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  1. I, also, sent out a lot of feelers with my friend (who I later hooked-up with several times). She did the same with me. I wasn't sure what to think because so much of it was subtle. One of the things she did was reveal to me she'd been with other women, sexually. Women tend to be less direct and they're much harder to read.
  2. I woke up to bright rays peeking through the blinds. I heard pots and pans in the kitchen and I knew that meant Rob was making breakfast. I stretched and rolled over to greet Lauren. She was gone. I laid my head on the pillow where she had been sleeping. The faint scent of her hair lingered. I stretched and smiled a satisfied smile. We had been up most of the night. Exploring each other. Tasting each other. Kissing. Touching. Cuddling. We both came countless times. We had fallen asleep in each other's arms. I pulled on my underwear and tshirt from the night before and walked out of the bedroom, sheepishly. I didn't know quite what to say to him. Turned out, he spoke first. "I said goodbye to Lauren for you. She left a few minutes ago," he said, his back to me as he cracked eggs into a bowl and began whisking them. I watched his long, lean body, dressed only in gym shorts. His blond hair was rumpled and his tanned skin was smooth. I decided to say nothing. I couldn't gauge his mood, since I couldn't see his face, but I knew from prior conversations with him that he would be okay with me having sex with another woman. I wasn't sure if I was quite ready to make a full confession, so I walked to a cabinet to get a glass for water. "Last night was fun," I said casually, as I popped some ibuprofen and sat at the kitchen table. My head was pounding, but my bliss was distracting me from it. "You and Lauren sure seemed to hit it off," he looked at me with raised eyebrows as he scrambled the eggs. "What did she say when she left?" I tried not to look too interested. "Not much. Just said thank you and to tell you she'd text you later and rushed out the door. I'm not gonna lie. It was awkward." He spooned some steaming eggs onto a plate and slid it in front of me. "So are you gonna tell me what happened?" My stomach sank. I still wasn't sure how he'd react. It was one thing to discuss "what ifs", and an entirely different matter when confessing to sleeping with someone outside of your marriage. I decided honesty was the best policy. So, I told him what happened. I left out the part about Brian angling for a threesome. Somehow, I didn't think Rob would be too happy about that. He had joined me at the table with his own heaping plate of eggs by the time my story was done. He ate silently, and listened. "Are you mad?" I asked, hesitantly. "No," he said. "I think it's kinda hot, actually." "I really care about her. We are such good friends and I'm sure this will never happen again. I really hope things aren't awkward with her and me in the future." The possible cost to our friendship was starting to dawn on me. I had no idea how she was feeling about all this. He shrugged. "Who knows? It might happen again. She said she'd text you, so I'm sure you'll hear from her." But I didn't hear from Lauren. Not for the rest of that day, or the day after. I was scared to reach out to her. I was scared she'd reject me or be angry at me, for some reason. Finally, on day three, I got up the nerve to text her. After considering lots of possible messages, I decided for a question-requiring-a-response approach. "Hey. How are you?" Is what I sent her. It took her two hours (TWO HOURS!) to respond with "Ok. You?" What. The. Actual. Fuck. I had no clue how to answer that. I finally just asked her to call me. She immediately responded that she was busy. I felt stone-walled. I didn't see that I had any other choice, but to leave her alone until she was ready to talk to me. She was supposed to come to Nina's House to work on a routine with the girls on the following Tuesday. She told Jake she had a prior commitment and couldn't make it. The girls were so disappointed. On Thursday, she cancelled again. The crestfallen faces of the kids looking back at me when I told them, broke my heart. I marched into the office, shut the door and called her. She didn't answer. Shocker. But I left her a voicemail, calmly asking her to call me. She called me back later that night. She explained she went to some go-away