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  1. Hi Asch. Where in Florida do you live? How are things going with your crush?

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    2. 63395


      Yoga practice is definitely my happy place too.

    3. Asch311


      Hey, Love. Sorry I've been off this site for quite some time. I'm back now and hope to meet as many genuine people as possible.

    4. 63395


      Welcome back. What's new since you were last on here? 

  2. So true! The daydreams, oh the lovely daydreams! :girlinlove:
  3. Welcome and enjoy! I'm just returning from a few month hiatus. lol. This is great site...oh how I've missed it.
  4. It feels great to get up in the morning and have a nice clean kitchen. I try my best to clean up before bed, however if I had a crazy ass day and I'm tired as heck, I force myself to just leave it for the morning! LOL. Of course that means I HAVE to wake up 20 minutes earlier, so not to disrupt our morning routine.
  5. you are the sweetest thought that I can’t shake you enter, immediately you get lost in my maze of amaze over you I really do try to leave you in the friend zone I know that I don’t want to hold your hand in public. yet. yet, I still want to hold your hand. I know I can’t be the person you introduce as your lover. your trust in Catholicism won’t let that happen. you are in that world. I'm in another world. Desperately wanting you to crossover. Even if it's temporary. I just want to know that you're willing to. Willing to be with me just to see. See the me that wants to make you feel my love. A tale. Adele tells us about it, and you know. and even though you have said yes to be his, you are still something to me because you too won’t leave me be. you need me and you want me. you want me there. and I’m aware I’m playing with fire. we need us... what is this emotion? the limbic system at work in the homeostasis of US. we have to keep us in check and all the systems and the souls working together to get me to this point where I can sit, and say, and decide, and notice ,and evaluate and make sense while I watch a TedxUCLA talk on bisexulaity and decide… to write and let it come through and flow because in a way it’s all that i know that which it is through and it is you
  6. I would love to be stuck with the woman I am in love with, aka, my best friend. We hardly get to spend time together, for our days are sooo busy and we have different schedules; I have children and she doesn't. Being stuck together in such a small space would force her to deal with all the issues she so easily sweeps under the carpet and refuses to address. Plus she is soo hot!
  7. Welcome to the site. Such a great place to be.
  8. I'm still eagerly awaiting my first sexually experience with a woman. I hope it can be even half as sexy as this experience you shared!
  9. Hi. So when I told my friend how I felt, she politely told be that she loves me, I'm a great woman, super fun, sexy, caring, etc. etc. and then she said she is straight, not interested in me nor any other woman in that way. It was extremely disappointing! We are still friends. It is awkward at times. I've actually asked for advice about her in another post. Some people think that I should maybe distance myself from her and perhaps my feelings will cease. Its just really hard because she's still such an awesome friend.
  10. Welcome! You're in a great place!
  11. Hi Mocha24, This situation sounds way too familiar. I bet many Shy members can relate to being caught off guard when these feelings first start to emerge. I denied my feelings for months and months. I finally got the nerve to tell HER how i felt. That's the key; getting your courage up. I think its cool that the first woman you are "falling for" happens to be a new person in your life. I think that its tough to be honest and straight forward at times, however it may be best to find out wheather or not she is even into girls. I agree with FlaGrl08, you should try to find reasons to hang out with her so that you can become comfortable enough to delve deeper. Good luck and also, Welcome to Shybi! You're in the right place seeking advice!
  12. i hate that I’m here upset. upset with her and slightly more upset at myself. why did i go there? why did i allow my self to anticipate and expect and ready myself for time with her? by now, i should know that hoping only leads to disappointment. and then an escalating feeling of anger toward her. Alas, i caused this. i crept into this space. i made visible my desperation to walk (not run) side by side as the hot midday sun bake us and resultingly cause sweat to drip profusely from unwarranted areas. that, i would endure to be able to see her in jogging pants accompanied by that light glow she gets when breaking a sweat. i won’t get that today. our plan did not come to fruition. and so i bathe in frustration. and more frustration and i see petulance not far from arriving. i mentally slap myself. a wake-the-hell-up kind of slap. and just enough to snap me back. to the reality of my unreciprocated desire for her. and slowly i come to peace. i’ve scolded myself enough. i realize. i am afforded a chance to practice my self control and let feelings go and be resilient. this practice is allowing me to practice. practice having no expectations. practice the overdue unhinging of attachment to her. practice no expectaions.
  13. How is Ted 2? I saw the first one and it was perfect! skeptical if the sequel is just as hilarious! Thanks!
  14. Im sorry that you are feeling down. It sucks, I know. Nothing is worse then seeing the person daily and holding in all those feelings and all the while knowing that they wont feel the same about you. (There is always hope. ) I say maybe not tell her how you feel if you think it would interfare with your work environment. Best of luck. and sad sucks! go watch a funny :tease: movie of something!