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  1. I get this
  2. I totally get this. I had this with a lady who lives near by. Our children were crazy about each other and so were we. We couldn't go a day or night without speaking. We saw each other in every free moment we had. I think we fell for each other in a big way but are both married with families - plus it was always on the unspoken word. I still see her but we are no longer as close. I'm pretty sure I will never feel the same about another woman as I do about her. It was lust but I swear it was love too. A totally indescribable feeling, probably for both of us. I just wish we had the courage to talk about it to each other. I hope you find peace.
  3. I would just expect up, down, up, down for a minute you will feel fine and the next you will crave her- I get it, it hurts. Also keep yourself busy with other interests and friends. Time and space will get you there. I'm going through a similar thing. We are both married with kids and it's just not meant to be. It's so hard but is getting easier
  4. I'm in a similar situation. I totally get it. Hope life has moved on for you now
  5. Get that totally
  6. Long time no speak! Wow I've just seen this! Congrats!. I'm still in the same frustrating position with my friend. It's so hard.
  7. Shag my friend..... well you did ask! )
  8. My friend and I. More chance of hell freezing over at the moment though. Lol
  9. Would love to know what happened.. update please Still sounds very much like my friend and I
  10. My husband would kill me if he knew I was on this site! LOL.
  11. How's it going with your friend? I think our situations are similar