what I'm missing :P

  3. Have a great day everyone! 

    1. celeste teal
    2. Hungry


      I hope you do too :D

  4. My weightloss stalled before the holidays and then my weight went back up a few pounds. Dang country cooking gets me every time. So, I stopped checking my weight and got back to my diet. I checked in today at 163 lbs :D 10 lbs less than my holiday check in. Excuse me while I do a happy dance. 33 lbs to go!!! I know that for my height I should technically be even smaller than that but I've been there and it looked so nasty so I'm not even going to go there. haha

    1. N00Bi


      Yeah, according to the charts and Ye Stupid Olde Rule of "5lbs over 100 for every inch offer 5 feet" I should be A LOT lighter than I am. Hogwash. I'm overweight, but there's NO WAY I have 50+ pounds of fat on my body. 

    2. Katy


      @N00Bi I'm 5ft even and supposed to only be between 97-123 max lbs. XD Anything under 130lbs and I look like a super crack head. I was put under strict watch and drug tested constantly when I got preggo with my first son due to it. They swore I was on drugs. So yeah, definitely not dropping past 130.

    3. N00Bi


       it's like the BMI charts and the height and weight charts were made by gay male fashion designers who think that a size 0 is normal. And they don't account for different body types at all. I'm a big girl. I always have been. I have huge strong legs, and a wide, strong back, even though I'm short. Even if all of the fat disappeared off my body, I still wouldn't be super skinny.

  5. In New Orleans. Probably not going this year and will be moving instead.
  6. Did a pet portrait today which was a very nice change. Something about doing them soothes my soul. Scan_20180121.jpg.9133350a00dc9641927753636f285ad6.jpg

  7. Yeah, think I'm stepping back from the whole idea of finding a girlfriend.  Just too much bs. 

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. myladylove


      Sounds like you have met a couple of radicals there. You need to make it clear from the start you don’t intend to leave hubby and never your kids. The L word is no excuse for them suddenly moving the goalposts. I know this feeling, I have had it done to me. True love is unconditional, if they love you they will add to and enhance your life not encourage you to destroy it.

    3. Katy


      @myladylove Yeah, I seem to have found all of the nuts that fell out of the tree way too early. lol Oh and as far as making it clear about my hubby and kids, I do not even begin talking with anyone until that has thoroughly been stated. They mean the world to me and I make that known from the start. Being happily married with children is one of the first things listed on any social media profile I've used to meet women, so it is seen before any conversation is even started. That's a total lack of respect issue.

    4. myladylove


      I did too. Seems like these women either don’t comprehend the written word or simply choose to ignore the rules as time goes on. Frustrating time wasters and bullys.

  8. And POOF, she's gone. lol That was a short ride.

  9. Got to play in the snow while it was still falling pretty hard. So over it now though.5a6023daab78e_2018-01-1715_48_27.jpg.9fe3f547bf38ce351f3b990e444f2740.jpg

    1. Hungry


      Over it ha, fun though!

  10. I'm so ready for this ice to go away so I can actually leave the house. -_- Why can't we just get pretty snow down here in the South instead of muck and ice?

  11. My day was complete crap but then I got some messages from, what seems like, a very nice lady. Hmm. I think I'll enjoy this while it lasts. :3

    1. JadeBleu15


      Enjoy it Girl! Those messages are the best!

    2. Katy


      @JadeBleu15 Oh I definitely will and yes they are! ^^ They turned into quite a nice chat. Here's to hoping the messages continue.

  12. Nothing like a bit of good news when you really need it. Just received a commission request for a table top painting. Making money playing with paint is fun stuff.

  13. I miss being in a woman's company and having a female friend to text with about just random daily nothings. 

  14. Trying to talk dh into watching The X-Files from the beginning with me. We're almost done with Star Trek and Andromeda so it would be perfect. 

    1. Vampire


      I love Star Trek, mainly Voyager. Especially 7.

    2. Katy


      @Vampire YES! Seven of Nine is in the top 5 of my favorites for Star Trek. Captain Janeway was a slow build for me but I enjoyed her as a captain after a bit of watching it. I am not much on men but Captain Picard is my favorite trek character. It may have been different if it wasn't Patrick Stewart playing the role though(he wasn't originally approved for but worked himself into the role). I do enjoy Sisko(Avery Brooks) and Captain Archer(Scott Bakula) as well but they just were not as prominent as Picard. I loved Kira Nerys and Jadzia Dax too. Gorgeous women and wonderful actresses. XD 

  15. Nothing better than someone you thought was like family going around telling your personal business and then trash talking about your body. What a great confidence booster. It isn't like I didn't already hate my body enough. 

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    2. Katy


      Yes they are. I wondered why I was worried when my hubby made mention during conversation with them about me previously having a girlfriend. They don't agree with anything that isn't straight. -_- I figured that it would be an issue for them but I didn't expect them to go around flapping their mouth holes about my business and I definitely didn't expect things to be said about my body apparently being disgusting. I'm so done with people.

    3. Hungry


      They've got nothing better to say, doesn't mean it's true. Take a break and I guess hubby will be more careful about the people he speaks to. Nothing you can do about assholes, except avoid them. I know it's hard not to take it personally but try not too, you've come along way and I reckon you're a pretty decent person to know :)

    4. SakuraGirl


      Wow. That's horrible. Sorry you're having to deal with that.