party for one of her colleagues. It was a lame excuse because I'd never even heard her mention this co-worker before. I wasn't sure where to begin. I'd felt rejected and sad and very hurt. I wasn't sure what she was feeling but I assumed it wasn't good since she'd been avoiding me. I missed her so much. The words came tumbling out. "Look, I know that what happened last weekend has really turned stuff upside down. I'm not sure how to feel about it. Can we just talk so we can work through whatever we need to?" She hesitated. "Ok." I waited. When I realized she wasn't going to say anything else, I blurted out, "I didn't plan for that to happen. We didn't plan for it to happen. It just did. And it was hot, but now I'm scared we won't be friends, anymore. Can you tell me how you are feeling? I have no idea how to read you, and it feels like you've completely shut me out." "I feel like it was a mistake," she said after a pause. My heart sunk to the floor. I was so, so hurt by that statement. A sob rose in my chest. How could she think our skin and tongues melting together was a mistake? It felt like magic to me. I was able to calmly squeeze out one word. "Why?" "Because we aren't lesbians, Kate. Having sex with women really isn't my thing." I was stunned. Images of her that night were replaying in my mind. Lauren eagerly pushing my legs open to taste me certainly had seemed like her "thing" when it was happening. "But you've been with other women, haven't you?" I asked. I remembered how she'd lingered when she'd kissed me, how she'd licked and sucked my nipples. There was nothing about her actions that made it seem like sex with a woman wasn't her thing. In fact, she seemed more like a starving woman who had finally been allowed to eat. No pun intended. Well, maybe a little pun intended. She explained that her prior interactions were "stupid" and "drunk" playing around with other women in bars and during threesomes in her med school days. I don't remember how the conversation ended. I do remember feeling sad for several days and not hearing much from Lauren. I also remember the moment when I realized how much she craved me. And when I realized what a liar she was.
  3. Ditto to all of this!! I gotta say the double-sided dildo was hot AF, too. Missionary with her on top of me. So, so yummy.
  4. She was on top of me, missionary style. She had to hold it in because it kept sliding out of one or the other of us. The lube was great but that was a negative side effect :( Scissoring might work. I really liked the intimacy of her being on top of me and kissing me while thrusting (sigh), though.
  5. Not so fast...I wouldn't write her off as not being interested in you. She sent out a lot of "feelers". Hand on your leg. Inviting you to stay. Telling you she was bi. She was clearly attracted to the other girl, but that doesn't mean that it wasn't in the back of her mind that she'd like to see your reaction to her bisexuality. I'd just see where this friendship leads, for now.
  6. I bet if you look around at the people you know in real life, you will start to see you know more women who are open to sexual relationships with other women. Something strange has happened to me since I accepted I was bisexual...and I'm not sure if it's that I'm now suddenly more aware of subtle signals, or if it's because I subconsciously give off some signal of my own...but I seem to know lots of women who are attracted to or have been with other women. Some examples... A co-worker and her husband have an open marriage and she has acknowledged she is bisexual and likes sex with women. Another co-worker confessed to me recently that she and her husband had a threesome with a female friend before they were married. She's been pretty clear with me that she's open to fooling around sexually with women and her husband is ok with it. She has no clue that I'm bi. But I think it's pretty clear that I'm interested to hear her stories. I'm not attracted to her, but I've wondered if she's attracted to me. Some of my fellow mom friends have seemed awfully friendly lately and one of them felt me up, recently, after a few drinks. She was totally joking around but I wondered... Make some off-handed comments about a female celebrity being "hot" or make other joking references and see how people respond. That's always how I pick up on subtle hints that other women are open to it. Good luck!
