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  1. Hmmm. His adamancy over this is unsettling, as this is YOUR sexuality and it should only be dictated by you but he seems to want to be in charge of it. Be careful. You could be walking a fine line with such a partner. :/ Either you can put yourself back in the closet and just shut it down completely or you can take control over your sexuality and most likely lose your partner because(to me) it sounds like once he has lost the ability to control how/when/with whom you have your experience with he is most likely going to flip out, give you an ultimatum and if you don't take it he walks away. Well there is the choice of just letting him dictate your experience so he feels in control of the situation. Something is just odd about how you describe his adamancy of controlling this situation though. Sounds to me like he is wanting to be more involved in it than just a watcher and that's why he's trying to weasel his way in there too. :/ Thus his childishness when you say you/your found lady would prefer him not being there. As all of this is just my speculation, I could be completely off on it.
  2. So my mom has put in an offer on a house here in the town we live in. I really hope they get the house. She is so much happier when she's here and we can actually do things together, instead of being stuck video chatting due to distance issues.

    1. Hungry


      Good vibes coming your mom's way. It always sucks to not be as close as you'd like to the people you actually do like!

    2. Katy


      Thank you doll! <3 Yes it does suck. Tight now she is stuck way out in the country with maybe 2 neighbors and with failing health. Some people are taking advantage of the situation. I'm hoping to remedy that mess.

  3. Hubbs started a diet last week and I'm starting it tomorrow. No sugars at all and smaller portion intake. I can already tell the difference in the hubs sleeping better and *cough* having way more energy. :3 Great, energetic sex is totally worth no chocolate, breads, rice, sweet tea, and the list goes on and on.

  4. I need a fresh trim and to choose my next hair color. Staring at it in the mirror to see if I'm up to spending all the time needed for it today.

  5. Wasn't told or invited to the family reunion tomorrow and only know about it due to a slip of tongue. Guess who is showing up to it in a gloriously flashy manner though? That's right, this asshole is showing up!

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    2. MysticArtist92
    3. Katy


      Oh I am ladies. Apparently it's been set up since January and they even did a fb group for it but I wasn't invited or shown any of it. A lot of my fam deleted me because I post support on LGBT things or called them out on racist shit posts so I figure that's the reason why. I need to find me a rainbow or bi flag shirt so I can go in style.

    4. ElvenVampiress
  6. Bite me while I taste your fingertips  *sings*

  7. Is it October yet? I'm ready for a vacation and for Halloween.

  8. Bare legs on hot leather car seats

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    2. Katy


      XD hahaha

    3. Hungry


      Pro tip: No panties, just park in the shade.. you'll be golden in a least one area.. and no not there.. :P 

    4. Katy


      I don't have any shade where I park but the "no panties" can be done. Will just be a little sizzle down there. Could be fun though. lol :P

  9. Been so busy the past two weeks and then the in-laws stayed over for four days, so there has been no alone time for myself and the hubby. Decided to send a sexy text to the hubs and didn't pay enough attention when I chose the recipient..... My poor in-laws must be a bit traumatized now.

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    2. Hungry


      Yeah that would of killed me though.. :lol: Imagine me looking like this emoji with a different wisdom tooth swollen, so yes my face is truly that shape.. thanks for that!

    3. Katy


      @Hungry XD haha yeah. Awe hun, I hope your tooth leaves you alone soon. I know that is a rough thing to deal with.

    4. Hungry


      I had the other one out. My mistake not having them all out! When people send sexts like that I'm always thinking, they read the whole thing. You have to out of curiosity really, I trust you weren't boring.. some people I'd probably skip but you've got that look in your eye :D 

  10. Happy Early Mother's Day ladies!

    1. celeste teal

      celeste teal

      Happy Mother's Day Katy :)

  11. Every time I start feeling like things are starting to go well, life comes at me with a swift kick to the cunt to knock it all back to shit. Woke up in a panic attack last night which turned into an asthma attack and horrible feelings of dread out of nowhere. Get all of that calmed down and finally go back to sleep still feeling like something bad was going to happen. -_- So far this morning I've had a huge rock thrown from a concrete trunk into my windshield and a few other things. I guess on a good note, at least this time the rock didn't come through the window and hit me in the head again but it isn't even 9am and I can't take anymore shit happening. I'm already a fucking wreck.

    1. myladylove


      Same here minus the rock, my life is one step forward two steps back. Hope you will be able to chill soon.

    2. celeste teal

      celeste teal

      I propose a big three person hug *opens arms extra wide*

    3. Katy


      I hope things get better for you too MLL! Celeste teal, I'd definitely take a hug right now too *hugs*

  12. Nice and sunny outside today so it's time to fire up my grill while I catch some sun. Happy sunny day ladies!

    1. celeste teal

      celeste teal

      Hooray! It's sunny here too (after 10+ days of rain) *does a happy sunshine dance*



      That sounds lovely! I would love a grilled bacon cheeseburger right about now! Enjoy.
  13. So I found some cute bi pride pens on etsy and I want them so bad! *must save money*

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    2. celeste teal

      celeste teal

      Awww, they're great :)

      I thought you meant pens, and I was wondering what they might look like haha

    3. Katy


      XD They do sell bi glitter ink pen sets too. hahail_570xN.1063940601_krn4.jpg.97fa3be801e6ac9044774588817e3d97.jpg Didn't notice I spelled pins incorrectly the first time.

    4. celeste teal

      celeste teal

      lol, they're great too!:)