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  1. Oh I can so relate to this. Been there - big time. I swear something happens to us women once we marry and have children. I can't really understand or comprehend it myself so would find it hard to explain to somebody else. I personally think this happens to lots more women than would care to admit too. Confusion central.
  2. I'm in a similar situation. She's not a gym instructor. It's with one of my eldest kids teachers. Not a school teacher but similar. I won't specify what she teaches! She looks at me a lot, she talks to me in a very straight forward manner (even a little flirty the first time we spoke - she made a big point of telling me she isn't married and doesn't intend to) and some of her emails are quite familiar. She knows I am recently single. The first time we spoke I felt an instant attraction. In fact, it felt like we both did (body language speaks volumes!) BUT as you say - is this person just being kind and friendly or are they actually attracted to me? It's so hard to gauge! Also hard to get to know somebody personally when they're teaching my child a skill! Very frustrating!
  3. I would say this is entirely possible.
  4. Is it true that one in four women have Bi tendencies? That's a lot!
  5. I don't honestly have any advice but you're not alone. I swear most married "straight" women have Bi feelings at some point in their lives. It's not surprising because women are the more beautiful sex! The emotional connection is often more intense for me with a woman than it is with a man too.
  6. You're never too old for a new start plus you're only 50! I have recently separated from my husband too and the old (and the new!) me is starting to come out. It's a great feeling. Keep positive
  7. So do I!
  8. So do I!
  9. Yes I totally get the "professional" stance they put on you. It's like you have to wait for them to make the move because they're the teacher and you are the pupil! So near but yet so far as it were ;) I'm sure some of them know the impact they might have on people too ;) I'm not strictly her pupil so there might be hope!
  10. Is it just me or do female dance teachers/Gym Instructors have something immensely attractive about them?...
  11. I get this
  12. I totally get this. I had this with a lady who lives near by. Our children were crazy about each other and so were we. We couldn't go a day or night without speaking. We saw each other in every free moment we had. I think we fell for each other in a big way but are both married with families - plus it was always on the unspoken word. I still see her but we are no longer as close. I'm pretty sure I will never feel the same about another woman as I do about her. It was lust but I swear it was love too. A totally indescribable feeling, probably for both of us. I just wish we had the courage to talk about it to each other. I hope you find peace.