  7. The first time I saw her, she was wearing red sweat pants with a baggy gray t-shirt and high tops. And she was break dancing. I was awe-struck by her grace and the ease with which she moved. Her long, black hair was pulled back into a ponytail, and her olive skin was smooth and make-up free. She had an exotic look, and there was a slightly masculine edge to her that I couldn't quite define. She was volunteering for a program that I worked for called Nina's House. It was an after school program for at-risk and underprivileged teenagers. An old school building had been donated by the county for the program, and kids came every day to hang out or participate in clubs. Many of the kids came from homes where they were being raised by single parents, grandparents or other extended family. Many of the kids came from homes where at least one parent was in prison, and there was barely enough money to put food on the table. Nina's House gave the kids a safe place to be after school, and kept them off the streets. A group of girls had formed a dance club with the goal of competing in a local talent contest. I had been a dancer when I was growing up, so I took the girls under my wing and spent hours each week helping them with choreography. One day, Lauren came to Nina's House and was introduced to me by another volunteer, who was also a co-worker of hers at the hospital. She stuck her hand out to shake mine, "Hi. I'm Lauren Connors" She pointed to the guy next to her, "Jake, here, said you had some talented girls who might like to learn some break dancing." Jake was a registered nurse with a receding hairline and lots of energy. The kids loved his jokes, and he was always creative with coming up with new ideas for projects they could do. He and I stood and watched as Lauren introduced herself to the girls and began demonstrating a couple of moves. The girls practiced the windmill and backspin for the better part of two hours. Lauren was so patient and kind. She laughed with them when they were self-conscious and made them feel at ease. After the lesson was over, the girls crowded around her and eagerly asked if she'd be back again. Lauren cast a questioning glance at me and Jake, "Sure. I'd love to come back if they'd like me to." I nodded and smiled, and the girls clapped and cheered as they slowly gathered their stuff and filed out of the room. Nina's House was closing for the day. Lauren lingered. "I didn't catch your name," she said to me, as she picked her keys and wallet up off a table. "Oh! It's Kate. You were awesome." We shook hands, again. This time, our eye contact lingered a little and I flushed, slightly. I realized we were now alone in the room. I moved away from her and began straightening up the room, and turning off the lights. "Are you a nurse, like Jake?" I asked conversationally, as I stacked chairs. "No," she replied. "I'm a physician." I looked at her in surprise and grinned. "I've never heard of a break-dancing doctor, before." She grinned back. "I guess we all have hidden talents." For months, we worked together with the girls at Nina's House, a few times a week. Lauren would stop by Nina's House on her way home from the hospital. Lauren and I grew closer and began to text each other and talk on the phone, daily. At first, we talked about practices and routines. Eventually, those conversations transitioned into more personal topics. I was disappointed to learn Lauren was married. To a man. I was sure she was a lesbian when I first met her, based on her tomboyish demeanor. There was something decidedly unfeminine about her, even though she had long hair and wore eyeliner. I couldn't really explain my disappointment in learning she was straight. After all, I was also married to a man, had never had a relationship with a woman, and I considered myself straight, too. I couldn't deny that I eagerly anticipated every opportunity to spend time with her and there was such electricity when we were alone. There was something about the way she smiled into my eyes. It did things to me, deep inside, that I couldn't really explain. Still, I wrote my feelings off as a girl crush and assumed I'd get over it, soon. I learned she had married Brian when she was twenty, after discovering she was pregnant. Their twin boys were in college and only came home on weekends and holidays. Brian traveled a lot for his job with an insurance company. She was alone a lot, and we frequently had dinner and went out dancing. We usually went with other volunteers from Nina's House, but sometimes we went alone. The attraction and intimacy between us grew. Sometimes, we texted each other all day. We would talk on the phone multiple times a day, and shared the most minute details of our lives. One night, we were hanging out with our husbands and some friends at my house. My parents had the kids. Lauren and I were