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  1. My ex-husband is a Narcissist. He had his suspicions about my curiosity and needless to say our marriage eventually broke down. I’m much happier now but he simply couldn’t handle my attention being elsewhere - let alone with members of the same sex!
  2. I have been in this position. So I totally get it. At the time I was married and so was she. We both have kids of a similar age who always played with each other. The lady and I were so very intense. We over stepped the mark physically - although we never actually kissed we came extremely close. We also used to have lingering hugs and kisses on the cheek. Basically any chance we had we were touching each other or flirting verbally. We couldn’t be apart. We also had a heavy text relationship - morning - noon and night. I think she was actually more intense than me in that respect. It lasted about 18 months in total. In the end because the emotion and frustration became too much we had an argument and nothing was the same after that. I had called her out on her up and down behaviour - which she couldn’t handle. Looking back I knew it was wrong but I was addicted to the buzz. I also now suspect she might have some Narcissistic traits. There are a lot of attention seeking manipulative women and men around. Having said that - I know how you feel though - I really do. I would be brave and have a talk with her. If you don’t get the response you want - try to walk away. I also agree with the other comments about her being married - it could be affecting her judgment. Just be careful and please put your feelings first. All the best. x
  3. Definitely
  4. Yes my sexuality. I’m definitely Bi-Curious but I really don’t think I can say I’m 100% Bi if I haven’t had a physical experience. Perhaps I am wrong ..... peoples opinions would be good here!
  5. Separated, very single but in my forties - still single though:)
  6. Yes ..... I’ve recently split up with my husband and I feel your pain. I get it. I also have children. I’m not really sure where I am with my sexuality but I could hazard a guess! I think in these times of loneliness I just try to tell myself I would be far lonelier if I were still in the marriage. The only difference is I have met a woman and she’s hinting towards an attraction but that just makes me more confused! Coming out scares the heck out of me! I do get it though.....I should also think about changing my user name on this site!
  7. I think it would be Kate for me! :o)
  8. Still seeing a lot of her and she calls me like ALL THE TIME (not that I’m complaining!).... there is definitely that sparkle but it’s how to move it on to the next stage. Shes invited me over to house sit for a friend in the new year!....That could be interesting;)
  9. I can make total sense of this.... it’s where I was a year ago. I split with my husband in February. I didn’t and haven’t come out to him but he had massive suspicions I was Bi. I wasn’t the one brave enough to walk out on the marriage (we have kids) it was him that walked but as hard as it was initially I’m in such a better place emotionally. No I haven’t found the woman or man of my dreams but yes I truly feel like a new refreshed person. Anyway ..... I have experienced what you are feeling and I get it. It’s so hard! Message me if you want:)
  10. Yes it went very well thanks. We talk most days now and have spent more time together. The chemistry is stupidly Electric! Nothing more than that has happened but it’s pretty obvious there is an attraction. As I’ve already said - us women shouldn’t doubt our instincts. I knew there was something there but it just meant me being a little brave and coaxing it out of her. I guess the next step would mean one of us needs to be extra brave! For now im just enjoying getting to know her.
  11. Well she called me ;) We are meeting for lunch next week.....
  12. I reckon she is probably interested and perhaps trying to gauge your reaction to her behaviour. Keep us updated.
  13. Yes I will. Fingers crossed ;) Feeling privileged she actually picked up the phone....we talked for nearly an hour! Most people just message these days! I could definitely cut the chemistry with a knife ;) LOL X