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  1. Welcome Pooky, Happy you found this space, hopefully we'll be better support than your useless friend, Ha! Loved your intro, looking forward to your contribution to Shys
  2. I was reading an article about successful gay men and it got me wondering.. is there a trend in education levels for LGBT members? Thought I would start the topic here.. what's your highest level of education and do you see a trend in the career level of your LGBT friends?
  3. Ladies, any of you experienced a pussy pump? I read about it on here and it got me curious.. What feeling would you compare it to?
  4. My partner fingering me and licking her fingers after as if it was delicious ice cream, ohhhh myyyy goooood I love it!
  5. I loooove hot tub stimulation! But otherwise, just hands and bullet vibe usually
  6. Oh my god.. that has to be the best story I've read on shys! You're lucky you have such an understanding husband and a hot lover!!!!
  7. Dirty talk really does it for me! Booty play is a close second
  8. Completely forgot I had started this thread.. I ended up deleting my account after a day or two. I guess I was just curious about the phenomenon, as I've mentioned before, I don't need/want any financial support. This brings me to think I was just searching for a boss-lady to build an empire with (Don't know why I thought this was the place to find her!) Any of you actually made an account and find arrangements on there?
  9. What is the one thing that makes you cum every time while with your partner or alone
  10. I don't wear it day-to-day but do I like to run off to the bathroom right before bed to put a sexy outfit on... my partner goes wild every time
  11. Coffee, phone and chapstick
  12. I'd be indifferent... if it's a turn on for her, sure!
  13. Ladies, When you realize your main fantasy, what happens next? Here's a little context: I had a fantasy to have sex with a woman for the longest time, then it happened. It was wonderful and everything I had craved happened: I was picturing oral, grabbing her boobs, sitting on her face and all the fun stuff! I would only masturbate to that thought and was aching for it. Now I find that I get a new fantasy after my old one is realized... when does it stop!!! Now I've been thinking of having a threesome or watching a couple and I'm wondering I'll keep fantasizing and aching for it until I act on it. I'm not sure I want this to be part of my life as I am in a committed relationship and wonder what will be next after that.. Anyone has experience with this? Is it easy for you to keep your fantasies to yourself without acting on them?
  14. Ladies! Thank you for your advice!!! It's good to know you're not alone.. I will keep communication open as we go, I know I need to respect my boundaries while still keeping an open mind for her, so we'll see where this takes us