inseparable that whole night. We were laughing and talking and taking shots. I got pretty drunk and I could see she was getting pretty drunk, too. Around midnight, everyone started heading home. She and I had our arms around the other's waist, standing side-by-side in the kitchen, as Brian poured us another shot. Rob had already gone to bed, and it was just the three of us. She and I giggled drunkenly and we didn't want to take our arms off each other, so she did her shot with her right hand and I did mine with my left. My hand subtly traveled under her shirt, and touched the warm skin of her side and back, just above the waistband of her jeans. She turned to look at me, silently. Her eyes were smoldering with a desire that mirrored mine. The alcohol had lifted the veil that was usually in her eyes, shielding her true feelings from me. Not tonight. Earlier in the week, Lauren had tried teaching me some break dancing moves. All night, I kept joking that my neck was sore from one of the locking moves. "Lauren gives amazing neck rubs. You should give her one, babe," Brian said to her. I nodded and grinned at her, teasing, "It's the least you could do after nearly killing me with your crazy breaking moves." She laughed and stood behind me as I settled onto a bar stool. She swept my hair from off my neck and began gently massaging my temples. It felt so good and my eyes began to close as she moved to massage my scalp, with her fingers buried in my hair. My head fell forward as my body relaxed. She leaned forward and whispered in my ear, "Good?" Her voice was like velvet and I felt myself starting to get wet. I wanted her so badly. I straightened back up and reached my hand behind me to rub her thigh and softly moaned, "Mmmm," in response. I could hear Brian whispering to her, encouraging her to kiss me. She leaned down again, so she could whisper in my ear. "Should I?" she asked. I nodded and turned my head to the side to meet her as her warm mouth gently and softly touched mine. Our lips parted and our tongues timidly met each other, but quickly the kiss deepened and she reached her hand down to caress my cheek. My hands were in her hair and both of us whimpered slightly, at almost the exact same time, which caused us both to giggle a little. I was surprised how natural it felt, kissing her. I'd never given much thought to kissing a girl. It felt right. We pulled apart and then pressed our foreheads together, as she kissed my nose. Brian cleared his throat and we both jerked our heads in his direction. We had forgotten he was there. He smiled suggestively, and I knew he wanted a threesome. My heart sunk. I wanted my first time with a woman to be with her. Alone. I had no idea what her feelings were. Her hand had fallen from my cheek to my shoulder, as she stood beside me. My hand was around her waist and resting under her shirt on her bare flesh, again. I wanted to touch more of her, and see her naked. I didn't want him involved, at all. She leaned down and whispered in my ear again, "I want to be your first. Do you want to do this?" I kept my hand under her shirt and softly moved it up so it was on her rib cage, just under the band of her bra. I was burning to touch her breasts, but I was nervous. "Yes. But just with you." I whispered into her hair. "Brian, can I talk to you?" she asked him. He got up and followed her to our back patio. They stood outside talking for quite awhile. I went to the living room to lay on the couch. I was pretty tipsy. Before I knew it, I had fallen asleep. I was awakened by her kneeling beside me and stroking my hair off my forehead. I opened my eyes, and Brian was nowhere to be seen. "Can I share this with you?" She asked, gesturing toward the couch. I scooted as far back as I could, my back pressed into the velvety brown cushions, as she laid down on her side, facing me. Our breasts were pressed against each other and our thighs were intertwined. We looked into each other's eyes, silently. Then, we giggled a little, out of nervousness. I watched her lips, mesmerized, as I slowly leaned in for another kiss. Her hand rested on my waist, but subtly slid up to my breast. I sucked in my breath as she cupped my breast through my shirt. Our kiss deepened, and my hand found its way under her shirt and, again, stopped on her rib cage. I was aching to touch her breast, but I was really nervous. I was so wet, and I could feel my pussy throbbing against her thigh, pressed between my legs. We shared a few deep, soft and passionate kisses, our hands gently caressing each other's arms, hair and waists. The kiss deepened. She lightly ran her hand over my breast, down my waist and caressed between my legs. Our hearts began to pound together, and I panted as she squeezed my pussy with her hand, through my jeans. She pulled my shirt and my bra down to reveal my nipple. She gently licked