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  1. Demi Lovato for me....
  2. I've been thinking about this moment recently and thought I'd share. It was kind of sort of my first time. Only because the real first time happened the night before. Thankfully the friend I was "experimenting" with understood we needed a first time do over. We were both about 14 or 15 at the time, and very curious about each others bodies. I was staying at my friends house for the weekend one summer, and it was a summer I won't forget. I'm not sure what we were. Maybe we were just horny teens just wanting to figure out these urges. One night we were feeling very frisky. We got tipsy on some of her parent's Miller Lights and decided it would be a fun idea to strip down and run nude along side the road. She lived in the country so maybe two cars passed us(now that I'm older I know how stupid and unsafe that was). It was very exciting for both of us. After 10 minutes we went inside and crawled into her bed and decided to play with each others bodies. We touched, licked, and scissored each other, but at the end we found ourselves a little disappointed. Maybe we were doing something wrong? It didn't feel right in some way. We ended up falling asleep thinking that would be the end of it. The next day we woke up, ate our breakfast , and tried to get past the slight awkward feeling from the night before. Her parents left for work later that day and we decided to swim in her above ground pool. After jumping in we talked about the feeling of striping up and down the road the night before and that was getting us both excited. We took off our swimsuits and started off like we did the night before. It was a beautiful sunny day. We were outside for the world to see. We started the same touching like from the night before, but I decided to change it up. I had her get on a raft, found her clit, and started going to town. I was getting so wet from the situation and I could tell she was enjoying it a lot more than the night before. I licked her until she came. She was moaning so loud I thought her neighbors down the road might hear, but I didn't care. After thinking we were done she pinned me to the edge of the pool and started to rub my clit. She rubbed me with one hand and had her fingers inside me with her other. She was kissing and biting my neck. I don't remember ever coming before that moment and it was so intense. That was an amazing moment, but unfortunately it was the last time I did anything with her. We ended up going to two different schools and our friendship ended. I will never forget that moment though, and I'd like to think she still thinks about it too.