and caressed it into a hard bud, and she slowly shifted so she was on top of me. I slid my hand under her shirt for a third time, to touch her warm flesh. This time, I was finally brave enough to slide it up under her bra. I pushed her shirt and bra up, exposing her nipples. I was amazed at how alike our bodies were, yet so different. Her nipples were much bigger than mine and a dark brown, whereas mine were a dusty pink. Her breasts were smaller, but very firm. I gently rolled her nipple between my fingers. Her hand was between my legs, but it was hard to feel much through my jeans and she fumbled to unbutton them. As soon as my zipper was down, she slid her hand into my pants, and down my panties. A groan rumbled low in her throat as she felt how wet I was. My panting grew louder as her fingers gently rubbed circles over my clit, as her lips met mine, again. I wanted to see her naked and feel her warm skin next to mine. I pulled her shirt up over her head, and we kissed some more before we stood up and I took her by the hand. She and I walked to a nearby bedroom, and she pulled me on top of her. We laughed as she fumbled with my bra. We quickly took off our clothes and I laid back on the bed, expecting her to lay beside me. Instead, she got on top of me and kissed me and then sat back on her knees and parted my legs. I sucked in my breath. She gently spread my pussy lips apart and slowly began to lick me. I reached down for one of her hands that was holding my thigh and we intertwined our fingers. She kept gently licking and licking. I felt very self-conscious, and she kept murmuring reassurances about how sexy I was. I got her to come back up to me. She reluctantly stopped licking me and pouted, "But I want to make you come." I couldn't really explain how uncomfortable I felt. It had been quite awhile since anyone had put their mouth on me. Instead of talking, I kissed her long and hard and flipped her over. I slid down to her pussy and kissed and licked her her a little and then slid a finger inside. She whimpered. Feeling more confident, I focused more on her clit, and she whimpered a little louder. Then I pulled my finger out of her and watched her until she opened her eyes, wondering why I had stopped. Slowly, without breaking eye contact, I put my finger up to my lips. She watched, mesmerized, as I tasted her on my finger. "That's so fucking hot," she whispered. I bent my head back down and lightly flattened my tongue on her clit. She was gyrating her hips and pressing her wet, pink flesh against my face as she began to moan. I was determined to keep flicking her clit with my tongue until she came. I didn't have to wait long. I felt her start convulsing around my fingers a couple minutes later, as she strangled a scream.
  8. Those Four. Fucking. Days. were agonizing. The very next day, I sent her a feeler text, trying to see if she was still distant or warming back up. I got a two word response. The second day, I sent her a funny (but dirty) meme via text. She didn't even bother responding to that. My heart sank. We were back to square one. Back to her self-loathing, ambivalent bullshit. I felt angry. So I left her alone for two more days and resolved not to contact her anymore. Her face was what I saw when I woke up every morning and her naked, writhing body was what I saw when I laid in the darkness each night trying to fall asleep. My heart ached. I missed her and I was constantly checking my phone, hoping to see something from her. On day five, she sent me a text asking me to call her. I didn't respond for twenty minutes. Those twenty minutes went by oh-so-slow. But I refused to look too eager by responding too quickly. Finally, when I couldn't stand it anymore, I called her. She behaved as if nothing had happened. She chatted away about work, Brian and planning a bridal shower for her sister. I just listened, my stomach knotting. Her hot and cold behavior confused the hell out of me. Did she regret what happened? Was I just overly-sensitive, wanting her to acknowledge the tenderness we had shared? "Lauren-," I interrupted. She grew quiet, waiting for me to continue. The pause was heavy and seemed to last forever. "Yeah?" she prompted me. I was too chicken to say anything. "What are you doing for lunch?" I asked her. We agreed to meet at a local Greek restaurant. I walked in and our eyes immediately met. Hers lit up. I was wearing a pencil skirt, flowy top and heels and I knew I looked good. Although she'd never directly said it, I knew she loved when I dressed this way. I could always see it on her face. The restaurant wasn't very full yet, as it wasn't quite noon. We quickly ordered and sat down at a table in the back. There was no one sitting near us. In a low voice, I asked accusingly, "What is going on with you?" I suppressed an eye roll at her fake-dumbfounded expression. She knew exactly what I was referring to, but she asked innocently, "What do you mean?" I wasn't even having it. "How is it that you were all over me last weekend and then you ignore me all week?" She unwrapped her sandwich, took a bite, and deliberately chewed and swallowed before responding. "I'm working and I've got shit to do. My whole life doesn't revolve around you," she shrugged. My anger burned even more. "I didn't say it did," I hissed. "I just don't get you. You're so fucking hot and cold. One minute, your hand is up my skirt, and the next minute you're running as far away from me as you can. You can't even be bothered to reply to my text messages." I was hurt and felt used. She became defensive. "Look, I get busy. You know how I am. I wasn't ignoring you on purpose. What do you want from me?" I stared at her and blinked for a couple seconds. I couldn't think of an answer, so I said nothing. She felt the power shifting back in her direction, and continued, "I've already told you, I can't see myself in a relationship with a girl. Plus, you've got Rob and I've got Brian. The other night was awesome. And hot. You're my best friend and I love you. But it's not like we're dating." I felt stupid. My face burned with embarrassment. What, exactly, did I want from her, anyway? I had no idea. The rest of the meal was an awkward blur. I had lost my appetite, but I forced myself to change the subject and make small talk while I stuffed more of my salad down my throat. As quickly as I could, I made the excuse that I had to get back to work. I rose and she stood up, too. She knew me. She knew I was hurt and trying not to show it. She walked with me to the parking lot and I tried to scurry away. But she stopped me and leaned over to give me a side hug, and then she walked away with a small wave. The whole exchange was weird and unnatural. I had barely managed to turn away from her before hot tears spilled down my cheeks. I felt stupid. I put on my sunglasses and hurried to my car. The sobs began heaving out of my chest as I shut the door. I needed time alone to think. What did I want from her? To marry her? No. To date her? No. Not really. To wake up next to her every morning for the rest of my life? Maybe. But I couldn't see how that was even a possibility. She and I were both married. To men. And neither of us wanted to change that. I knew my feelings for her were deep, and I was ashamed of them. And for showing her my vulnerability. I'd never, ever felt for Rob the way I'd felt for her. I had been instantly attracted to her the first time I laid eyes on her.
  9. Thanks. This is fiction. Sort of. Little grains of truth are woven in, of course. But the story is largely from my imagination. I figured I'd keep the story going if there was enough interest.
  10. I pulled into my driveway after a girls' night out. She had parked her car at my house and I'd driven, first to dinner and then to a club to dance with some of our friends. The whole night, I'd catch her watching me and we'd smile into each other's eyes. There was so much intimacy between us. Way too much for women who are "just friends." At dinner, she casually speared morsels off my plate under the guise of wanting to try what I was eating. She sipped my wine after finishing hers, saying I was drinking too slowly and she needed to help me finish. Her eyes met mine as she put her lips on the glass exactly where mine had been moments before. Unconsciously, I licked my lips imagining them on hers. My heart pounded and I could feel myself getting wet at the thought. Later that night, on the dance floor, a song we both loved came on. It was s sexy hip hop song, with catchy lyrics. Her eyes met mine as bodies writhed around us. We both sang the familiar chorus, our eye contact never breaking. We mimicked each other's dance moves and got very close to each other. The dance floor was so crowded, and I could smell her shampoo as she leaned in to sing the rest of the words in my ear. God, I wanted her. We left the club and I drove her home. We talked loudly because our ears were still ringing from the loud music. We didn't chat about anything in particular, but the sexual tension in the car was so thick, you could cut it with a knife. When we reached my house, Lauren watched me intently from the passenger seat as I turned off the car. She made no move to open her door. I turned to look at her, expecting her to say something about how she was tired and ready to go home. Instead, she leaned over to me in the car and said, "Before we go, I want to do this," and she kissed me slowly and sweetly. I was surprised. It had been almost 2 years since we had last shared a kiss. We melted into each other. Our kiss intensified and my need to touch more of her was building. "Do you want to come in?" I asked, a little uncertain if she would abruptly push me away as she had so many times in the past. This was her modus operandi. She would initiate a kiss or sex with me, and then push me away later. We were best friends. Both of us were in relationships with men and, yet, there was this incredible attraction between us. After an intense, but brief, sexual relationship a few years previously, she had told me that she had no interest in sleeping with me anymore. She declared that sex with women wasn't her thing. Her rejection of our sexual relationship broke my heart and nearly destroyed our friendship. Eventually, we mended the wounds,and grew closer than ever. We never directly talked about the intimacy we'd had before. We talked about sex constantly, though. Her sex life, my sex life, sex toys, sexual fantasies, it seemed nothing was off-limits except discussing the sex she and I had previously had with each other. I was more than a little surprised when she pulled away, locked eyes with me and said, "Yes. Do you think we will be able to play?" I nodded and opened the car door to step out, my heart pounding. "I'm sure everyone is asleep," I whispered, gesturing at my dark house. I tiptoed in the garage and felt her slip her hand in mine as we walked into the house. "I want a kiss," Lauren whispered softly, turning me around to face her as the door closed behind us. Her black hair was smooth in the moonlight streaming in through the living room window. It was the only light, except the blue digital lights on the microwave and stove in my quiet kitchen. She gently pushed me so my back was against the wall. Her tongue timidly slipped between my lips, and I put my hand up to her cheek. As always before, desire took over and we pressed our bodies against each other day as the kiss deepened. I could feel the wetness between my legs as I began to throb. She pulled the top of my shirt down, revealing my pink, lacy bra. Gently, she pushed the cup aside to expose my warm, pink nipple. My pussy was throbbing and warm as she sucked my nipple between her lips. With a feather light touch, I ran my fingertips up her body, from the crotch of her jeans, up her belly and over her breasts, finally coming to rest in her hair. I was afraid the house would wake up, as I panted a little. I intertwined my fingers with her hand that was pressed against the wall beside my head, and silently led her to the guest bedroom behind the kitchen. We hurriedly got naked. I was waiting for her when she lifted the covers back and slid under the cool sheets to press her smooth thigh between mine. Our mouths met again, and our warm bodies melted together amidst a tangle of arms, legs and long hair. I cupped her warm breast in my hand, gently feeling it's weight. Her breasts were small, with large brown nipples and she sucked in her breath as I leaned down to take her nipple in my mouth. She stifled a whimper as I gently sucked. I slid my other hand down her belly to her smooth pussy. Her legs fell open for me and I moaned with delight as I felt how wet she was. I gently rubbed her clit as I continued to suck her nipple. I slipped one finger inside her wetness and she gasped. She cupped my face and urged me back up so she could press her lips to mine. Her pussy throbbed against my leg. Our kiss was sweet, sexy and slow. We shared a pillow, laying on our sides facing each other. One of my arms was under the pillow, cradling her head. My other hand was intertwined with her as our tongues continued to dance together. I could feel her wetness on my thigh, as she slowly slid up and down, rubbing her clit against me with increasing urgency as she whimpered a little in my mouth. Faster and harder she moved as I continued to press my thigh against her wetness. The bed squeaked and beads of perspiration slid between my breasts as she kissed me deeper and pressed harder against me. Suddenly, she squealed, gasped, and slowed down ever-so-slightly as she came. I felt her pussy convulsing against my flesh as she melted into me, stifling a little scream of ecstasy in her theoat. We laid quietly, a mass of tangled hair and warm, moist flesh. Our hearts were pounding, as we lay facing each other. Both of us were still for awhile and our eyes were closed as we breathed in the quiet darkness. She began to stir and I rolled back slightly to allow her fingers to trail from my breast, down my belly to the warm wetness between my legs. She groaned a little as her fingers found my clit, "You're really wet," she whispered in my ear, panting a little as she pushed me onto my back. I knew I must be dripping, and I tembled with excitement at her touch, my hips rising slightly to meet her hand in eager anticipation. She sat back on her knees between my open legs. She put her hair up in a pony tail and then laid down on her belly. I could feel her warm breath as she very gently and very slowly licked my slit, from hole to clit. I groaned and reached both hands down by my hips to intertwine my fingers with hers. She flattened her tongue to the outermost fold of my pussy and slowly licked upward. I sucked in my breath in anticipation, but she stopped just short of reaching my clit. With one finger on each fold of my pussy, she gently spread open my lips to reveal my moist, pink skin. Then she flattened her tongue against the opening of my pussy and slowly licked upward, again. I whimpered softly, in anticipation. This time, her tongue made it to my clit. She gently and softly drew circles with her tongue around the hardening pearl before softly flicking it. My hips came off the bed, slightly. I moaned a little louder. She kept lapping my juices and teasing my clit. I was getting so close to cumming. Then, she slipped one finger inside me. Then two fingers. I could feel her fingers rhythmically rubbing my g-spot. My whimpering intensified, and I dug my heels into the bed, while bucking my hips and pressing my pussy against her magical tongue and lips that were eagerly slurping against my warm, wet flesh. "I love you," I breathed, panting. I instantly regretted it when the words escaped my lips. She could never acknowledge the feelings between us. "I love you, too," she whispered. I opened my eyes in surprise, and looked down to find her intently watching my face from between my legs. The intensity and raw passion in her eyes sent me over the edge and my pussy began convulsing with a massive orgasm as I strangled a scream of ecstasy. She slid up my body to softly kiss me as my chest heaved and my heart pounding began to slow down. "I can taste myself. It's so hot." I whispered between kisses. We both giggled a little and she rolled over to my side. I turned so our breasts were pressed against each other and we gently, slowly and softly exchanged kisses. Long ones. Short ones. Deep ones and playful ones. I wanted to stay in that moment forever. But I knew this comfortable aftermath would soon be replaced by awkwardness and hurt as she pulled away from me, just as she always did. She got up, regretfully. "I need to go. Brian is waiting for me," she said as she pulled on her jeans. I propped my head on one arm and watched her dress. I could feel her mood shifting. She was more distant and wasn't making eye contact with me as she walked out the bedroom door. I got up to follow her out of my house. She stopped abruptly just before she opened the door and turned to me. "I had a really good time tonight. Love you. I mean it," she said as she pecked me on the lips. Then she stepped out my front door and I didn't hear from her for 4. Fucking. Days...
  11. Can someone give me some pointers on using these? My girl and I used one and it vibrated (loved this feature!), but trying to get the rhythm right so we could get off PLUS keep it inside both of us was a challenge.
  12. It's definitely possible to feel a deep connection with someone and they don't feel the same. I also agree you should back off and let this girl come to you, now that you've made your interest clear. The ball is in her court. That being said, your instincts that someone returns the interest could be dead-on accurate. I sensed my friend was attracted to me for a long time, but I couldn't ever put my finger on a particular thing she said or did that would have made you say, "Yes! She wants you!" And it turned out, I was right.
  13. It's been a rocky road, unfortunately. We've seen each other...had dinner alone one night (sober) and I could tell she wanted to kiss me, but we were never alone. With the exception of the dinner I mentioned above, I haven't seen her or talked to her as much. We have a mutual activity where we see each other a couple times a week. I've seen her there and her behavior has been mixed. Sometimes, we giggle and pal around...and sometimes she avoids eye contact with me. She definitely doesn't reach out to me as much. I've learned from past experience to avoid contacting her and she will eventually start contacting me again. It's hard to resist, but I am managing, so far. I don't want to date or marry her...I DO want to have a FWB arrangement. She seems to feel guilty and uncomfortable after we have sex. It lasts for weeks and/or months snd it is intermittent. I see an interesting pattern with her fiancé, but it's not the same as what's going on with me. I think she has issues with relationships, but I can't quite identify what those issues are. I'm still working on analyzing that. Lol!
  14. Yuck! Kisses should be light and playful, and then deepen as the passion increases. Slobber should not factor into a kiss AT ALL! I've never known a woman who would behave so forcefully. I agree with pp that you need to address it with her. A turn of the head and a hand against her chest next time she leans in will send the message.
  15. Whoa! Hot!